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Hotel Maid Walk in on Mewhile Im Masterbating

I have a gut on me but I hope no woman has a problem with that. I don't drive because of my disabilities, but there's a hotel that's a 15 minute walk from my house. I also have a speaking problem and when I talk it might be difficult to understand what I'm trying to say.
Long to be a sissy maid for a strict master
I enjoy videos of girls masterbating and talking about their cunts. The more they say cunt, the better. Do you have any videos like that?
very submissive sissy been fem all my life,looking to meet black men to be there sex slave/maid, been brain washed to serve cock and cum mad
I'm a regular Joe been a good boy over 23 yes just to be cheated on...SO. I'm sure exploring all my sexualization needs. . I really enjoy a couple, ( MW,mm,ww....) I really like putting on a show of me masterbating and penetrating myself to orgasm!! I love strap ons!! I enjoy sucking cock, love nice anal.....mmhmm I'm down for ANYTHING.
Elderly, retired gent with a big penis fetish, looking for same.hotel room
I. Love. Lady boys. I. Like. Going. To. Take. Walk. In. The. Park. Makeing. The. Person. Im. With. Happy. In. Anyway
Looking for my first sexual lesbian experience I just shaved all the pussy and I'm f****** Sharpen T sexy little Syria I walk tiny my pussy I like Eagle I love sex I'm really now but I'm really horny right now
We are fun and inquisitive couple that are out going and looking to see what is out there maybe a female for friends with benefits. We are a little out of shape but love to walk around the parks and go to the beach. But most of all we love to get a little spontaneous in the bedroom once we get to know someone and click with them.
Happy, great sex life, not much experience in this area but have some 3some experience. I'm easy going and like people. Best if not planned too far in advance. Sometimes short notice at a hotel call me visit you for a drink. Somewhere around BWI is good and Friday and Saturdays night at 10 pm is the hottest time for a nice suprise. Sometimes week nights work as well. I can get you a cell number if you want to be ready, just let me know.
Iamla African America 6 -205 with facial hair I do work I love to take walk through the park love and love to have fun and that you holler at me one
I have had a some experience with the lifestyle and I do love the sex . I am here to have a good time. I am VERY oral. To find out all you have to do is contact me. I have native American blood in my veins and I love to camp , I ride bikes, kayak camp, and also like to walk in the woods. I am also natureist, I am looking for friendship without strings and love to please my partners. If you have a question , all you have to do is ask.
I am a mature women, wanting to experience and explore all forms of sexual pleasure. I am not into real pain, but variations intrigue me. I am a larger woman, but fairly attractive.I have arthritis of the spine so I have to get inventive with positions at times, but I am good in a bed, bent over something to support me, and on all fours. I can walk and stand, just not very long. I have a wheelchair for everyday use. I have a strong carnal nature and am totally open minded.
I'm fun to hang with like to walk hiking dinning traveling photography my sexuality is naughty just like sex lingerie threesomes like oral pounding dominate man role playing want a attractive sexy naughty women or couple of lesbian couple for sex long term relationship live together is desired retired military monthly payments to provide with anyone or couple I am with open minded doggysxfrhr
We are a hard working couple with a blended family of mostly teens (4) and look forward to meeting another couple who would be willing to make friends and get wild together whenever we can make that happen. Weekends are the best chance but, might be able to meet on evenings if it isn't an all nighter! The closer to Grove City or Columbus, OH, the better for us. We would enjoy a nice weekend renting a cabin with a hot tub to enjoy on a cold evening. We are just as interested in a night out for dinner and a show or drinks and off to a nice big hotel room for all together sweat and sloppy sex. We are both larger than we should be and need to make sure you would be comfortable with us as we are. We enjoy a quiet night with friends as much as a really no holds barred kinky night with others who can rock our world.
I’m a young acting, 55 masculine, professional white male. I am top-oriented, HIV-, private, clean and very discreet. Married, but my wife doesn’t play. I have a full head of salt & pepper hair (i.e. Grey Ghost Guy) and blue eyes – clean shaven, 6.5 to 7 cut average thickness, heavy and multi-loaded and can go for quickies OR endurance sessions. I am 6 ft 1 inch in height - beefy Dad or Coach at 240-250 lbs. (and loosing weight). I am a warm friendly person, great-dry sense of humor, and just a tad oversexed. Can please both men and women equally and enjoy reciprocating. Don’t smoke, however don’t care if you do. I am drug and disease free and my beverages of choice are – Microbrew beer, wine, and occasional malt scotch. I travel extensively throughout the country and Canada so meetings in all areas are possible, most times I can entertain at my hotel. I don’t play games you shouldn’t either.
We are a interracial bi-curious couple that's laid back and easy to get along with. We don't like drama and if it just so happens to find it's way into our lives we exit stage left. We are the type of people that love to do things together in the spur of the moment, nut with a plan in hand. There are to many joys in life to to explore and enjoy to walk around in a funk for the rest of your life, like sex. Me and my wife are very sexual from the very first day that we met and that was over a decade ago and still going strong. We feel like if you surround ourselves with positive people the only positive things will happen. We hate fake people and we hate liars even more so if you are even remotely close to one of those then keep your distance. We hope to find like minded people here and maybe develop something that can lead to something better.
Hi Im looking if anyone is interested in getting together in the Rochester Ny for fun masterbation (or sex) . Just a fun time for people to share ideas, pleasure and be pleasured. Straight, bi or gay welcomed. Even those that dont like to particapate can come to watch and entertain with exciting or fun ways of masterbating by self or with others...or any other ideas...let me know!!!!!!! LIKE TO HAVE A MEETING THIS MONTH OR NEXT IN HOTEL ROOM!
I am a bi french maid who love to treat you like a Queen and King and server you and pamper you ,cook while relax for the day.May i suggested some this would make a great birthday gift for a friends or wife or girlfriends.For free.My wife know about me

