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District of Columbia Heterosexuals

Hey ladies.....I'm a single AA male, residing in the District of Columbia. I have no kids at the moment. My main reason for this profile is to meet other like minded single women/bi-sexual women. Kids aren't an issue if you have any. I enjoy MMA, Boxing and WWE . I attend church and would like to meet a woman that have a common interest.
Looking for a sex only, clean, district....
I'm originally from Columbia, SC and now I'm in Charleston, SC. I'm moving back to Columbia in a little while. I've had very few experiences, but I'm dieing to have more experiences. On top of that, I love meeting new people. I've never been shy, and I've always been out-going. I'm open-minded and chill. I've never really met a stranger, so it's easy for me to get along with people. If you want to know more, ask! I don't get offended easily, so don't worry about that. Though, I really appreciate people saying "hi" before they jump into any questions. One thing that's off-limits is anything anal. Not for me, at ALL! Again, any questions, just say "hello" to me, and then start asking questions.
I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. :) I'm outgoing, and enthusiastic about anything i put my mind into. I love lesbians although I consider myself only to be experimental/curious with women. Watching lesbians tends to get me hotter than heterosexuals does.
I would describe myself as straight but I am somewhat bi-curious. I am very outgoing and am willing to try just about anything once (within reason). I'm new to the Capital District and thought this may be an interesting way to meet people. So...bring it on!
I'm 24, 5'6, 140lbs in museum district of Houston. I'm single and have never been married. I'm looking for someone near my age who wants to have a sexual and/or social relationship :p I'm new to this so I'm not pushy. I don't mind all types. I'm STD free and 100% safe. Yes, I will put out. :)
35 wm looking for some fun in Columbia, SC
Hi new to this looking for some one in British Columbia
fun loving adventurous fella who enjoys the beach, ocean, outdoors bike rides (motorcycle because of the sense of freedom you get on the highway), travel and shopping. Adventures could be anything from simply going to a district or a drive into the country and trying a restaurant or winery to travelling to Europe for a 9 week vacation. I am currently working on my last project before I take some time to look ahead, should be finished in one year and give me the financial freedom to live as I chose. This includes seeking a warmer climate with blue waters and beaches. I was thinking or relocating in Costa Rica, Columbia, or the African continent where the beaches are beautiful, by a house on the beach and relax and enjoy life. It would really be nice to share this life with a nice bi black woman, and or latino or black transgender. I am open to two bi women as well, I am looking to live with two other partners so we can share in the daily living chores as well as creating a more harmonious lifestyle as the focus of one person's needs and desires is not place solely one on person but two. Example would be if I went out for the day and came home tired and one of you ladies (shemales) wanted to go out then the other lady (shemale) would be able to go with her leaving me to rest. This way there is no hard feelings from the person wanting to go out and no resentment for going out when I was tired. Makes life a lot simpler.
21/m/columbia SC into trying anything. 6'2 215 muscular and into having fun, let me know if interested
24 year old white guy in columbia looking for similar.
30 mexican cock 7 inches columbia sc
Im 35 years old bisexual female looking for some fun in columbia ky
we r a bi couple from columbia city indiana looking for someone close
I'm bisexual, but looking for a girl. I go to Columbia College Chicago, and a like to party way too much.
Fun luving Columbia South Carolina couple he is straight she is by
I am a 31 yr old cd from columbia mo i have brown hair blue eyes i am 5 ft 7 and weigh 140
Last I checked criminal checks (which all school districts do) are very different from asking questions about sexual orientation. What you do consentually in your private time has nothing to do with your job and therefore has no place in your survey.

If your district wants its staff to represent the community it teaches, beleive me, there can be a lot of discrimination, not just with sexual orientation, but color, marital status, etc. Be careful about this path.

Being gay or bi does not equate with being a child molestor or pedophile!

I would not only contact my union, but maybe contact a real group that may help with the discrimination (assuming that's what is happening). In Detroit, they had the Triangle Organization, not sure what groups they may have where you live.

