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Make Him Sissy

1)I am 63 years old but have a good body and cute butt and look good in girls/women's' clothe. 2)This is sissy is looking for a strict Master/Couple or Midtress who wants a FULL TIME Sissy slave. 3)Sissy would expect to carry out all domestic duties as well as pleasing her Master sexually when told. 4)Sissy would expect punishment to be used as part of her routine maintenance as well as for short comings. 5)Sissy would expect to be kept in chastity 24/7 unless being used for her Master's pleasure. 6)Apart from going to work sissy would expect to entirely devote her life to being her Master's domestic and fully obedient sex slave. 7)In return for her devotion sissy would expect her Master to take control of all aspects of her daily life. 8)If you are a local Master who would like to explore the possibility of having a devoted LIVE IN sissy slave please get in touch. 9)After initial contact sissy slave will happy to provide photographs.
Hi I'm Edward I'm 21 I'm sissy boy I live in San Jose CA I'm looking for a mistress to train me to be a sissy or sissy slut I love reading,draw,cooking
1)I am 38 years old but have a good body and cute butt and look good in girls/women's' clothes, mens clothes or nothing. I am a muscular Aussie boy with a big cut cock. 2)This sissy is looking for a strict Mistress who wants a FULL TIME Sissy slave. 3)Sissy would expect to carry out all domestic duties as well as pleasing his Mistress sexually when told as well as licking his Mistress' ass clean daily. 4)Sissy would expect punishment to be used as part of his routine maintenance as well as for short comings. 5)Sissy would expect to be kept in chastity 24/7 unless being used for his Mistress' pleasure. 6)Apart from going to work sissy would expect to entirely devote his life to being his Mistress' domestic and fully obedient, captive sex slave. 7)In return for his devotion sissy would expect his Mistress to take control of all aspects of her daily life...Keeping lots of Ice up to sissy constantly. 8)If you are a local Mistress who would like to explore the possibility of having a devoted LIVE IN sissy slave please get in touch. 9)After initial contact sissy slave will happy to provide photographs.
A sissy who has triggers that make me dress and fantasize about my inner girl.
i am a sissy, I need a dominate shemale to make me orally service both men nd women .
I'm a little bit older kind of very submissive sissy Boi who would like to e-mail and chat with a dominant couple who would like to ' own ' a sissy by e-mail or texting. I like to dress up in sexy lingerie but don't really fully dress in women's clothes as I think I look a bit silly and not so pretty. I'm shy but once I get to know a couple - who knows, where things might go from there. The only thing besides the way I look dressed up is I want to make sure the man of the couple understands and sympathizes with sissies. I DON'T want a guy who is too dominant or aggressive, one who is mean to sissies, one who would smack me around all the time, slam his cock roughly into me ( not at first ), Slam his cock down my throat making me choke or vomit , or who would treat me like shit !!! I need the man to be loving and gentle and treat me like a soft, feminine girl like I dress up to be - not like a worthless street whore or a piece of trash. Dirty talk and everything is fine, but no physicial abuse is what I'm asking. That's all I'm worried about. I don't mind being their sissy bitch, I just don't want to be hurt or abused physically.
I'm a closeted sissy that is ready to be shaped and molded into the sissy girlfriend of your dreams. I'm sure once a cock is in my ass there will be no turning back.
Submissive sissy CD gurl is looking for a Top Alpha Male who loves a sissy fem guy in lingerie and heels and dressed like a slutty girl. I'm very submissive and 100% bottom I love to wear lingerie, shiny pantyhose, sexy dresses, uniforms, miniskirts and high heels. I need a man to take me to his place and use me all night like sissy gurl whore.
Sissy with b cups,d/d free, 100% submissive. Looking for that guy these sites warn you about. You know the one, he lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting sissy to enslave her and force her to live without limits.
I am an attractive mature submissive white sissy girl who loves to suck black cocks. I love my place in life knowing and love being a submissive white sissy girl. My pussy cock is so small it looks like a pussy. So why would I ever consider myself a man....I am what I am and proud of it. In ending, I would like to that I love a man who sees me and his bbc cock gets hard thinking about me as his submissive white sissy girl that is his to train.
