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Cum Sucking Wives Husban Watches

I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
5"8 beautiful, look to have fun with me and my husband or along, while husban watches.
straight couple looking for one on one with a women my husban video tapes and watches
Love to get GS and tongue ass holes of wives while hubby watches
I am outgoing marrief bi male. 40 yrs old, blonde hair blue eyes. I am into sucking cock, sucking cock while its fucking pussy, sucking while wife watches, dressing up, toys especially strap on play with female while i suck cock and I'm willing to try anything new.
I am fit horny and bi. Iove sex. I like sucking dick and riding dick and I like eating pussy and fucking a girl while he watches then let him fuck me while she watches
I'm a bi guy that enjoys sucking cock privately in my very private place.Wives or girlfriends r ok too.
i am a white female with blond hair and blue eyesi am about 5ft 5in me and my husban are looking for a bisexale female to join us my husban is brown hair and brown eyes he's about5ft 10in
Avarage Straight looking and acting guy who loves sucking cock and getting fuck by guys and then getting a blowjob and fucking their wives!
Am very bi curious and fantasize about many different possibilities. Am hoping to find a bisexual guy, white or blk, preferably 8" uncut who would not be shy sucking my cock in bed while the wife watches. I will reciprocate as well with the sucking. Wife may or may not want participate. She may just be a voyuer.
ihave long brown hair and married ihave greats booies size38d ihave shaved p***Y my husban is very oneopen mind to my bisexl i want to be with waman only woman so if you are man for get i have one of thoses my husban wood like to wacth and be joyin in be ??? depeons on how you feel about that makes the woman feel about that
Two of my three wives were hot wives. I loved the lifestyle and couldn't get enough of it. Now I live with my memories and fantasies.
Hello well me and my husban have a good marrage but im bi and we are lookign for someone to come n to our sex life if u want to say it like that :) well we are open mined people and love to meet new people, im a drinker and a partyer on the weekends and a mom on weekday's lol i havent been with another women n a while but i do love them.. my husban has always wanted to see me with another woman, but we havent found that right one yet:) so please no games and drama we are a family here and would like to keep it that way.. so if this sounds good to u then please let me know..
I'm a funny, happy go lucky guy who enjoys adventure. I'm basically open to most anything, but not into pain. I love both and women and a mans body and would enjoy spending the night with a couple for some uninhibited sex. I have a fantasy of sucking hot cum out of a nice wet pussy and then sucking the man throbbing cock till he cums again while she watches...yummy
50ish - 5'9"- 205- gray - good looking - athletic - smooth - tanned - proffessional - trimmed - 6" medium girth - love hot talk - yes bi would love to be with a couple but love sucking cock - love to do a woman while hubby watches - would love to suck you while she watches
Just a really cool and laid back guy willing to help single men, divorced men, or even married men come to terms with their curiosity, desires and needs. I don't do wives, but they're more than welcome to join their husbands and play. I love being lovers with the men and friends with their wives.
I just have this hot fantasy of sucking a guy while a woman watches.
Looking for bi-curious couples looking to have a good time.Lots of same sex sucking then fuck each others wives.
:-D:-P mice ass too g love having my face buried in it too oh and sucking your cock also would even eat your wives nice ass while you fucked me
hi how are you well me and my husban is looking forward to meeting you and fucking you
Would love to join you and your husban...Keep me in mind I'm close by
and sucking while wife watches
The male ego kicks in. Very nice to see your wife sucking a big one or doing it yourself while she watches or helps.
I looking to suck my first cock while the wife(girlfriend) watches, she can also do me in the ass with a strap-on while I'm sucking his dick...
Only married men in your area Socialbi? Then you should be at cock sucking Meca. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a married guy that’ll turn down a sucking. It’s been a number one one prime turnoff for us to hear. As everyone of them have been leading this cheating second life for years on their spouses.

No offense to anyone but it’s just a hang up I have on the subject of cheating because most to all of them would severely punish or kill their wives if she were to be cheating on them. I’m not to good with that type of hypocrisy. Just my own personal view due to that type thinking and belief system.
Well I don't consider myself to be gay and I've had fantasies of sucking another man's cock while a woman watches or sucks it with me. I guess it started when I tasted my cum for the first time....maybe I shouldn't have done that??? LOL
I think it's awesome to have such sexy thoughts about sucking a cock while the woman watches, that's why I'm bi-curious..I've been trying to hook up with this couple for some time now but no luck so far....
hubby mentioned gh the other day, i have not heard that before, so i ask him to explain. Since then i have had many thoughts of myself in that position. I enjoy sucking cock while he watches. I am of someones help though, I need to know where there is one in north central IN.

I would love to suck your cock while she watches and then I would just watch you fuck her. Only me and you would play while she watches. Let me know.

