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We are an attractive, for, disease free and open minded couple seeking a cute, busty female to join us for our first threesome. You may or may not be allowed to enjoy his cock, it's up to her as she is the one in charge... but if not you'll get lots of girl on girl time (it's her first girl on girl too), and you'll get to watch us fuck.
I love to be a girl for a night and suck a big young cock. I get so hot thanking about going out as a girl that I peemyself if had a 4 in Viber in my ass all day before I need to link up with a hot shemail that will teach me how to be a girl for you guys
looking for a pussy squirter girl or couple squirting lesbians , masturbation girl that we can masturbate together ,,,
Playful and adventurous couple of over 20 years who want to explore the addition of enjoying some girl on girl fun.
I like to dress as a girl...I like being a girl....Would like to meet/talk to a female to male or a bisexual women.....or girls like me
I'm a curvy mature woman looking for my first experience with a girl. Also looking for a girl to join me and a guy lover. Open to all but hitting, marks, etc.
We are a happy couple. I have recently let my girl know I like being a girl. She has encouraged me to fullfill my sexualality. Looking for other people who share same desires
We are looking to have some fun and play around. He wants girl on girl, i want some pussy. This is our first time in a threesome but we have had a 4some.
Thick beautiful Italian horny girl with DDs and a fat wet pussy looking for a girl to have some fun with
I'm a really shy girl , I'm very bi-curious. I'm a virgin and I always wanted to experience things with a girl and a guy.
Seeking a lady who can get intimate with us. I’ve never been with a girl before, and I love the thought of my boyfriend fucking another girl. Would really like to bring a female into our sexy times! I’m a bit shy so come and say hey xx
Transgender. Female preop. Lesbian. Loves Skinnydipping. Bodybuilding. In nude body piercing s tattoos out to eat or at home Romantic Comedy. Movies. Quiet times. Cuddling snuggling TV Show s alot of girl on girl Sex Writing my own Books and Poetry.
I am an attractive mature submissive white sissy girl who loves to suck black cocks. I love my place in life knowing and love being a submissive white sissy girl. My pussy cock is so small it looks like a pussy. So why would I ever consider myself a man....I am what I am and proud of it. In ending, I would like to that I love a man who sees me and his bbc cock gets hard thinking about me as his submissive white sissy girl that is his to train.
Just a little about myself... since childhood I have wanted to be a girl. Growing up I kept my hair long and when possible dressed in female attire (a bra under my shirt, panties/pantyhose under my trousers...). As a teen I secretly obtained fem outfits/items from my older sisters' closets, dressers and storage containers and then at night, while alone in my bedroom, I would dress as the girl inside me so longed to be dressed... I would spend hours in front of a mirror applying makeup, admiring and critiquing the girl in the mirror and so loving and being pleasantly surprised about not seeing much semblance of maleness in her. I often fell asleep wearing my soft and feminine attire and wake in the morning still dressed and feeling like a girl ... some of my dearest teenage memories. And yes I did get "caught" but fortunately for me my family had long suspected my female desires and even began to help me in my transition. Now I has my own feminine, perfumes, clothes and more.
Hello live, Very friendly, fun and loving individual. Easy going personality that has a very naughty side! Very attracted to feminity and the beautiful grace of a woman. Her touch, her smell, her beauty and inner bad girl! I love to explore, very open minded, frisky and the furthest thing from vanilla! Love to bring my naughty girl side to a creative couple.
Normal is not at all what I love I stray from repetition, it's the crazy lady that I dream of that gives sexy a definition. So keep your modern girl next door for that would be just fine, just remember when you spot my crazy girl to stay the fuck away from mine. I don't force a normal site, for societies personal gain, when you see my girl you know she ain't right as the fight swims right through her veins . The crazy thing to think about is the evil that dwells within , for each full moon it's a date with doom when she takes me to hell again . The fire burns down in the core as madness takes control, the craziness excites me like never before and I'm ready to trade my soul. Their must be a demon locked in a cage that wants to go to hell , yet her madness seeks his demonic rage for the crazy she wears so well. Give me a face to adore and a heart that's made of stone , the fire in her eyes when the demon comes alive and the craziness is shown . You can keep your Barbi and models the same as that's just not for me , I live for the madness no one can tame so give the crazy bitch to me . Written by Chris D Franklin
I'm 22 yrs old looking for a fun girl
I am having some problems with finding a 18 to 25 yr old girl that lives near me. I am a really horny girl that just needs to have some fun with a girl and yes i do have a guy but sometime a girl has to do what girl has to do if u know what i mean ;) So it would be nice if someone could reply to this if they are interested or they would know any advice
I am looking for a girl. I miss being with a girl.The last time I waswith a girl was in 2003. I was with her for about a year but then she wanted something else. I am very kind, caring and more. I am very shy the fisrt time I meet someone. I am looking for someone in NY or NJ. A girl from age 18 to 25 years old. One on one with a girl KissKiss
we are looking for a girl to either move in and enjoy guy, guy, or girl that lives in the house. or someone who wants to have a threesome. or a girl interested in girl girl action. I want to experience this again. Please email me if you are interested.
im gooing to be blunt my wife wants a girl to do her for the first time. she watches girl on girl porn and loves looking a pussy videos and stuff but never has acted on it. She has a nice round ass and perfect abs and tits. she wants me to watch while a girl devoirs her. anyone interested?
I want a sexy bisexual has been too long since I was in the lesibian lifestyle. She could just be for me to play and have fun with or if you are a bi-girl and want a couple- check us out. Either way, my other half will not be mad if he is not included. Once you like a girl you will always like girls. When you fuck a girl, you will never forget what it was like and always want to do it again. Shame on you addictive sexy women... Lol Kiss
hey 18.f here..... i'm new on this site and with the whole girl on girl thing but am really interested and hot for a girl hopefully in st.catharines or close to the area. one in their late teens-early 20s.
I've been trying to find a girl ... only a couples or go down on me...For years I dreamt of a girl eating me out but yet still haven't been able to make it come true...:-P