What will happen to you if you don't answer the question or the entire survey? I get surveyed to death at work, and rarely answer any of them. I am assuming you work for a public school district, I imagine the NEA and/or the AFT have to have something in place about this.

On the lighter side, you could say "often" for sexual preference, since don't we all prefer to have it often? haha Not sure I like the word choice preference, vs orientation.

Good luck. Too bad your school district isn't focused on what's really important: passing NCLB (just kidding)
I will be in historical district during this time on business. Would like to meet and have some fun. Let me know .
Going on holiday to Amsterdam tomorrow can't wait wanted to go for ages ! Want to see the red light district the most !
Thanks Summer, it is nice to hear from the bifemale perspective.
This post has been very enlightening for me....THANKS TO EVERYONE

I am now wondering if heterosexuals are in degrees, or is that crossing the line into bisexuality or possibly celebacy?

Sometimes I think I think too much....:)
Anyone around the Capital district / upstate NY?
I'm horny as can be and CRAVING a nice pussy to lick.
I can make you squirt and scream, begging for more...
I'll be in Columbia from the 23 to the 27
would u b willing to cum to columbia SC?
cum to columbia :)
Columbia area....
Looking for gloryholes in or around Columbia sc help!
I am in Columbia, I would love to get to know you both.
Bi female in columbia
I am looking for people in the columbia area that want sex.
Hey we are from Camden SC near Columbia and we would love to get to know you.
How can a sista in Columbia get hooked up with a party like this?
hey my name is robert... from west columbia if intersted
im in frederick but travel to columbia fairly often


Ditto that Dot! I still have interesting dreams, after living 8hrs away, near there, i loved every trip i drove to A-dam, the Canal district, shopping, the food and museums, and most of all the awsum Beautiful (but goofy!) things to see!
Looking for gloryholes near Columbia SC. Please help!
Gloryholes South Carolina
Looking for gloryholes around Columbia South Carolina please if you know help me out!
Any Glory Holes in or around Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC?
Women With Strap Ons
Would love to find a woman with a strap-on to use on me in Columbia, SC.
18-21 Female
Hi im 19 and me and my bf who is 21 we are looking for a sexy girl to have fun with we are in columbia sc race ant a issue
M-M-F Threesome
Looking for couple - bisexual male for my first MMF encounter Anyone in Columbia SC?
Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
I would love to be eaten out by a by black man whie the other is fucking him in the ass. Possibly one or both would let me fuck them in the ass with their strap on. In the Columbia, SC area, any takes?????:-P
M-F-F Threesome
hi me and my bf who is a sexy white 21 year old is lookin for a sexy chick to have fun with were are in columbia sc area plz email if u wanna have some fun. Hug
Bibrazilmail i also am looking for lesbian and bi men and women friends.i am surrounded by heterosexuals! Ok except im a lesbian and would love to meet another woman and find love again...but rt now. Goddamm im horny as hell and past year have been wanting to just get fucked..yes would sound as tho i am bi but uhh god no man gives me the rush women to chat no i wont attack ya lol and believe i have a bigger heart than most and have alot of good qualities. You all will only know what you read and as far as horny men who just want a naughty slut than get at me..others. Ask about me..i do have a brain lol and can make a dam gd friend. Kiss
Bisexual Swing Clubs
I'm in Columbia, SC and looking for bi-singles/couples clubs in my area or the surrounding area. Is there a group that gets together for orgies or parties. I am truly interested, but not sure where to start. Hope someone can help. I love this site!
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
in San Francisco, Ca there is an adult theater called the tearoom in the tenderloin district. the rent lockers for ten dollars so you can get naked (returned when you turn in the key) i have spent hours ther sucking dicks and it was terrific fun they have a website so if you will be in the gay bay area it's a great place to find men who want their dick sucked and queer men who go there to suck dicks like me, I recommend it for guys who like sleazy porn theaters good gay porn running in the main auditorium and 2 smaller rooms with big vid screens |8B you can purchase poppers at the desk Laughing |8B

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!