My wife watches every time I'm having sex with a guy. She loves watching me sucking a cock and loves it even more when he sticks it in my ass.
I've been with a few couples and found mixed emotions from the woman. In some cases it seems as if she was forced into it and never got turned on. On ther hand there are those women who simply love the naughtiness and taboo of two men sucking and fucking each other. The best lowjob I ever had was from a wife while I rode her hubbies huge cock. She was totally into it and swallowed my 9 inches cum and all. Yayyyy for wives with open minds.
I may be listed as gay, but I was married for 35 years with grown kid's, no we did not devorce, she up and died on me 12 years ago. Never in 35 years did i cheat on her, she was my best friend. So after saying that I would love to join you and your husban for some sexy fun, been there done that, as long as you have a wicked immagenation.
Bi male in middle georgia seeking other bi guys or bi couples. My biggest fantasy is to suck a guy's cock while his lady watches and possibly directs the action. WOW, what a rush that would be. Would also love to lick a pussy while the guy watches.
Is there any men out there that like to be sucked and fuck a guy while there woman watches? Are there any that like to have a woman tell them what they want to see you and there man do while she watches? Are there any that like both of the above while taking a mans oral and anal virginity? Just wondering.


Pussy Licking
Want to lick a pretty pink pussy, while my husban watches. Any takers?? Want some fun this weekend!!
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
I have recieved requests from women who wanted to watch me suck off guys and I have been very happy to oblige. I enjoy sucking cock and having a woman watch me do it makes it more fun :-D I have had the pleasure of sucking off a group of several men while the wives of some of them were watching....deliteful.;)
Married Men
I have had the pleasure of sucking off alot of married men.... some with their wives present & participating, some behind her back, but It's ALL good! :-D
Cheating Wives
Ladies in the Bloomington, Indiana area.
Not getting enough cock from your old man, wanting a little something extra?
I am looking to fuck wives who are getting it on the sly or for women who like being fucked while her husband watches.
I have a 7.5 uncut cock & know how to use it!
I will eat your pussy, fuck you hard & make you cum a lot.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I love sucking cocks in front of the wives. Then sharing it with her as he cums in our faces and our mouths. MMMMM
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
For years i have dreamed about sucking a guy's cock while his woman just watches. If ther is any male and female couples in the Steubenville,Ohio area that are into this please get in touch with me,no strings attached and no reciprication wanted i just want to suck your cock while she watches me,I'm clean and D&D free.Please help me fulfil this long time fantasy.I would love to have your cock in my mouth and look over at her and see her looking at me sucking it and playing with herself mmmmmm what a turn on that would be
Bang My Wife
this site is so hot.
this journal entry page is such a smart idea.
anyway, i want to share a related fantasy i have.
sometimes when i rub myself i think about a bi swing club with a special initiation rite. for each new couple to gain membership to the club, they have to go through the following initiation: husband (or boyfriend) sits in a specially designed chair. it's designed to optimize space around his cock so that all the wives (and girlfriends) who are current club members can kneel around him and suck his dick together. the chair is facing a plush, circular bed. on top of the bed sits his wife (or girlfriend). all the other husbands who are already in the club are gathered around her. the new hubby watches his wife get gangbanged by the other hubby club members while all the other wives devour his cock. once every male member is done cumming in or on the new wife, the new hubby is instructed to make love to her. once the new couple cums together, the initiation rite ends and they are admitted into the club.
my wife bringing home 6 men makes me have sex with them as she watches and me sucking and fucking one after one Kiss Hug:-P and none of them sucking me are 10 men
Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
I would love to suck a nice cock while my wife watches then drink his load. Or sucking another mans cock while his wife or sister or mom or whomever watches then me taking his load.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
wish i could find someone in southern cali thats willing to do this. ive been with a few guys...although its been a whille. i love sucking cock, and cant even start to say how fucking hot it would be to let some beautiful woman's husband cum in my mouth while she watches, after we've taken turns sucking his throbbing Dick!! please help me out with this!
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
nothing like sucking my own cock while she watches. :)
Women Who Love Giving Blowjobs
I Love Sucking Cock... I would Love to Suck My husbands cock while he watches the game.... I Love sucking his Cock and Playing with my Pussy until I cumm... I Love to Suck It and Keep Sucking it even after he cums milking it until he begs me to STOP!!!.... Or he is hard again and wants to be Fucking my Ass... is that too much to ask? Kiss
Suck My Husbands Cock
Would enjoy sucking off ones husband as wife watches
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
sucking cock while my wife watches is a turn on for the both of us!!!
Wives Sharing Hubby's Dick With Men
I love sucking a mans cock while his wife watches
Creampie Eating Couples
Any wives in So Cal?
Fucking Wife While Husband Watches
Looking for wives in So Cal. :)

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