You take care
pam the french maid
Do you know anyone who would like this?
My deepest fantasy is to serve as a maid at a dinner party dressed, of course, as a french maid and all of the guest are fully dressed in formal evening wear.
I would be wearing the ultra-short little maid's uniform that would show just a hint of my panties, a bustiere, sexy nylons, and stiletto heels. I would wear feminine jewelery, make-up, but not a wig showing the entire company that I am a male.
After dinner is complete, I would then be ordered to strip down to the bustiere, nylons, heels, and panties (or maybe not even these) and continue to serve (and service??) the guests for the rest of the night!
If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

D i c k
I just want a watch someone masterbating
Im masterbating now, im going to eat my load
Thera. That to. It start out masterbating
I love masterbating while others watch
A woman was staying at a hotel and she decided to go sunbathing on the hotel roof. When she laid down her bikini top fell off. But, she didn't care because no one would see her anyway.

After a while she heard footsteps; it was the hotel manager. She hurried and covered herself up.

The hotel manager said, "We don't mind if you sunbathe up here, but we really would appreciate it if you would keep your bikini top on!"

She answered, "No one will see me anyway."

The hotel manager replied, "I hate to break this to you. But, you've been lying on the dining room skylights."

Be Happy
D i c k
OK Here I am but do I really look like an OLD MAID??
Does masterbating to Raquel Welch in Parade Magazine in the Sunday newspaper count?
maid to order
40+ something athletic male looking to explore bi thoughts. no more masterbating about this, real thing wanted.

prefer non smokers, my privacy is very important, otherwise I'm game

For those looking for cheap trans up and down the strip

Strip Trolley:
Schedule: Stratosphere Hotel to the Luxor Hotel, with stops at the front door of each major hotel 9:30am to 2:00am daily. (Trolley runs approx. every 20 mins.) Fare: $1.75 (exact change)
I love cleaning and server you and obey you.Let know if your interested in me Thank pam the french maid slave
If we are planning a hotel get-together, then we pay for it fully. If we are invited to a hotel party, then we expect the other party to pick up the tab.

We had a guy from from NY who wanted to come up to Montreal and play with us. We started discussing it, and then he brought up who would pay for the hotel room! He figured since he was traveling here, we should pay for his accommodations! I really couldn't believe the balls this guy had. He approached us, then expected us to pay! know the meeting didn't happen.

I always look at who invited who, and the person offering the invite should be the one to cover the costs. We have paid for the hotel when we have invited a single man. Since we invited him, we felt it is our obligation to pay.

