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33yr old bi-curious male 420 friendly looking for girls and guys to get sexual with NO GUYS OVER 40YRS OLD!!! IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 40 AND ARE A GUY DO NOT MSG ME...
55yo gay. into making guys feel good no strings, servicing married/str8/bi guys one on one or in a group or with an audience, love outdoor sex
I want a dominate female that fucks hella guys, cuckold me, make me clean up a guys sperm nd sweat off u. Bisexual cuckold me. I just need the dom. Sex goddess to give it to me
Hey guys I am a slim complete sub bottom wanting to explore very hung black cock dominating me, sorry guys I am only looking for BLACK men, I would consider VERY hung white men, thanks for reading and if you like what you hear then feel free to drop me a message and let's have some fun xx
Here to meet new people with same interests. Bi bottom looking for friends and playmates when my schedule allows. Women- into ANR, strap on, watersports, oral. Can be sub or Dom depending on mood Men- looking for tops, Dom/master, Into sucking, being fucked, used. Facials and more. Older guys, bigger guys are huge turn on. . TS/TG/shemale/ladyboy- prefer you be top or vers but open to anything
My wife and I have been married over 30 years. I am a white guy; 5'10; 190#; pretty fit for my age. She is Asian; 5'; a little overweight. We are happily married and enjoy sex together but also enjoy getting together with another couple for some sexual fun. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE GUYS OR MARRIED GUYS PLAYING ALONE. Please get back to us if you are interested in talking about getting together. We have more pictures to share.
Married status but wife does not share nudity. Older and experienced in massage with over 1-200 massages for guys and couples. I share nudity with guys or groups but prefer no one under 25. I am not interested in sex, I am married and no need for sex, prefer confidential, discreet, safe and fun.
I am very horny all the time, I have a girlfriend but I love meeting other couples and married women to have dirty sex with and like to suck husbands off while I slide my cock in your wife's ass... With me spitting over her ass hole...πŸ˜‰ I like you guys to really ram my throat too... I like to feel you pulsating in my throat... Then empty your First load deep down in to my throat.. I like hotel sex and all night long too with lots of drink! Prefer guys with big cocks and you wives to do anal, and would love if you squirt tooπŸ˜‰ message for number xx
I've always been very straight but a couple bi curious girlfriends made me realize that if they love sex with guys and be bi curious at the same time then it was probably ok for me to be too. Love giving oral to women so now I want to try my hand (mouth actually) at giving oral to guys too. I want to play the female role when it comes to men and even better I'd like to play the submissive, I'm here only to please and pleasure you, role even though the role would be in spirit only. I guess you could say that I would be submissive on my knees but I am not a submissive person nor dominant one by nature.
I am 20 years old 6'2". I have blonde hair blue eyes. I am bisexual. I love chicks. I love everything about them there vagina,boobs etc... I also like guys. I love it when I'm laying down naked or clothed with a guy behind me with his arm around me, kissing my neck, caressing my body. After my clothes come off I'm a submissive all the way with guys. I'll lay in any position they want me to after I suck them nice and soft and long so they can be fully aroused when they penetrate me. I love when they penetrate me bareback and a little wet and really slow so I feel myself open and stretch with every inch of them inside me until I have every inch of them inside me. After they completely dissapear in me one time they go balls out and pound the living shit out if me. I also like it when chicks take strapons to me.
Fun guys
Looking for a couple or guys with a touch of bi.
excited to meet other guys
I love bisexual guys
I like black guys. Also Looking for a sex slave
I love being pounded in the ass by another guy or guys
I'm buff I m straight but have been with guys before and looking to do it again
Just an update:

It's been close to 6 years since we first made this post, and just a few days ago, on Saturday night, we had a Gang-Bang with all the same guys as were there back then! My old BP friend came in for it, and I actually had 2 other guys that I met right here on BP also show up. All together, there was 7 guys ( well 8 including Danny)

We had 4 Bi Guys and 4 straight guys. Lets just say the "straight" guys can no longer be considered "straight". By the end of the night, all 4 had sucked at least one cock, and one of the guys even let Danny fuck him in the ass! But the problem with playing with so many Bi-Guys is that they end up stealing all the CUM! I only had one guy finish in my mouth!

I just posted this as I thought it was quite fun having all the same guys 6 years later, and not even as a plan!

