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Hot Photo of Touching

Single, Fun, intelligent, college educated, adventurous, open minded, Non judgmental, creative, spontaneous, good listener, great cook, self employed. Into the out doors: hiking/camping, biking, skiing, scuba diving, as well as movies, plays, music, art, good food and wines. I'm looking for someone who is creative, bright, a bit irreverent, and independent, with no children at home. I�m tired of games. I want someone who is going to be honest from the start and not afraid to laugh and have a fun in life. I�ll respond to all who include photos. Have fun. Please don't write to ask if I'm interested in seeing your photo. The answer is yes. Fair is fair! I will not respond if you don't attach a photo or box# with a photo/ad. P.S please be within a 50 mile radius of Los Angeles
175 Lbs., brown/blue, shaved 8", easy going, adventurous and fun. Like getting together with couples and singles, any gender combination. Like photo and video as well.
Looking for some experimental mutual touching and feeling with cd/ts/tg
We are in a close loving open relationship and are looking for a girl to be a part of us. This is the wife writing so I'll explain a bit more. My husband gives me all his attention and love. Falling in love is one of the best feelings on earth. :) What we want: To share an intimate, emotional relationship with another girl. To grow strong feelings for her and her for him (us). We want lots of talking, touching, romantic, caressing, intimacy, and having an emotional connection. Share your emotions, thoughts, wants and desires. We are open to and hope to fall in love with her and would welcome the same. sex wise: Yes we do want sex and are open to all kinds of even kinky sex. Though what we prefer is to make love with her, touching, giggling together, talking, being intimate, running our hands all over our bodies while kissing passionately showing that love between us. sex is so much better when we can have these wonderful feeling for each other. We want someone who enjoys being "in love".
Laid back love watching porn enjoy touching kissing
bi WMM ,warm loving affectionate, love foreplay, plenty of kissing, touching, rubbing, licking!!!
I like to experience as much as possible, and never regret missing out on anything. I love touching and being touched. I'm very outgoing, and really like to get to know people that I'm involved with. I'm very open to anything that isn't dangerous in any way.
Hi, im new to this site! Ive been described as beautiful by men and women and would love to find the prefect girl/woman to meet up for friendship/relationship.. im 5'9" and rather on the slim side but a curvy figure.. i work as a professional, so i cant upload my photo im afraid. Im outgoing, family oriented and very social. Hoping to find the right person :)
I love to watch a woman's eyes when she is watching my dick while I cum in her,on her, and for her. I believe she gets satisfaction knowing she can make feel good without touching. I aint complaining. I'm a laid back cool dude who is a freak in bed and obviously out. This is how I don't cheat on my wife. I need your cum ladies SAVE MEEEE
Single and ready to explore the desire's I've had for many years. I've only been sexually active with men, 2 in the last 15 years. I'm very curious and eager to learn about women and what we could offer one another. Looking to be gently but enthusiastically taught. Couples with experience or at least one with are what I'm here for. I've recently become very curious about having a master/mistress or even being one. I get really turned on with the idea. Interested in Talking here, emailing, detailed conversations, photo swap, eventually meet and see what happens. I'm so ready to learn!
I am a very open minded 49 year old single male. I enjoy being nude and like to be around folks who appreciate the nude form, both male and female. I love to play sexually and enjoy touching, probing, exploring and experimenting. I have always been Bi, I love playing with males and open minded couples. I have no problem with all gay men as long as its understood I am Bi. I have no problem with transgender folks either, I would look forward to the opportunity to share time with you.
I'm 64 years young. 5'11", 210 lbs, bald, and blue eyes. I'm open-minded and love to enjoy life. I love the outdoors from boating, fishing, drifting with the current, watching sunrises and sunsets, being out in nature, nude sunbathing, as well as dining out. I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and having fun. Touching, cuddling, caring for people is important. In other words I love to be loved and I love to love. i love to drive my restored 96 chevy 4x4 Tahoe. I enjoy shooting my collection of firearms. I only shoot at paper targets not at people. Gee, I can't think of anything else. lol. Hope I did not bore you . Please contact me and lets get to know eachother.
I'm 5' 9" and weigh 190 pounds. I have white hair and have both glasses and hearing aids. I'm fairly easy to get along with and can understand another person's perspective fairly easy but I'm certainly not a push-over. I think for myself while respecting other's opinions. I enjoy mutual hand and blow jobs. I enjoy mutual bate sessions. I enjoy watching sex acts between same and opposite sex partners. I'm enjoy touching and hugging and kissing when the chemistry indicates their appropriateness. I can be anally receptive (bottom) with the right partner and with the right circumstances or situation, although I was almost always the anal penetrator (top) as a younger man. I love porno and am a voyeur while getting a hand or blow job. I reciprocate. I love watching a man get all hot and bothered and seeing him shoot his load(s). I especially like and get very turned on by younger men who are attracted to older men.
