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Always give myself one b4 any kind of anal sex...never had any issues with it being messier right after enema.
Seems to me it wud all depend on your internal systems..if i wait to long after enema things may get messy......and then again i guess itdepends on how deep and thourough u r with the enema.
I agree with you Wrapd4u, I too would like to be the attraction at an all male gang bang getting a cum enema from all the males and maybe a few females so I can lick wet pussy while getting my cum enema. Please let me know when there is a party so I can join in.
Having never done anything like this before, how clean should I be? Should I do a cleansing enema before or just wash the outside? If I should enema, what works best? I understand the lube and starting small. Thanks for the standing or laying on my side tips.
If you "douche" or use an Enema you will not have a mess. Just takes a little planning. Usually give yourself a couple of hours ahead of time for relaxation. By yourself either a disposable enema by fleet or you can buy the reusable kind as well. Simply follow the directions and you will not have a mess. In fact since it isn't on your mind you will be more relaxed and it will increase your pleasure!
FUN4DAND J what a great tip!!!! I have used an reusable enema before but the aspirator would do a better job!!! THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT TIP!!!!!
Oh and Dave and Tina........STAY RELAXED!!!! it will ease the pain if you are relaxed.....just enjoy the incredible sensations you will have!!!!!!KissHug
Hygiene is important, Not sure about getting an enema every time. I have a feeling that an over use of the enema may do more damage than good. Too many have been known to confuse the body into not being able to move the bowels normally.
there is evidence that too many can cause incontinence.

Use good sound judgement. Generally you can do fine with a good wash using soap and warm water, and dry as needed.
Question for everyone...

Based on my experiences, it seems when it comes to anal sex and personal hygiene, I'm often looked at, as if I'm from another planet.

I think asking my partner to do an enema before hand, is no different than asking him/her to shower before hand. It seems to me it not only makes the experience much more pleasurable, but it just makes good sense from a personal hygiene point of view.

I understand why the people who are into scat wouldn't want to do an enema before hand, and to each his own, but am I in the minority when it comes to this issue?

What do you all think?........:)
I have been into anal sex for years and as a recipient I think it is important that you understand what is going on in there before you get into it.the best way to do this is to first have a thourough enema,then explore with your own fingers."pushing"on your ,bowels as tho trying to defecate,will cause you to open up and accomodate your partner with ease.A good enema prior to anal will not only help you open up,it helps internal lubrication AND avoids a messy accident!For my own pre-screw prep,i squirt a small amount of KY directly into my anus,internal lubrication reduces the risk of tearing,and feels better too!
Just my opinion here but:

To clean out a good BM (natural or with one Fleet enema) followed a good wash should be sufficient. The second enema seems to be over kill, like washing you dishes before putting them away and again before using them an hour later.
You might actually be flushing the natural lubricants out causing more irritation which would make it harder to relax and enjoy the sensation of being penetrated.

I prefer to go with a natural BM and a quick wash and have not had any problems or scat on the toys after playing. I do wash the toys after just to be sure they are clean for next time, but that is a good idea for all sex toys whether used anally or otherwise.

Relax, and enjoy
What about preparation?I'm guessing use the bathroom and don't eat before...but is it necessary to have an enema or anything?
u ciould use the colon clense or an enema and clean urself out
I have yet to be fortunate enough to experience anal sex on the receiving end from another guy, but I always give myself an enema before I play with my toys. Definitely better that way.
are there any one out here that enjoy little spanking.enema and have great sex near plymouth young or older very open minded person
try me lets see.
You don't want to do one just before you do have anal sex as that can make things even messier. It's always best to have an enema a couple of hours beforehand. That gives your body time to absorb the excess moisture and dry up a bit. Much cleaner that way.
I find it easier to be on top,if hes above average.Altho I love it in any position. Make sure your relaxed and plenty of lube untill your more experienced with it.
I also prefer to give myself an enema if I think ill be doing something back there.
Did some golden fun this weekend. Ihad peed on myself, and this weekend I finally received the pee enema after being fucked. Incredible...
Maybe I'm just a weirdo but I've never had a problem with it hurting. From the first time I explored my body, as long as I've had an enema, I've been able to go hard, long, and fast.
I love it as well and when it has happened I get totally embarrassed as to ruin the moment! I often give myself an enema to help with this.If you eat light the day before it help for the next day and if you eat light the day of you should be good for the next day as well.
Just remember to drink lots of water!


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