Carol xoxoxo
My name is Danielle and I live inthe Salt Lake Area. I'm very bi-curious. I'm fun to be around, pretty, and fit. I would like to have some fun with you guys.If you guys are interested and want to know more please email me. If you guys would like to meet me I would be more than happy to meet you guys. I'm D/D free.
First hand experience at the Red Rooster... In the orgy room, we connected with two bi guys on different occasions and enjoyed each. We also connected with 2 bi guys and went to the "Chair" 3 bi guys and a gal that loves cock was great. The private rooms are more open and fulfilling. Single guys are a double edged sword, they stand around and jack off, sneak a touch whenever, but, are a good source of bi guys that like to suck and be sucked men and women.
Hi Everyone,
Is there a chance that any of you guys in Gainsville Fla with big cocks(8"or better)can cum bang my ass and mouth for lets say 4 or 5 hours?I would love to be the fuck toy for about 6 big cock guys one night at a local hotel.If I get all the guys I need and everyone is sure they can make it all the beer and fucking is on me.And all the cum in my ass and my down my throat.Let me know guys and I get a time and a hotel and let you know whenit's going to happen
I to be Sucking on s as I am getting my tight little hot ass hole Fucked wide open and some one is Socking on my all at the same time yes I'll do 3 guys at a time and when they are done I'll do 3 more guys and again when they are done I'll do another set of 3 guys yes I am a willing to get my horny Sweet ass a gang bang in Philly pa let's meet at your next party with me as the party toy OK guys ?
I too have been in the same situation my profile has bis-cur but all I get is emails from guys just a few from women maybe I'm not thete type or too old for the lady's that are but all I get is the guys showings me there cock or telling me they want to do and what's with the ones that so far away I dont get it I want to meet someone near me can anyone help and I would to you guys yes I like both but I really want to hear from a female guys I love you but I love you more when I'm watching another men fucking you or sucking your cock well I just want to put in my 2cents lets have some fun
Hello guys I am very serious about attending. What would be the easiest and closest airport to fly into? How long do you guys plan for the party to last? Looking foward to hearing from you guys.
good morning s and t just wanted to wish u guys to bp hope all goes well for u guys here have a great day look forward to chatting with u guys cya vito
Carol is 43 and she greatly enjoys the younger guys. She has one boyfriend/regular lover who is 21, and another who is 23. These aren't guys we have threesomes with, just guys she plays with separately and on her own.
Looking for 3 or 4 guys and at least one lady that would join me all at once. My biggest fantasy is to suck off multiple guys and have them cum all over me and my face, lips, and ass. The lady part of it is for all guys involved get to have the lady in hot wild sex while she takes as many cocks as she can handle in all her holes and helps the guys suck each other off
There are guys out there that would like to be more or the friends with benefits than a one night stand. Personally I would prefer that type of relationship, especially with all the STD's out there and other safety concerns.

Unfortunately, there are lots of guys out there that just want to flash the dick and expect people to flock to them. It's kind of funny sometimes watching guys flock to a post. All of them basically saying the same thing. How do couples discern who is real and not ? It makes it more difficult for us guys that are.
Very true.
we are always looking for Bi Guys for us. The vast majority of guys, however, end up being way out of our area or really hairy or way too old for us. Sometimes we think that we are just in the wrong area, since we always seem to see nice-looking guys that almost always are looking for straight encounters or are out of our area.
It's not easy being a married Bi guy with a straight wife looking for Bi guys that we both like.
Well. I just HAVE to add my 2 cents worth on this 1.I get really wound up when I see 2 guys together, esp if I were in the middle. I guess that makes me very rare.That is my biggest dream. To be with 2 guys at the same time.I do hope someday to find the right guys. I just had to let you know that we are out there.
La Trapeze is a good club to go to......I personally recommend it. The facilities are excellent and most of the people who go there are civil if not pretty nice to the women and couples. Single-guys, however, should expect the usual unpleasantness associated with hyper-competition from the other guys there for the attention of couples and women who'll swing with single-guys; and the couples who want absolutely nothing to-do-with the single guys. The club has an only one admonishment rule for single-guys. There're no second chances for any single-guy. When they talk to a single-guy for the second time: its to escort him out of the club and revoke his membership. This policy reduces a lot of the tension in the atmosphere caused by the guys' inappropriate behavior.
great i think am your guy baby, just tell me what all you guys are into and what you want to go on ,i am ver i can be a top what do you need me to do to help you fuck him.and what about you.will you be in as well .am very open minded and like to have a great time when it comes to sex i do love pussy you guys let me know what you want and you can e-mail me at and if you like you guys can text me and ill text you right back. that is my nomber for my laptop caint get calls only text but if we click ill give you my cell number cool, hope to heare from you guys real soon
Looking for guys for NSA sex! Sat daytimes in the LA/Westwood/hollywod/BH area. Lunchtime (12-2p), Tues & Thur (9-2P), afterwork (6p) in the Glendale/Burbank, NoHo, Toluca area. Fun guy here, leaning towards bttm, vanilla to lite kink. Especially attracted to hairy guys, facial haired guys, older guys. (if your all of those and an agressive top - email me immediately!! lol) Don't hesitate to say "hello" regardless!
Looking for guys for NSA sex! Sat daytimes in the LA/Westwood/hollywod/BH area. Lunchtime (12-2p), Tues & Thur (9-2P), afterwork (6p) in the Glendale/Burbank, NoHo, Toluca area. Fun guy here, leaning towards bttm, vanilla to lite kink. Especially attracted to hairy guys, facial haired guys, older guys. (if your all of those and an agressive top - email me immediately!! lol) Don't hesitate to say "hello" regardless!