NEWEST UPDATE: (03 Jan 2016) We are searching for people that have done film/video in a role, or want to. Our first feature adult video will be cast in April, for filming later in 2016. Contact us with some info about you, a photo and your experience. Easy going, yet passionate couple that enjoys experimentation and trying new things. As the situation requires, We enjoy the scene rough or soft, quick or very slow, one-on-one or in a group. Only things that are definitely a no go... scat, blood, scarring, minors. We prefer to play with couples, as they seem to be more cautious with whom they play, but a roomful of naked bodies entwined in a heated, sweaty pile is EXCELLENT!!! But we never say never ;) We love to give erotic massages... A great way to start an evening! We enjoy making friends that have similar likes/dislikes and enjoy having fun, with no hang ups. We enjoy music, dancing, movies, camping & motorcycles. We are as comfortable in the 'country' as we are in the 'city'. Being open minded about many things allows us to experience more that life has to offer. If a couple says they have a bi-male, Amy wants/expects to see the guys play, before she gets involved. Please note that Amy is a bilateral mastectomy survivor.
I play no games here. I am serious, honest and hope that you are as well? I go to the gym 5 times a week and enjoy it very much. I work very hard there and my friends there tell me it shows. I am an Erotic Fine Art Photographer and I love my work. You can see it at: More About Todd .: Todd .'s images invite the viewer to enter a real/surreal world where nothing is forbidden, boundaries do not exist and everything is possible. Stepping into this dimension, you see that his photographs are sophisticated, elegant, erotic. In a strangely Zen way, you become one with them. You discover. You feel. You are. his photography has made a major contribution toward bringing the arts of tattooing and body modification from the counterculture into the mainstream, His work guides public perception toward a more open acceptance of physical alterations as a sophisticated artistic and personal choice. His beautiful photographic imaging of what once were taboo subjects creates a space of accessible appreciation for the observer and enables a more positive view of body art. Todd approaches his subject in much the same way that a fashion photographer sees his subject. An elegant lightness and fond intimacy permeate his work. He continues to explore sensuality and sexuality beyond the mores of mainstream society, working to bring enlightenment to forbidden subjects. He is guided by an artistic fascination with alternative lifestyles and the men and women who use their bodies as human canvasses. . interprets and commits the visual, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of these lifestyles to an exact, personal moment in time -- enabling observers, admirers and participants to become part of his studies. His accomplishments speak volumes about his uncanny talent for capturing a subject's rare and fleeting moment in the eye of the lens. T's. envisions an image and makes it real by creating a moment -- supported by an internal vision, a meticulous eye for detail, and a deep understanding of the complex technical skills necessary to make a truly extraordinary photograph. Todd . has an extensive list of exhibits and publications of his work. They include: Fine Art Galleries and Exhibitions ErotiKreativ (Vienna, Austria) Chrome & "R" (Hollywood, CA) The National Leather Association (Los Angeles, CA) Stormy Leather , (San Francisco, CA) ARTopia m(Albuquerque, NM) Highways Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) X-IBIT Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) International Fetish Photo Exhibition, 1995-1996 (produced by Secret Magazine, Brussels, Belgium) HBO's "Real Sex #10" Publications Body Art Body Play Marquis Playboy Publications Penthouse Piercing Fans International Quarterly Secret Skin Two Taste of Latex Tattoo/Piercing And numerous other international publications in Japan, Australia, Germany, France, England, and other countries Previous representation and licensees Soho Gallery (San Francisco, CA) (greeting cards, posters and calendars ) Ata-boy (Los Angeles, CA) (novelty magnets) Tamara Bane Gallery (Los Angeles,CA).
Redyhottie; your whole body seems to be radiating sex. Are you having an orgasm in that photo, if not you certainly know how to make a very hot sex
sex dripping photo. I wish you the best of all the men and ladies that are druling over your hot luscious photo.
I'm certainly no expert, but it seems to me someone that would get into a fight over inappropriate touching shouldn't be in a swingers club in the first place. Shouldn't a polite refusal be enough, regardless of who's doing the touching? It's a shame that there's such a double-standard.
We are a central Texas couple looking for a Bi Curious female to share our first MFF experience with. If interested look at our profile and send photo. Our photo upon request.
Looking for people that want to be in photo shoots and photo play in SE Michigan.
Do Stop by my Profile and Check out all of my Self Made Nude Photo's and If You or You's are Interested in Getting Off With Me - Ask For my Photo Pin # and I Will Send it To You and If You Are In Philly PA ? I Can Host For You or You's ?

