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Black Couple Swap Wives with Shite Couple Wives Talk About Comprared

I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
I am a Dominant professional black male, looking for you wimpy little dick white boys that can't satisfy your wife who wants to suck a black man's cum out of your wife pussy. Will humiliate, degrade you and may even sell you. I will have my way with your wives and may let you jack oFf. I'm building a stable of discreet sissy boys who crave black dick for themselves and their wives as well as support my lavish life style.
New to this lifestyle but have been thinking about it for a long time. I am very interested in women and have the full go ahead of my husband. We are a couple who are looking for another coupld for a discreet friendship/relationship between the wives only. Discreet is a word that we both like. We are both open-minded, easy going, and are just looking for a couple to get to know and have some fun. We are both 52 years of age, enjoy our cottage and the outdoors. We are looking for a couple that we can establish a friendship with as well as the wives having a little extra fun.
Two of my three wives were hot wives. I loved the lifestyle and couldn't get enough of it. Now I live with my memories and fantasies.
Just a really cool and laid back guy willing to help single men, divorced men, or even married men come to terms with their curiosity, desires and needs. I don't do wives, but they're more than welcome to join their husbands and play. I love being lovers with the men and friends with their wives.
easy going guy who likes to have fun with couples and singles. i am nice looking with a hairy chest and 7.5 x 5 cut cock. i like to help wives with their husbands and help husbands with wives. i also like one on one
i am a normal guy with an office job. it i go to the gym regularly. i am interested in guys who cheat on their wives and wives who cheat on their men.
divorced 3 times. Wives needed more than 3 minutes with a 3 inch dick. President of company, college grad. 5'9" 170 lbs. Need to be submissive for couple or black man.
We are fairly new to the lifestyle as far as encounters go. We enjoy going to clubs, voyeurism and soft swap. We enjoy same room sex with other couples. If you are the right couple and there is chemistry there possible full swap. Our relationship comes first, as should everyones on here. We are very open & communicate well with others. We'll let you know up front if we're in the mood to full swap. Just depends on the situation. This is an intimate thing for us & we take it very seriously . We are here to make friends to go out with and possibly become intimate with. We will not be your one night stand. We are looking for another attractive couple like ourselves with a bi/bi-curious wife/gf. We love foreplay and enjoy girl on girl action. We think that with the right couple full swap could be great but we're still looking for that couple we both have an attraction too. We are a sexy couple thats easy to get along with. We enjoy the company of others and making new friends, this doesn't always have to include all out sexual encounters. We like to hear about everyones experiences and to learn what works for us and what doesn't as we venture further into the lifestyle. Have had a couple experiences and have all been very exciting. We are still learning our boundaries and finding our comfort zones. NO SINGLE MEN PLEASE!!!! NO WIVES OR HUSBANDS WHO'S SPOUSE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE UP TO. WE DON'T WANT TO BE THE CAUSE OF ANYONES MARITAL PROBLEMS!!!
5'6 180 lbs 6.5 cock bubble butt. I love to eat cock and pussy, pref at the same time!!! Love to hook up with couples where wives are turned on by the performance. Love to clean husbands and wives after they make love while the cuddle or hold one another. can be with one or both. no prefrence. love cock and pussy the same
im a single dad looking for a bi couple of sister wives.
I am a fir black male that excercises regularly and loves to MEAT new sexy wives and girlfriends often.
