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Ffm Positions

We are a young couple with average build and an adventurous spirit. We have experimented with toys and positions but want to expand our sexual experiences together.
Shy but athletic in easy going and wanting to explore fantasies. I'm a likable and caring guy, but have so many fantasies I want to explore. I've had a blow job by a guy but never done the same, yet. I love to be oral on women and love to explore positions.
Very happily and securely married. Wife knows all and approves but doesn't join. She prefers to hear about the stories I bring home to share with her about my adventures with others. I don't smoke or drink (but not against those that do), am drug and disease free, so this is the only vice I have left. I am not into head games or competitions and have nothing to prove to anyone. I just enjoy all aspects of sensual and erotic play with like-minded, fun adults. Very open minded, versatile, and flexible. I have been surgically safe for many years and have no kids to prove it. I'm not into children, blood, or real pain (mine or anyone else's...but erotic discomfort can be AMAZING!)...other than that, am open to just about any and all positions and combinations. I am always very oral and very happy to help clean up before, during, and after. Prefer couples or moresomes but can meet with select singles. Not into role playing but can be happily submissive to serve and please. I am happiest when I can give pleasure to others, help them explore and live out their fantasies. Care to share a few with me? I'll do whatever I can to make them real.
go buy a good version of the Kama Sutra. Look through it with your lover. not only will it show you new positions but it will describe why they are good or if they will be good for you (given penis size and vaginal depth) this book doesn't just have sex positions it also has ways to improve the sensuality of your relationship. this makes the classic positions better.
Hello everyone!

I was just thinking about sex duh yeah? LOL I was looking in the interests section and did not see anything on sexual positions (I could have missed it but you never know.) I thought it might be fun for ya'll to give a shout about your favorite sexual positions whether it be a man or woman..or whatever combination your mind can conjure up! LOL I have a two particular faves, one I do not have a pic for just yet..It is a T shape with the man on his side and the woman on her side as well in a sitting position with her legs on his chest and him entering her from the is soo hot and the woman can rub her clit while she is getting fucked..nice smooth and sweet!!!!

The second is a nice hot pussy to pussy fuck that I did find a pic of..also known as Tribadism..shiver..

So what are your favorite positions?

ss and es,

Hi you have a nice profile. I'll give you a few of my favorites but our young and have a lot of fun sexual years ahead so don't worry you'll come with plenty of your own positions!!!!

girl: lady on top with knees bent (or squatting over) and riding up and down!
Reverse cowgirl same as above but with ladies face facing his feet!
good old 69 both giving and recieving oral pleasure at the same time
If your into anal sex there are a number of different and fun positions.

Best adcvice I can give you is if it feels good it's OK.

Have fun and be safe!
Anyone ever wonder way it is called the G-Spot? Just a piece of trivia because it was discovered by a guy named Grafenberg.To clarify the G-Spot it is located at the base of the bladder inside the vagina between the pubic bone and the cervic. It varies in size from the size of a dime to that of a half dollar.You can stimulate the G-Spot by inserting the fore and middle fingers into the vagina and form the "come-hither" action with the fingers. The best positions are either the doggie style or the woman on top positions for the penis to contact the G-Spot..
The feeling to pee is very common because the bladder is disturbed while the G-Spot is being stimulated. So try to empty your bladder before you get started.
any one of those positions!! I'm down with it!!!!
I to see my husband fucked from all positions. And I want to see him suck dick.
I love the idea of tying the tits. There are definitely some positions that I could use. I can't wait to try them with my roommate.
good point i keep hearing about all these sexual positions allthough it does seem everyone has the same small handfull unfortunatly this is just the same old pic nothing fancy lol
my wife is too inhibited, and would definitely freak if she knew. she won't venture far from routine positions and only after about 18 years let me use a vibe on her! she still insists the lights be out
Her watching us in an all male ? That sounds so incredibly hot!!! I'd love it to if she were to tell us what to do and what positions to get in as she watches. That would be worth a definite trip
Her watching us in an all male ? That sounds so incredibly hot!!! I'd love it to if she were to tell us what to do and what positions to get in as she watches. That would be worth a definite trip
my girlfriend once fucked me with a strapon and it was great. i took it deep and in more positions than i can remember. it feels sooooo gooood...mmmm.
I had my first M-M experience about a year and a half ago. It took me about a year of talking with this guy before I did anything, but when I did I jsut went all the way. I used to j/o and fantasize about getting fucked in lots of different positions. Just trying any position we could think of.

So I finally just did it. I was nervous about sucking his cock, but I figured after a year of talking, I could trust him. I just went to his place and stripped immediately. He had a porn on and I got on my knees and pulled his pants off and started sucking his cock til he was rock hard. Then I sat back on the couch and leanded way back, letting my ass hang off the couch and I held my legs way back and he sucked my cock and balls for a while. Then we moved to the bed and I got on top in a 69 and sucked each other that way for a while. Then I jsut wanted to get fucked really badly. I just wanted to feel a cock in my ass. So I got the lube, put a condom on him, and as he lay on his back, I sat on his cock and started riding him, very slowly at first. Once I got used to his cock, I just wanted to try so much. I started leaning back and riding him that way as he stroked my hard cock, then I turned around and rode him like that. He wanted me on all fours so I did and he started fucking me from behind, kneeling and standing next to the bed. It really felt awesome. Whn he was about to cum, he laid on his back and I knelt between his legs and leaned way back and we came soooo hard. I've done it with him about 13 times now (he's the only one Ive been with, mainly cause I trust him) and now one of my favorite positions is me on my back, holding my legs back and him fucking me that way. It feels awesome when I stroke my cock and he rubs my balls as he slides his cock in and out. Now when he cums he shoots it all over my stomach and chest and when he does, I explode all over myself.
My fantasy now is to be in a MMF and have the woman tell me any and all positions she wants me to get fucked in. Would love to start by her and me sucking his cock together, sharing it and licking each others lips as we both suck him deep, then get fucked by him every way she wants. Anything she wants to see or do is ok with me
what are some fun positions besides: missionary------my knees up to my chest-----my feet behind my head------on our sides him on top while i'm on my stomach---- being bent over a couch/bed------- whats something else!!!!!!!!! we are ALL OUT OF IDEAS and tired of doing the same things (lol) someone please let me know i would greatly appreciate it
Hey there,
I'll admit I'm no expert (swallowing yes, deep throating, no) but what usually works for me to do is to be relaxed, and I have to be a few certain positions to do it successfully. Keep trying to different things to they work!
Good luck, and once you succeed, let us know!!

What about DP anal male? I've participated in that, but i was one of the penetrators. It was really hard to get into the necessary positions and Billy kept losing his hard-on, but that's another story... LOL Ken(kookoo)
Hi everyone,

We want to have another woman in the bedroom with us. He wants to be involved but she doesn't want her to touch him. What are some of the things we can do to keep him and the other woman separate? What kind of positions are best for this?




Petite Women
Body proportionate petite women are so beautiful and often extremely limber. I dated one for a while that could bend in positions that were amazing. Unfortunately she moved. But would love to meet another.

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!