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6ft 175 10 by 6 honey can we watch each other I've never done this but herd you can
I love my honey.I want to kiss my honey on the lips ok.I miss my honey.Do you want to have sex with me my honey.From your babyKissHug
Hey now, if it's not too far from the Calif border, I'll even bring my honey for all to share! Hey, hotlat, you need to unblock me for a response. Mine also did it accidentally. Thanks.
Well, for the rest of you, here's my honey and me for you to see.
Hey where are u from ur so hot I love women who look like u I'm from scardales ny but now I live in manhattan ny I'm look for a honey too have a little fun with I'm so not interested in crreping wit ur man. Want u so please do halla ur beautiful honey email me
well honey to keep this short

but you know its from the heart

From kara and manuel we want to wish a fast recovery and say the better left all the good stuff where it belongs

love you honey talk to you soon
crustless peach cobbler/fruit sauce.

plain yogurt
sugar free honey
ground Cinnamon

mix will be 2/3 plain yogurt
1/3 honey
add cinnamon to taste.(note:cinn.will gain flavor over night be cautious)
drizzle over peaches or other fruits for a delicious cobbler taste and healthy eats.
Don't covet thy neigbhors wife, covet them both!
Ok honey, the one that gets the mouth full is the winner!!!!
Ok honey, lets flip the coin to see who gets to choose the top or bottom.
Why do the call cum kissing snowballing? It's the middle of summer and it sure don't taste like snow!!!
OK, we flip the coin twice.. winner gets the second flip.. heads - give or get, tails give or get hehehehe
Hello honey My name is Tammy and it took me a little bit to get used to this. this is a wonderful place to meet people. give it time and go in chat and just relax. I read your profile and it is good so it does take some people time honey.We have met alot of new friends here and have met with a few. So do not get discoradged okay. Be patient it will happen. Do a search and look for someone in you r area and you send responces okay. LIke I said it does take time but while you are waiting come join us in chat it is loads of fun.
Everyone is very friendly there and that is where I have met alot of people. WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Webbie are the greatest and so are everyone else. So come on in and have fun . Maybe you will be in when I am there and we can talk okay.
Right here honey...
Add a pic, honey.
Hey honey... I'm in MO.
Were yu from honey
right here honey in dfw area!
Hi honey looking to hook up
hey honey. im a first timer too.
Hi Honey,I'm in Dallas
Awww thank you honey!!! Hug
hey honey com play with us


18-21 Female
Looking for a sexy female for me and my honey.. She must be very sexy with a nice ass
Sex With Food
carrots nice, cucumbers nice, banana not so much. cantalope nice ;) and there's always making a friend into a buffet :-P whip cream, honey, strawberries and cherries, belly button shots, and the list goes on. :-D

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!