we are a couple...I'm straight and my wife is bi. my wives love women and wants me to fuck a woman as well
We are attractive married couple looking for nice couples for bondage play and swapping each wives. She is bi and sub.
We are an older couple. My fiance (man) had former wives who engaged in bi-sexual sex while he watched. He wants me to do that so he can watch & participate a little. I am new to this so I want someone who is as old as me who I can dominate (that's want he wants).
I am ambicious and outgoing.I am a strong leader @ work which requires alot of traveling around the us I am tired of spending so much time alone for one can only be so creative by themselves for so long.I am divorced and single.I'm not sure about the bi curious I have never fantisized about a man by himself just about couples.When I was Married I did swap wives several times with my freind.Looking for some help on lonliness and curiousity
With so many countries now embracing Gay Marriage, should there be a push to do the same with Plural Marriage?
After all, assuming that ALL the parties involved are fully consenting adults, what's wrong with say four guys becoming husbands or a man having two or more wives etc.
Some religions and sects encourage it and until the later middle ages it was common all over the world - Although this was almost always one man with many wives.
We're open to the idea, indeed a couple more husbands and another wife would be quite useful to us right now!
By the way, this post isn't intended to sort out the issues of human relationship and the problems that would happen in plural marriage, just the principle
no way im a straight man my self and when we party with other couples we usually watch our wives or girls go at it eventually we swap but in no way do you come in contact with the other dude.
a couple of wives have watched my with their husbands, a great turn on for all of us
Ya almost makes you wonder if the saying once you go black, you never go back is an ole wives tale!! LOL Seriously...I love seein that too..thanks for postin the pix!!!! Now, where can I find me some? :-P
Two married bi-Males with wives who do not play. We are looking for a couple or adventerous female to make a MMMF or MMF. We are in Meade County!
As a single guy, I met couples, only for friendship and sex, now as a couple, we meet singles and couples for friendship and sex, we arrive together and leave together. A true swinger is in it just for that, friendship and sex. While I have met some wonderful husbands and wives together, and we have as a couple, to us swinging is just that ... fun sexual adventure, lust and laughs .. and participants that are not into it for all involved and just want one individual of a couple, or a couple where one of the pair just drives the other one into the lifestyle and calls it legit to get sex from others for themselves. That is not swinging - we don't tolerate it, we want friends with very open minds. Many times we have went home and continued the fun from the encouter... as we know many others have too!!! Other times we go home, shake our heads and have our own fun anyway lol. While we are very open in our sexual adventures, we are an inseparable couple.
I was reading an article online about how morman men can have multiple wives so why couldnt women have multiple the end of the article the woman stated that it was a nice fantasy like it couldnt be possible. I am asking for ya'lls opinion on this if men can have multiple wives why is it so impossible to believe that women can have multiple it so crazy to believe that women want this or is it just me. Thoughts, opionions, comments, anything.
Well, just let me point out that not all of us married men are cheating on our wives. I've been married for 42 yrs - wife knew I was bi before we married and accepted it then and now. We have an open marriage. I play, she can if she wishes. We tried 3sums a couple of times but it wasn't for her.
Mmm that ass of yours looks might tasty white boy. Tell me have you eve considered having a Black Bull Master? I have 3 sluts who I am there Cuckold Bull, all 3 husbands are my Bitch Boys, litterally, I fuck them at their wives request.