I'm 6',250 lbs., long gray hair, growing my breasts and shrinking my dick. I love the taste of Cum and want to taste Black Seed. I'm a virgin to BBC. I love the feel of a man's dick deep in my mouth and sissy ass as he fills them with cum. I want to be as feminine as possible. 99% of my wardrobe is women's clothes. I dress in women's clothes all the time. I am a true sissy. I'm afraid of being abused, yet I love to be dominated. Have someone telling me what to do. I must tell you that I'm total bottom. My little dick has shrunk to the point that it doesn't get hard enough to penetrate. If you want someone to use as a cum dump, a sex toy, a slave to your dick, a party favor for your next party. Then I'd be perfect for you. If you want someone for a room-mate who cooks and cleans and share, while keeping your dick very happy then I'm your gal. I'll always go out of my way to make sure your friends will want to come back soon. I'd like to be dominated by a mild mannered Blackman who will teach me all about BBC. I will relocate. Lindawantabe
i'm a sexy, slim, femm. total sissy. love dressing, teasing guy's. i have long shapely legs. love being femm. love the company of men i am a total bodom, femm, sissy. i adore elder having fun an, being a bit coy.
Happily long married couple, interested in bi-curious encounter. Wife is learning and practicing femdom by feminization of husband, little BDSM. We are both over weight, but very honest, DDF, non smokers, lite social drinkers. Looking for the same, or individuals male or female role play. If female, please a Dom, help teach wife to be a dom, and practices sissification on males, or male who wants to be forced sissy or be a bull. Husband, is a forced fem sissy when ever wife wants him to be, 5'8 200lbs, wife 5'5, 200 lbs large breasts.
Hi thanks for stopping by & checking out my profile here is a little about me & what I am looking for. I have recently moved here from Tennessee but I am originally from Mishawaka my family moved away from here when I was 4 years old. I am a little shy at first when I meet someone new but that goes away after I spend a little time with them & I get to know them. I am a sissy at heart that wants to please my man, I am not going to waste your time so please don’t waste mine. Life is to short, I want someone real, someone that is also looking for someone real. I am a total bottom I do not want to top at all so please don't ask me to. I am separated divorce pending I am through with women a woman just doesn’t satisfy my desires BUT being a bottom pleasing a man letting him fuck me, watching him seeing his face & listening to him while he is fucking me that is so very satisfying & when he cums his cock throbbing & pulsating deep inside me & I feel his hot cum splashing inside me & here his moans of pleasure that is when I am the most satisfied I have ever been, knowing I just made him feel that way. I fought in my mind over these feelings many times I wondered what is wrong with me, am I gay but after I was with my first guy I finally figured it all out I am not gay I now know that for a fact I am truly feminine on the inside but I am not a normal type female I am, in the only word I can come up with to describe it is a nympho I love sex I want it all the time but I don’t want to be the one doing the penetrating I want to BE penetrated. If I had figured this out at a younger age I would have become a woman but now it is to late for that so I need to do the next best thing & that is become someone’s sissy so I can do what I was meant to & become what I really am on the inside that is the only way I am ever going to be happy, So that’s why I am here. I am seeking a male top preferably younger than me but that is not set in stone, but you must be in good shape drug & disease free, height weight proportionate & healthy, I prefer a cut cock shaved or trimmed & little to no body hair, I am looking for a guy that is not in any hurry & enjoys taking his time fucking so we both enjoy it, a guy that loves slow fucking a hot willing mouth & smooth tight ass as much as I love getting fucked, Like the time I was setting up against the headboard in the bed & the guy got in front of me & slipped his cock into my open wet mouth. It felt so good him sliding that big warm cock slowly into my mouth, at first he just fucked my mouth slowly, then gradually he started working his cock in a little deeper each time he went into me until he had his whole cock completely inside me fucking me in & out of my mouth & throat with long, slow & deep strokes he fucked me like that for quite some time until he was ready to cum & when he did cum he grabbed my head & pushed his cock all the way into me balls deep my head was pinned against the headboard & his cock was deep inside me throbbing & pulsating in my throat until he pumped all his hot cum into my throat & down into my belly. That was when I finally figured out why I felt the way I had for so long & when I decided what I had to do about it. I already knew I loved wearing panties, stockings & lingerie & the way they felt on me & make me feel, so with knowing that & finally getting fucked like that I figured out what I was a sissy & I loved it now I just have to find the man that wants me & I will be complete. Although I only have a few pair of panties at the moment because in the process of moving here there were some things I just could not bring with me, my truck only had so much room but if I find the right guy that wants a sissy I will be happy to buy & wear for him whatever he likes or if he wants to buy what he wants me to wear I will wear that. No I am not passable right now but I do like, no love to get fucked & enjoy deep throating a nice cock & I do swallow, you could also give me facials or shoot your cum anywhere on my body you want to. You can train me to be exactly the sissy you want. If you want a sissy that wants to please you more than anything else & wants you to fuck her anytime you want to then I am your sissy & if you want me to look more like a sissy that is something we could work on if you like as time goes by. I have toys I love to play with, I have a 6 inch rubber dildo that I like to practice deep throating on I can get the whole 6 inch’s in & down my throat with little to no gagging but I also have throat numbing spray for when I need a little help. I am very curious as to just how big of a cock I can take, I also have various sizes of butt plugs I like to wear, I really like the feel of the bigger one the best, even though it takes me a little working it before it will pop in, as I said my ass is tight. This could become a long term relation if you are looking for that. I am free most daytimes from about 9 AM until about 4 PM. But please don’t expect me to just jump up & come to you on the first message. I want to get to know a little about you & what you want first I am not going to just jump from one guys bed to another that is just to risky that is why I am leaning more to a long term relation, yes I have been with a couple guys at different times in the past but a long time in between them & I did enjoy it, well the first guy more than the 2nd because the 2nd guy was to fast & rough & I didn’t enjoy it near as much as I did the first guy he was the one that fucked my mouth setting up in the bed & we both enjoyed it. I am not at this time able to host because I don't have my own place as yet & am staying with family at the moment, so you would need to host if you want to meet. I have taken time with this profile & put everything I could think of in here & I have been completely honest so if you want this sissy please try to do the same no one liners like, “come let me fuck you now” it is not going to happen that way we need at least 2 or 3 emails, chats or texts first to see if we want the same things then if we do I will come to you so you can cum in me I will be your sissy to please & make you happy. If you have read this far & are still interested then we may have something in common so please send me a message & lets see if we are right for each other. but please be sure you want what I have described before you contact me I want exactly what I put in this profile, to become the sissy bottom I need to be. If you have any questions for me & I am sure you do just ask I will reply with answers to any question.
sissy cd looking for bbc
Sissy cd
I'm not sissy in anyway, but I bet I can deep throat you. I'm not a bear either. Take a guess what Iam before you look at my profile. Not everyone has to be a sissy to suck cock. Some do it because they like it and if that makes one a sissy, Then kudos to you, mr. Dominate! You go with your endeavors in tact. And Good luck with finding your sissy guys. They are out there but they don't meet. Do you know why? Take another quess there. Happy dominating!
1)I am 63 years old but have a good body and cute butt and look good in girls/women's' clothe.
2)This is sissy is looking for a strict Master who wants a FULL TIME Sissy slave.
3)Sissy would expect to carry out all domestic duties as well as pleasing her Master sexually when told.
4)Sissy would expect punishment to be used as part of her routine maintenance as well as for short comings.
5)Sissy would expect to be kept in chastity 24/7 unless being used for her Master's pleasure.
6)Apart from going to work sissy would expect to entirely devote her life to being her Master's domestic and fully obedient sex slave.
7)In return for her devotion sissy would expect her Master to take control of all aspects of her daily life.
8)If you are a local Master who would like to explore the possibility of having a devoted LIVE IN sissy slave please get in touch.
9)After initial contact sissy slave will happy to provide photographs.
bi male panty wearing sissy cocksucker is looking for couple with bi male. I want to suck and get fucked while she watches and tells me what to do. I want you to make me be your little sissy cocksucking bitch.