I Do LOVE All 's and Strap-on's - That Want To Get To Fuck My Tight Sweet Little Hot Ass ...
Say, If you are very For ( REAL ? ) Then Real people will ( REALLY ) want to know who you's all are, Now For My Too Photo's ABOVE - That's my ASS and That's my COCK That You's See in the ABOVE 2 Photo Put together to look as one - Enjoy This one of my sweet tight little ass ?
We just joined and find it strange that so few people add a photo to the profile. Is there something in the BI community that prevents folks from showing off. We seldom, if ever, respond to profiles with no photos. It's not that we are snobs, it just seems that people who really want to play, will post a photo. Are we the only ones that feel that way?
New to the web site and in the Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood area of Florida. Need someone to take some photo's of me for the photo book but I do not have a camera. Live in Dallas and work here. Roommate here does not know about my bi ways so I can't ask her. Just need a few shots taken and put on a CD. Whatever we can work out is appreciated. I will cover all cost. Thanks,
, seeking very well endowed w/m for a night of fun and sex,8 inches plus. this is her desire for a 3 way,weight height preportationate.. age 25 to 50. send photo proof of size WILL REPLY ONLY TO PERSONS WITH PHOTO,STRAIGHT PREFERED,bi also considered.
SHE WANTS a well built younger person, with a very LARGE HARD COCK.
wOw, That Will Be Just So Very Hot To See Being Done To Me, To Be In A Group Of Very Hot and Very Horny People - "s and "s ...(^_^(?... And ( ALL ) are Just Looking At How Many "s Are Wet and Getting Off On Me ( My Face and Body ) - Again and Again - Lady"s I Do Want To Feel Your Strap-on"s To ? any and ( ALL ) Can Take All The Video"s and Photo"s Of Me Getting Very Fucked By All Interested In Doing So ? Now Who"s Next ? It Can Be You ? Hey Lady"s I Maid This Photo 4 U"s All To Enjoy -- it is 2 photo"s put together as one, My Ass Is 1 and My is 2 and Now It Look"s Like I Am Getting Ready to Fuck My Self - Enjoy - Bye 4 Now - Oh Denizen ...
It came to our attention once again of this tonight when I was in the chat. A certain person was pretending to be something she/he wasn't, and obviously, to someone like me that works with graphics for a living anyway, the photo they were trying to pass off as themselves was fake. As for my own opinon , I cannot see why anyone would do this. If you're here to meet someone, how can you expect to do that while leading a lie. And secondly, why be here if you're not trying to meet people.But another, more serious side of it is that there could possibly be legal ramifications stem from using pictures off of another very well known site , as this person did, without permission.
Aint sure where I'm going with this, but just noticed there were some people in the chat that wanted to know how we knew of this person being dishonest. Well I have the website url with the photo on it, and can explain how to tell whats been done to a photo.
I just hope this is a rare happening here. This board has far too many good people on it, to see a few bad s jepordize it in anyway.

Ok, all done bitching
The bugs would like to offer photo work free of charge to members of Bisexual Playground.

We were searching the member list and we noticed we were mostly looking at profiles with photo showing beside their screen name.
Any member who does not already have a picture in place may contact us.
Priority will be given to paid members without photo in their profile.
However, all members of this site are welcome to take advantage of this service.

