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Maine Dating

i am 5'4" tall 120 lbs 59 years old. i shave my balls and ass. i where glasses.i live in maine so anyone form maine call answer anytime.
We are a couple who have been long distance dating for about a year. We have amazing sex together but lately R has become bi-curious and T fully supports his exploring this part of his sexuality. We are both in our 40's and very laid back. Because we are long distance dating and don't get to be together as often as we would like, we usually forgo the "dating" part and head right for the bedroom!
Bi Male looking for dating, friends and relationships. I am putting every effort to find a bi woman that lives near me that is interested in dating and getting with others also.
A kickass guy who loves to have fun as much as possible. I'm into music like no other. Have been dating girls for quite a while and have wondered if maybe dating someone of the same sex is right for me. Been wondering if maybe being Bi could broaden my views and maybe make me happy
Im 57, retired on physical disability, mainly thinking about starting dating again after many years of living alone. Yes, i am rather set in my ways. I have always been drawn to TG's and CD's and will limit my dating to those two categorys.
New in Maine..looking
42yo bi-curious male. I've been out of the dating game for a long time. Several bad relationships have turned me off to opening up. I'm a bit hesitant about dating again, but my horniness is winning out. I'm ready to explore and see what and who is out there.
Just a good attitude Maine guy
Hi, we are a curious Maine couple looking for the same.
im 22 from maine im about 5 foot 6 137 pounds
sexy im looking to try anything and meet someone in maine get at me
I'm 27 just moved to Maine from Boston. Looking to have fun
19 year old sissy from Central Maine
I am a 33 yr old male looking for naughty fun in Southern Maine
Just moved to Maine from Mass and looking for some excitement.
I am a bi bottom looking for bi cpl in new england,,,, maine, nh, mass
Hi, im a bi male looking for all kinds of fun around New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.
formally from maine.. up north between augusta and bangor you can sometimes find moose.. deer are everywhere including on the highways.. be careful..late july can sometimes get warm...where in maine will you be heading? maine isnt really big and unless you meet people on here.... things are "closed" around there as far as swinging and such.. good luck and enjoy !!!.. i miss maine and hope to go back someday/...
Hi, Maine is the place to be. The people are great there. Hope you hook up. Just got back, going again myself in the morning to Appleton, and then to Millinocket. Very short notice but I do this alot. Go to the Northwoods and travel the Golden Road if you have time by Mt. Katahdin. See moose, bear, dear, best Maine has to offer. Good luck on your trip. ctearl- Ct. longing for Maine
Some geological engineers from the U.S.G.S. recently surveyed some property in New England and found that in a certain area, the New Hampshire and Maine border must be changed.

They stopped at a farm house to inform a farmer that he no longer lived in Maine, but now in New Hampshire.

After a long pause, the farmerís blond wife grunted and said, "That's good. I couldn't take another one of these Maine winters."

Be Happy
D i c k:)
HugsKisses Delilah, you have said it all, I agree with you totally. Dating has to lead to liking someone before sex. I guess dating should give us the oportunity to see what a person is like physically, and mentally. Do we have similar likes and dislikes, or is it just a sexual thing. I might kid and joke about sex, but Like dating, and like to see how the date is going to treat me. This is a important part of my acceptance to a sexual encounter. VeronnicaKissKiss
What part of: Would like other couples that .............................. .............who want a long term friendship, with some sex thrown in just for fun--doesn't sound like dating? I feel sorry for people that come to this board just in search of getting laid. There is so much more to this lifestyle than just that. How about all the foreplay and dress up that make the act of sex so enjoyable, or am I just an old romantic? Certainly to us, the relationship is much more important than just fucking. Not to demean a couples relationship, but I thought that was what meeting other couples, or singles if that is your cup of tea was all about--putting the fun and dating factor back into existing relationships. Dating should be fresh, and new experiences to add to your current lifestyle, and like the feelings you get when you are first courting. At least we hope that is what WE find when we meet new couples.

Mark & Lynn
:)Hello from Maine USA hope your having a great day
im a crossdresser in maine looking for other cds or cd admirers to have fun with
Hi Poorgirl Get back to me and see if we hit it off i'm in maine also Thanks Bethany
I'm looking for bi females, bi couples in maine. Never had group sex but want to try it!!
We can chat. I live in Maine. I want to be your friendHugHug
male in southern maine athetlic loves to play
Hi we are looking for a bi female. We are from belfast maine. if interested email us.
Tom and Tabby
Hi we are new to this and arent having much lick if you live in maine and are a FEMALE then get in touch with us Kiss
I am 44,.6'1 165, 8 in cut and thick. looking to help a woman pleasure her bi man. in centrql maine but willing to travvel to you or hotel.
Damn Sally if your tired of being alone come on up to Maine. I'm sure you could have a lot of fun up here. Hug also I love the picture very hott
hi were a very sexual active couple looking for other couples in the southern maine area for sex or bi females
Hi all,

Looking to meet bi-men and ladies in Maine. Will send a descriptive profile. Age 58, married, honest, reliable.

Have a great day!


Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
there was a rest stop in Maine that you could go there anytime.for a threesome. i sucked many cocks there.everytime i got close to the rest stop i got a hard on right away.then i would walk in the woods there was men evrywheres wanting to get suck off or they would go down on you.the summer time this place was awsome for great sex.i was sucking a man thru a glory hole i was bent over and i had a guy taken my pants down.he was sucking me then he wet my nice bun hole and stuck his big cock in my ass.boy that felt good mmm i was getting fuck and i was getting fuck in the mouth.there was lots of horny men was like paradise. i gone to this rest stop maybe thousands of times.but the damn state of Maine shut it down.they close it.all the nice places where i use to go are close down.
Bert a friend ps i will write other stories soon.
Breast Milk
Anyone in Maine want there breasts sucked? ;)
Black Tops Fucking White Bottoms
Looking for some big black cock in Portland Maine,..
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
cum to Maine i am a cock sucker all the way.mmmmKiss
Wanting to be a sissy in Maine Kiss Hug:-P
any glory holes in Maine? they are hard to find.
Black Transexuals
Would love to be with a black (Tran,) in portland MAINE.
Men Bottoming For Women
Would love to be a womans bottom Kiss I'm in Maine
Full Day Sex Session
Ready for all day,night or weekend in Maine KissHug
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
Interested in meeting a woman in Maine who wants to use a strap-on on a man FlowerKiss
Aggressive Women
Looking for a aggressive woman in Maine to use me for her pleasure and obey her however she wants and do all told.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
we are looking for bi swing club in the new hampshire,mass.or maine area anybody know of one let us know
My partner and I both would love to suckle on a lactating women. Anyone in Maine interested in a fun night?
Bi Oral
I'm looking for a clean ddf top for dating and of course sex like to be treated with respect and plenty of kisses and foreplayKiss
Caught By Family Member
i was caught going down on my boyfriend by my mom outside the library in his old beat up car when we first started dating. i was just humilated
Lesbian Porn
Lesbian Porn is all that I can watch.....LOVE IT. Want to try out dating a woman and see what happens bc they turn me on!!!Kiss
Military Women
I have to admit that some of the best sex ( :-P Blowjob Sex ) I ever got was during my first five years in the Navy while dating various female friends I was stationed... HugKissFlower

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Dear Bill and Pattie, thank you for your kind and prompt response. Your site is by far among the best dating sites I belong to and will give it a shot for the next 30 days. Thanks again. J-p