2 Cocks In 1 Ass
Seattle area - As a couple Michael loves BIG things up his ass and can take two 2" diameter dildos up his ass at the same time. Now we just need to find two well hung bi guys to come fuck his ass at the same time!!! Of course we'd also take any really hung guys or girls that like to fuck guys with strap-ons or their fist!! Patricia will be there helping and taking 'em too!
Masculine Men
Is it me or does that it seems to others here that most really fit guys don't have the John Holmes package? Yes, there is execeptions, but the really hung guys seem to skinny or really big in height. This might be 1 for the forum?
North Carolina
We are a laid back couple im 6' shes 5'5" bbw and loves male on male sex and so do i .we are in central n.c. and looking for bi guys to have regular raw action and yes u can fuck her also thats a must ,it would awsome to find 3 to 4 guys to have group bi sex with us ,if interested email us samarian
Cum In My Ass
I have had guys fuck me bareback and cum in my ass, and I love it. It is a wonderful feeling when he shoots his semen deep inside me. I would love to be gangbanged by a group of guys, all shooting a big load inside me. Each time the next man slides his penis into my ass it pushes some cum out.
Watching Men Masturbate And Cum
love to watch guys and get watched while I masturbate,very hot love to have guys see me cum
Cum Fetish
I'll admit I have a cum fetish. I love seeing guys cum. I especially love having guys cum all over my face and in my mouth. I just love the texture, feel and particularly the taste of warm cum. Having a guy fill my mouth with hot cum after sucking his cock, makes me cum instantly.
Bisexual Fantasy
Hello to all bisexuals and gay men my name is Dennis and I am into both the sexes I get along very well with the guys and the females who are into bisexual male bottoms,
If you are interested do stop by my profile and take a look and see if you will be interested in meeting with me,
In Philly or surrounding areas I can host or I can come to where you are...
Just say hello and lets meet soon off line...

Hey guys how many cocks can I find in Philly that want to cum on my ass at 1 time interested let me know...
18-21 Guys
Any young slim guys or girls who like shaved cock, interested in an older man with an 8 inch cock to suck and have mutual masturbation and fun cock play? Young girls who like to fuck older guys. One on one or 3 some.
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
Any guys from Indiana u for a great low Job?
Bisexual Married Men
Looking for bi guys or couple to play with near WV
Jo Buddies
to have j/o buds. Hit me up guys if you're intersted.

Car Sex
Have gotten blowjobs from both guys and gals in car...soo erotic...
Men That Want To Be Gang Banged
I want to be gangbanged by 8 different guys. Please be attractive and well endowed.
Crossdresser Male To Female
Hi guys girls sexy crossdresser here
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
That's my ideal situation come on guys I'm waiting
All Male Threesomes
love two or three guys with me at once,sucking 69 and getting fucked by one or more;
Men That Want To Be Sucked
Wanting to get my dick sucked and cum in a guys mouth.

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Hey you guys rock! This is awesome. I am so glad to have found this great site thanks for helping us explorers... well explore! I am learning tons. Looking forward to the first time. Besides that, you guys are down right good looking too! Thanks again! Mike