What this offer consists of is primarily; photo enhancement such as brightness and contrast adjustment, some cropping when desired, face blocking or removal, color balance and or some minimal touch-up. All returned photos would also be saved in a web format ready to upload.

The USA flag is available as well.

It is to be understood that I cannot make a blurry photograph look sharp again.

Confidentiality is a primary issue with us:
Your original photo would be returned to you as is and no copies would be kept, or archived in any way.

The first step is for you to contact us in our mailbox
With the subject: Photo

What we will ask of you is:
Your screen name.
What you would like us to do from the list above.
A @mail address for return purposes only.
A reasonable amount of time to do the work.
This may vary with the amount of photos to be worked upon.

What is not available is:
We won't increase penis or breast size.
We wont remove wrinkles or tattoos.
We wont make you lose 10/ 20 lbs instantly,
or alter your appearance in any way shape or form.

A limit of one photo per person, 1 for single, 2 for a couple.
Sorry this is limited to one time only. But you can always talk to us.

Yannick And Frances
Another suggestion ... don't get so close, back off and use photo editor, gives a lot of freedom to edit pics for best effect. I'm not a fan of close "close ups" and given the resolution of pics here bit wise, I'd MUCH rather have a medium range shot to edit. Seems like most are way to close or way to far away.... and don't realize digital photo editing can work wonders. I've had some great chances for nice pics... and the photo was taken at way to close a range... closeness also involves distortion too. Think about it..... Every good pic I have has been cropped for maximim effect... can't do that with a close up, but also, can't be to far away!!!!
we are a happily married couple that loves sex we would like to meet bi males, bifemales , and couples for a good time we are selective but do answer all pleases send photo to We want a threesome ,foursome ,or orgy with right group send photo of face and body x or r rated:P:P:P
Hello. My name is Steve. I guess I'm Bi-curious. SWM, clean and discreet. Very athletic. Semi-pro bodybuilder. I would like to experiment. Looking for someone to try some new things. threesomes welcome. I am clean and discret. Check out my photo. Let's get together if you like. I am including my photo pin. Thanks

Steve (thor228)
My PhotoPin is: 9785
I am looking for people to do photo shoots and photo play here in Michigan, I have experience with my digital camera and my HD Digital Camcorder. Just looking for people to take pix and video of.


Being a full time Astronomer, I am very happy to see this listed as an interest. Seeing this on this site nicely wraps up my two favorite obsessions in life. I've just added a photo to the gallery to show one of my absolute favorite places to take a telescope. In case you're wondering, that is at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, and my wife and I are there twice a year with one of our scopes. If you know of or are hosting a Party in your area, let me know. I do travel all over the country...and ALL of my telescopes are a lot bigger than the one in the photo...but that is the only one I can carry on a plane. If you have any questions, please write to me.

If I was in a room with these's 4 People, that I oh Denizen has just add to this journal's Photo Gallery. If you did not see them yet Go and check them out O.K.? and if you where in a room like that 2, what will you Have done? (Me) I will Have got Naked Reel QUICK, & I Hope that every one 2 got Naked & Then " & "s 2 you All who love 2 Suck on All kind of & "s Very Hot W et Naked Body"s - Hey I bet That you"s all are Naked Now? (Right) Well hey take a photo or 2 and seen then in o.k.? and let us all see the Fun that you so Much do In-joying Doing where & when you Can, & if you will like to just write about it, do it and send it in cool? Hey take Care and all-way's Try 2 Keep it Very wet, bye -- (Oh Denizen)

Posing For Pics
say if you are in philly pa and will like for me - Dennis to posing in some photo's for you ? just ask for me to do so - OK ?
12 inches Or More
Like My Photo ? May - Be You Can Stop By Some Time If Interested ?
Erotic Photography
Anyone have any good erotic photos they'd like to post in the Photo Gallery?