In 20 years, we have only split a hotel room once. That was when we met a couple at a mutually agreed place halfway between our two homes. I was ready to pay for it, but they offered to cover half. It was unexpected, but appreciated.

The woman really has no bearing on who pays and who doesn't. After all, she is having her fun too.

-- Danny
I would love to serve a couple. Be dressed in a sexy sissy maid outfit and be ordered around.


Men That Want To Be Sucked
I am a newbie and have never sucked a cock... But have fantasizes about walking into a dark hotel room and kneeling in front of a big mature bear and sucking his cock dry while fondling his big balls. Mmmmm
Cam Recording
Say Sweet Yes, and 's I Just Do LOVE To Walk around all Very Nude and I Will Let All To See Me Doing So - Interested in Video-ing Me - Take a Look At My Photo's and Then Go and Take a Look At My Profile and If You / You's Are Interested - Do Ask If I Will Be and Let's Take it From There O.K. ?
I love being nude. I really don't like clothing. Unfortunately, I have a roommate, so I can't walk around nude. San Diego has one nude beach but it's a steep climb down and I'm disabled, so I can't make it.
3 Men 1 Wife
I, (the wife) have had a few experiences with 3-men. My husband loved it and so did I. What I loved the most was sucking a cock while I was having my cunt eaten and the third guy was sucking my tits. I loved looking over and seeing my husband masterbating as he watched....then he joined in by rimming my ass. I just came and came. Nothing like having the ok from the husband to have what you want. 3 men is the maximum I have ever done, but I love sucking cock and having a guy suck and lick my cunt. Of course I love to be fucked. Husband is bi and loves to suck off the guys after I am done with them. He always swallows and loves the feel of hot cum shooting down his throat. Once in a while I get to steal a guys load from him. After everyone goes home we just fuck and suck each other for a couple of hours reemanising on what happened earlier. Try it you will love it !
Erotic Videography
Oh Sweet Yes, I am ( ALL ) Much Up 4 This, To Have Some One Video Tapping Me as I am Going Down On A Guy"s Rock Hard and Very Wet Tasting as All and Any are Watching Me, To Do So ? Sweet - Very Sweet Yes, I am ( 100 % ) all VERY -MUCH a Bisexual Bare Backing Bottom Boy and I Do Just LOVE To Walk a -Round All VERY Naked 4 all 2 Get a Taste Of Me At Will ? ? ? In Philly Pa Write To Me and Ask To Meet With Me Off Line and In Person Some Time Soon ?
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
i was on my way home from a long trip from texas and stopped at about 2 in the morning at a rest area in arkansas I believe. I was so out of it I walked in to the man's restroom and sat down.. It took me a minute to realize I was in the wrong bathroom so I quickly stood up and went to exit when I saw a man sucking another man in the corner..another man was in the stall jacking off watching them. The guy in the stall asked me to come in there and I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. He was about 7" and was so close to cumming anyways and of course it turned me on. While I was sucking him he started moaning so of course the other men finished and came to see why. He saw them watching and came almost instantly. When I finished and got up to walk out the other men informed me I was definitely not finished. I sucked and fucked them all and it was my best experience in a rest area.. Would love to have more!!!
We used to have a local adult video store that had video booths in the back and that had Glory Holes. A friend told us about it, so we went and had a look. The original plan was for me to go in one booth, while Carol went into the other and gave me head through the Glory Hole. Those plans changed! We went into one booth to have a look at the set-up, and within 10 seconds, a dick appeared through the hole! I goaded Carol into touching it, and she ended up taking it even further. She dropped to her knees, and started sucking the guys dick. The guy came in about 20 seconds! Carol could sense it, and pulled away, but the guy shot all over her shirt...and she was wearing a black T-shirt!! They had a paper towel dispenser in the booth, but it was empty. There was nothing to clean up with. We ended up having to walk back through the video store with a bog load of cum in plain view, all over the front of her shirt. And yes, people noticed!

We went back a number of times, and Carol gave lots of head, and even fucked a few guys through the hole. She even brought a couple of girlfriends at different times, who had to see it to believe it.

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!