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Jacksonville Bisexual Clubs Women

I'm Interested in bisexual women. I would like to meet a girl who I can have fun with like go to clubs and bars and strip clubs and feel like the lady i'm with is having just as much fun as me. I hate straight women, there no fun and too insecure. my ideal woman is one who is open from time to time to do threesomes or if the third party isn't feeling me then i,m cool watching my girl do her.
I am a bisexual male living at Jacksonville Beach. I'm looking for friends and more...
Easy going, respect women, kind, honest, responceable. 5'5" 180lbs, muscular, very, very oral, love to have sex all night long, love to please the women. Looking for one women to have on going relations with. Love to have fun, travel, blues clubs, comedy clubs. Open to your needs and wants too.
We live in Jacksonville and would like to meet with women and couples for sex. We are not interested in meeting over weight people.
Into Sub Bisexual fems, bi curious females, threesomes, open adult relationship, swinger clubs, some erotic fantasy fetish play, hanging out, Hot guys or hot women.or gay m&m or bisexual couples m&f.
I am a straight male who enjoys threesomes, especially with bisexual women. I also enjoy MFM and am somewhat bicurious. I would like to be involved with people who like to go out for dinner, the clubs and make trips to casinos. I also like to travel to other cities, the beach, ski resorts, etc. for long weekends. Generally a fun loving guy in and out of bed who really loves women who love women--you ladies are special! Let's party!!!
As a bisexual swinger it is dificult to find bisexual-friendly swing clubs. There are many posts in the "swing club" forum from people looking and there are some replies about clubs in various areas. It is very time consuming digging through page after page of posts to find information that may not exist.

Can you add a section to list swing clubs sorted by areas? And maybe even allow members to write reviews of the various clubs from a bisexual perspective?
I know quite a few women who are intrigued and excited by bi-male sex. Close to 20 years ago, the subject came up at one of our old swing clubs. Almost all the women at that time were against the idea. Last year, the same topic came up again, and all the women admitted being excited by the idea. Times change and people change.

Then again, 20 years ago, only about half the women we knew in the Lifestyle were bisexual. Now, I don't personally know a women who isn't bisexual.

Carol xoxoxo
Hi, I hope you're passing a good summer. It seems to be alright for me this lifestyle but in Montreal, I don't know anybody who like this. I go to some swinger clubs but it becomes boring after some years. I'm looking for orgies with bisexual people (man and women). Something like 20 people in the same bed. So exciting!!!
So far the only place I have found on the net is Thad's and that is mainly for swing couples and singles. Males are required to be nude and women nude or dressed in lingerie wear. not sure if J/O will be tolerated unless there is a/are consenting female(s) in the middle...I was hoping to find more sex clubs/masturbation clubs...
Hi - on vacation from the 8th May staying in Jacksonville, alone. Looking to meet up with gay and bisexual guys/couples for sexual fun. Only there for three weeks so want to sample some USA cock.
I was flipping around the stations on television the other night, and caught a feature story on CBC Newsworld on an On-premise club in Montreal club L'Orage. The club was in the news this past year for having been raided and then partially winning a court case when the judge said that an on-premise club is not necessarily illegal. The short part of the report showed a bit of what the inside of the club is like (a little like a straight version of a gay bathhouse for those that have been in one.) and showed a few people walking around.
However the part that caught my attention was a stat that said that 90% of all women at swing clubs are bi. Okay I can accept that, though I feel that many of the 90% may not be really bi, just going with their partners wishes. However it also said that only 3% of men in the lifestyle are bi.
Now that seems preposterously low. Now for many clubs male bisexuality is taboo, or at least discouraged. I strongly suspect that it is far higher than 3%, it's just that most men are not openly displaying their bisexual side. I base this suspicions not just on this board and the increasing number of web sites for bisexual male swingers but also in the number of ads looking for bimales or bicouples in the local swingers magazine.
So what does everybody think? Is that number ridiculously low? Or is it an accurate reflection of reality?

David Male


Couples Searching For Bi Males
Bi - male in Jacksonville Florida looking for a couple interested in having some fun. I'm easy going, and willing to try most anything.
I am truly bisexual. I am interested in sex with women and men.

Bisexual Swing Clubs
To those asking about bisexual clubs in North/South Carolina...none of the clubs are truly bi clubs...however there are a couple of smaller groups that have hotel get-togethers etc.

We've even considered the idea of starting something up...if there was enough interest. Anyways, I don't know if links can be posted here but those interested in knowing about the existing groups can email us for more info.
Bisexual Swing Clubs

In the UK to my knowledge there aren't any dedicated bisexual clubs but there are quite a few cyclical bisexual events which run at particular clubs especially in and around London. We've been to a few and enjoyed ourselves immensely. You have to be open minded as all types attend (ages/shapes/sizes/races) and there tends to be a preponderance of men. When all the men are bi, however, this makes the sexual energy very different and extremely intense in group situations. I myself have had experiences of all male groups which have been great but when fully naked bi men and women get together the place virtually throbs with excitement as everybody gets involved. We recently had a bi group session at a club in a darkened steam room which made everyone wet and slippery; even as I write this my hands are shaking as my mind goes back in there. Hard cocks, wet pussy, breasts, buttocks, chests, nipples, balls, lips, mouths, thighs all flowing over and into one another. Its not for the faint hearted.
Women Licking Women
WOW, what a great response to my forum!!! If any ladies want to get together that live close to Riverside, So.Cali, and willing to meet up and if all parties agree, I'm willing to be the women to lic ya for as long as you allow. If you give bk thats just a added bonus but my true passion is for me to do the eating. I also am looking for bi sgl fems to go to swing clubs with me,even if we don't play with each other. I know of a few local swing clubs close to Riverside that sgl women get in free and would love to car pool to some of them. Hit me Up if Interested!!!
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Are ther any bisexual clubs in N.J.?
Bisexual Swing Clubs
will love to no where in nyc is there a bisexual clubs are at

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