Women That Fist Men
Oh Yes, I Do LOVE To Get Very FUCKED ? Again and Again By the VERY HORNY GUY'S, But Never Been Fist Before Bye Any One Yet and Sweet Yes, I Do Want to get to Try It Very Bad - Lee, So if You or You's Are Interested In Fisting Me - Take a look at the Photo's of me that I Posted in here 4 U's 2 Enjoy ?
Cam Recording
Say Sweet Yes, and 's I Just Do LOVE To Walk around all Very Nude and I Will Let All To See Me Doing So - Interested in Video-ing Me - Take a Look At My Photo's and Then Go and Take a Look At My Profile and If You / You's Are Interested - Do Ask If I Will Be and Let's Take it From There O.K. ?
Triple Penetration
I Want Your 's To Cum 4 Me - Yes Do Take a Look at My 10 Photo's and If You Are Interested and Want To Have a With Me - Just Go To My Profile and Say Hello Some Time and Let's Meet Off Line and In C. C. Philly PA Some time Real Soon - But Bye 4 Now - Dennis...
I would assume it means rubbing two cocks together and sharing a bumping of nuts while fucking a womans pussy twofold.Two men in the same place beating off with cocks touching perhaps
Nude Photos
I emjoy being nude and poseing nude would love to do a outdoors nude photo shoot
Showing Off Your Best Pics
I Just Do LOVE To Fuck and Suck on Both 's and 's ? Interested and Do LOVE mY pHOTO'S ? Well Yes Do Let Me Know That and May You Can Take or Be In Some With Me - Interested Just Write and Say Hello OK - bYE 4 nOW - Oh Denizen...(^_^(?...
Say I Do to do what you's all can see me do in my Photo's with my Bace Ball , and it Feel Very Sweet to get to Ride on some thing that Big, But I Do Need (Help) with it From time to time, So if you are very interseted in Getting to Cum & Play in my PlayGround ? and you are a or do Say Hello some time ok? Bye - Oh Denizen PS, and I can take a Very Big Wet to as well as my Big Toy of a , bye...
Three Cocks One Ass
AAHHH - Yes, I LOVE To Fuck 1 on 1 or with a Group of Very FUCKING Horny MALES AND FEMALES and The More That Want to get Off On and ALL Ove My Face and Body is The Better I Will LOVE TO Suck and FUCK ? Interested and you like my Photo's ? Say Hello Back ok to any and all of You's - But Bye 4 Now - Oh Denizen....(^_^(?...
Guys Who Eat Cum
Cum in a little film photo container and freeze it after each time you cum. You can fill it up with about 7-10 loads and then let the big cumcicle melt in your mouth at some later date! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! Glob by glob swallowed... sexy, sexy, sexy hot! A great way to taste yourself for over 10 to 15 minutes or so!
Rubbing Cock On Clit
Just imagine if we could find both of your gspots and go from there.Yes rubbing the clit works,but theres something inside too.And my clue is that its right behind your clit!.Being inside a nice pussy,just lick her clit while touching your tonsils against her2nd g spot
Cock Slaves
---> Hello To You's All That May-Be Interested in Doing This With Me ?
or 's - Yes I am Looking To Meet and Get Off as Manny of You's as I Can at One Time - Weekly or Nightly - I am a Bisexual - So Sweet Yes, I Do LOVE Being With Both Of The 's and Yes, I am Up For a One on One Meet, With Both or 's You's Can Get To Do This ?
1, Get Me As Naked as You Want Me To Be,
2, Take Some Photo's or Video's Of Me,
3, You Can Get Off With or on Me, In A Group or One on One ?
4, Lady's Can Get To Put There Strap-on's - On 4 Me ?
5, And What Will You's Want To Do With Me - You's Can - Just Ask ...((^_^((?...
Teens (18,19)
Hello To All You Very Hot and Very True Bisexual "s My Name Is Dennis B Payne aKa Oh Denizen ...(^_^(?... Here Are 14 Photo"s That I Have Found Just 4 U "s 2 Get 2 Enjoy and I Hope U"s Do ? Now If This Boy ---> ( ME ) Can Find a Very Sweet and Wet Lady, Just Like Any Of the "s That I Just Posted Up 4 U"s ---> To Put A Strap-On, On 4 Me ? That Will Just Make My Day ---> Interested Lady"s ---> Let Me Know ?

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Looks good so far, just gotta get more people to submit pictures. Without pics, I tend to just pass them over, if they only knew what they were missing. I put one photo of my better side on here, and got a few nice comments about it while on the chat line.