Can anyone help? :(
My girlfriend is going through the same thing, she likes wacthing girl on girl porn and she enjoyed kissing and being ate out by a girl. If you want to chat just look us up.
First time with a girl. I am looking for a bi girl because i am married but i have always wanted to include a girl friend for myself but i need her to be willing to except my husband into the relationship as well eventually.
Live in basingstoke and me and my other half want a threesome so need a girl willie and when u say willing I mean ready for girl on girl as well as with my guy and to have a goo night of sex really x
Looking for a sexy girl to join us for a fun filled night. I am bi and have had 3somes before, he hasn't. He wants to enjoy me while a girl is, but isn't fussed about sharing the girl. Hope to hear from someone soon...
looking for anyone to make me a girl, I dislike sucking cock but would allday as a girl, double penetration, pull my hair gag and gangbang me,

Just dress and do me as a girl

you girl's are all really hot,it would be fantasy come true to me and I would
give you girls complete control of me. I have enough tounge for all 3 or 4 of you and love to have a sweet pussy sit on my face,cumming in my mouth
and what a hot task to have knowing I have 2 or 3 more pussy's to suck on,one after another. if you girl's like a fat thick cock that will satisfy 3 or 4
or more take me and use me!!!! i never seen a girl eat another girl's pussy,much less,all of you together. take a chance on me,we will have a lot more fun to cum,over and over and lot's of our cum together,think how hot it
will be,rub your pussy's and let's all cum together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slowwyy {i have pic's}
Kids are gone for the week and we would like to have a girl, guy, girl party. we have done foursome before but would like to have myself and another girl ravish my hubby. i am also very good at eating pussy and so is he. safe encounter. want to meet?
We are looking for a bi-female for some girl/girl fun... I want to give my man the opportunity to see me have sex with another girl... we will only watch not join in... if your interested... let us know....
Hi there. Looking for a girl, too. And I like that you would rather have a chick. Read my profile and see if you are interested. We're actually a couple, but my husband's involvement would be mainly with me. I want someone to help me give him 2 girl head--but not to have sex with him. The girl is really for me--I'm really missing the feeling of soft curves up against mine.;)
Im a Puerto Rican and Italian girl looking for some girl on girl action no guys


Age Play
I saw a hot video, supposedly mother & daughter. Daughter started sucking mom's tit, while mom asked her if she liked being mommy's little girl again. The girl responds, "Yes I like being mommy's little girl." It was so, so hot.
Hung Men
I'm single girl on in side man on out I want to be treated like a girl with to black men can any body give me what I wish fot
Crossdresser Male To Female
I love dressing up as a girl I need help with the makeup I'm going to be a girl on the31 and get some cock to play with yummy Hug😋
18-21 Female
Looking for a young girl 18-21 to have fun with in San Diego.
Father Daughter Role Play
Looking for a girl to play Daddy/Daughter with me...
Tgirls For Couples
Would love to find a sexy t girl to share with my wife.
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
looking for guy or girl to fuck me in nyc,enjoy getting fingered,and girls with straponsHug
Licking Her Clean
I love eating my girl after she has just been fucked hard it's a turn on
Women Watching Men Cum
mmmmm girl luvs 2 see me in my bra n panties playin with my dick :-P n i luv doin it 4 her !!!!!!!
Sheer Panties
mmm i luv when my girl brings me a new pair of sheer panties to wear 4 her n her friends :)
love wearing vintage nylons and girdles a retro girl
T-girl Sex
always wanted to hook with a t girl suck her cock and have fuck meHug
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
:-DI would really like to suck a mans cock while his wife/girl friend joins in. What a turn on. ;)
F-M-F Threesome
Hey Girl's i have not been with 2 female's as of yet in my life, so if you's are in philly - pa, and need a guy like me to play with do say hi and let's meet up some time soon and the pic's are of me -- so do enjoy them o.k.? they are 4 you's all out there, :)Kiss:-PHug|8BFlower
Braless Women In Public
My girl goes braless 90% of the time her nipples are always hard. she loves to bend over in public so everyone can see down her shirt. She quite the exhibitionist. She like to see their reaction.
Seattle area - we both love it when Patricia fists Michael's ass, he cums soooooo fucking hard!!! She wants to try fisting him and another guy or a girl in her pussy or ass at the same time. Anyone local want to join us???
Bang My Wife
I am going to be honest I enjoy watching my girl fuckin and she enjoys me fuckin a hot wife in front of her husband

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Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.