What I want and need is a steady Bitch Boy for my own pleasure and joy. If you have the slightest interest contact me. My email is

ENCONIUM. Translated loosely means TRIBUTE. What Roman men would do was tie their wives down and bring in a cocksman. This cocksman would then proceed to perform sexual acts as ordered by the husband. The husband would also take his pleasure with both the cocksman and his wife when and how he chose. It was done as a ceremony which was called De Visitatione Rara, (a rare visit).

The cocksman wears a mask so as to remain annonomus throughout this ceremony. When it ends he is escorted out and thanked, it was considered vulgar for the wife to know the identity of the cocksman. This method was used many times when two male members of the nobility admired each others wives. If you have eight fat inches or better and are bi drop me a line that is if you have interest in such a thing.
hmmm, more wives than teeth. LOL
Looking for someone to have a threesome with or a couple to swap with. We live in Monroe county in Michigan. If ya like the pic and would like to talk please respond back.
I love wives that like their man giving head!
I'm looking to suck cocks in front of wives or girlfreinds..Make me do it! ...
Some husbands like to surprise their wives by showing their Boobies to their friends !!
i would love to here from any black couples or single blacks. i have never been with a black couple or a black man or lady but being a single white guy the thought really turns me on. i have seen so many black men in the showere and think omg that is a body from heaven i am a man virgin at the moment never been with a man in my life but would like to try it. but i would definetly need a womens touch to help make me calm my nerves and put me at ease. i love black women so much that dark glistening skin i love big dark areolas and big nipples so much. and big hanging breasts and i would be in heaven would love a black woman to give my big white cock an a experience i would never forget. but personally the ultimate turn on for me me would be to be in bed with a black couple that would turn me on so much.:(
We've been wanting to meet a bicouple to have our 1st samesex experience with. Right now,..we just want to have a same sex swap with the right couple. Where are they at?
We've talked to quite a few people, but...all they want to do is talk. We have yet to meet anyone in person. We realize that alot of the couples want a FULL swap, there nobody who wants to give us our 1st same sex experience? We know we don't have a picture in our profile, but....we mailed a picture of us to bp, and it has never been put in our profile. Anyway,....we're still waiting, & waiting, & waiting....etc.........DaytonC ouple2


Bang My Wife
this site is so hot.
this journal entry page is such a smart idea.
anyway, i want to share a related fantasy i have.
sometimes when i rub myself i think about a bi swing club with a special initiation rite. for each new couple to gain membership to the club, they have to go through the following initiation: husband (or boyfriend) sits in a specially designed chair. it's designed to optimize space around his cock so that all the wives (and girlfriends) who are current club members can kneel around him and suck his dick together. the chair is facing a plush, circular bed. on top of the bed sits his wife (or girlfriend). all the other husbands who are already in the club are gathered around her. the new hubby watches his wife get gangbanged by the other hubby club members while all the other wives devour his cock. once every male member is done cumming in or on the new wife, the new hubby is instructed to make love to her. once the new couple cums together, the initiation rite ends and they are admitted into the club.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I would love to find a couple with a bi male. It would be great to suck each others cock while the wives watch. I have suck a cock once but it was to fast. I want to play with his cock, make it hard in my mouth. maybe if I'm not so selfish I might share it with my wife or his. I want to fell the cock pulsating in my mouth while cumming. Any couple out there ?
Fucking Wife While Husband Watches
Looking for wives in So Cal. :)
Creampie Eating Couples
Any wives in So Cal?
Fuck My Wife
Looking for wives in Salem, OR and So Cal.
Love mature women and wives of different races. In So Cal.
Cream Pies
A cum filled pussy is what most men do when they fuck their wives or girlfriends.
Couple Looking For Couples
We love to play as a couple.Nothing better than an open couple sharing sex with another.Playtime for both!!! We've been in the full swap scene for awhile and we always get off with couples.Of course we are somewhat newbees to the bisexuall sharing couples,we still are working toward that.I am very open to that and my gal lets me enjoy.So is there a couple here that is ready to share like we are?
I can't look at the rocket launch
The trophy wives of the astronauts
And I won't listen to their words
'Cause I like
Cheating Wives
well where are all the cheating wives out there wanting to meet for discreet and wild sex? i travel for it.Kiss
I’m guilty of both sides of the coin. I’ve cheated on every man I’ve ever been with and I’m still the Slut married men cheat on their wives with.
Married Men
I have had the pleasure of sucking off alot of married men.... some with their wives present & participating, some behind her back, but It's ALL good! :-D
Fuck My Wife
Looking to fuck guys wives while they watch or join in.
I live in Bloomington , Indiana
7.5 " uncut
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I love sucking cocks in front of the wives. Then sharing it with her as he cums in our faces and our mouths. MMMMM
I added some of my bi-swinger blowjob party pics of me doing two cocks at once in the living room. The wives loved watching a guy doing all the work for a change. I got two loads at once and had fun.
Cum Swapping
I would love to try this with a couple....a three way cum swap...mmmmm
Married Men
I would like to meet a married man who will keep a secret and stay married to his wife without causing any problems for us with the wives.

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Thank you! All I can say is wow! Great looking site. I really appreciate you both doing this. I registered a couple of days ago and am already planning on meeting a couple soon! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!