I love wearing heels, thigh high nylons and sexy little thong panties. I just finished shaving my, legs and pubic area so I'm real soft and smooth. I will even let her do my nails and make up so I'm a real pretty little slut for you.

Not expecting her to join in (that's her choice), just really enjoy being used like a slut while she watches. If she wants to dom me that would be great.....I will do whatever she tells me to.

Let me know if your interested either here or at :-PKiss

your devoted little sissy cocksucker,
THIS Sissy would like to know also so please if anyone knows let us know,SISSY,aka(MissCockSucker) is in chico cal.area.COCK SUCKING SISSY CUM DUMPSTER
Hello, I'm a 33 yo panty wearing bi male sissy total fem bottom that loves to be used like a little sissy bitch and told what to do. However, right now my main concern is finding a room to rent in the HEB/ARLINGTON/FORTWORTH area around the first of April.

I would be willing to trade rent and utilities for personal services. If you are open minded and would like a live in sissy cocksucker at your disposal the situation could be perfect. I would dress fem 100% of the time in the home (no matter who comes over, unless directed otherwise) and will willingly satisfy your needs as your little sissy sex/toy wifey.

Have been wanting a situation where I could openly stay dressed and feel good about being used like a sissy fem daily. So.....let me know if there is a spot at your place for me to get on my knees.

sissy Danni:-PHugKiss
This sissy would like making you go through the hoops! SISSY would love playing with you & USING YOU!! We could have FUN together,you COCK HUNGRY SISSY SLUT,SUCK COCK BITCH & EAT ALL THE HOT THICK CUM,SLUT!!!COCK SUCKING SISSY CUM DUMPSTER
Hi daddies I'm a 22 yr old white student with a brown hair and eyes a small 5in cut cock and a tight bubble butt that I love to show off and pull panties and thongs tight to. I'm 6'0 215lbs a little chub but HWP. I've been obsessed with sissyboi and shemale porn for so long I've always wanted to be dressed up and made into a sissy boy cock whore! I love playing with and sucking big sexy cocks but I've never been fucked and I dream of a sexy top daddy training me and breeding my virgin ass making me his sissy slut for as long as he wants! I'll obey and do whatever daddy says or daddy will need to spank me for being a naughty sissy. I only have a couple of panties and thongs and would really love a daddy who can host when ever he wants and has stuff to dress me in just how he likes! I'll be such a good naughty sissy slut for you daddy make me your slut please!! I'd love to make it a regular thing or relationship!' Hope a daddy is interested!
i`m looking to be turned purely sissy and suck cock,eat cum and get cock in my sissy pussy, i want to learn about living as a sissy for ever and worshiping big cocks ,to become a woman
I am a bi male looking for a dom female to make me her sissy and use me anyway she wants!! You have toys use them! want to gag and spank me great! Want someone you know pleasured make me do it! I'm looking for her to take complete control and if I mess up punish me and make me do it right! I'm open for anything and everything! Your word is law I'll do anything you desire
Sissy slut looking for a Daddy type. I am very open minded, not passable, but love to be a lil girl for a horny Daddy. I love dressing up, wearing panties to work, make me your dirty lil sissy girl.
Giggle* this is my first time, im looking for someone close to me (or through online) to train me into a sissy. I love being all frilly and girly and submissive to men, but i need training, i look totally like a guy, i dont know how to do anything, and i need someone to make me do things, please, if interested let me know, i am 19, 5'11 150lbs, small waist, nice booty, thighs a little big :) but skinny all elsewhere, message me if interested Kiss Kiss- sissy chloe
I am a straight male seeking my Dom to make me the sissy I know I am. Make me pretty and show me off, and if I good fuck me with your toys
Seeking a Master who wants to break me in, bend, shape and mold me to be the best sissy I can be. Would like to be owned by an owner to be their toy, bitch, sex object, slave, housemaid (part time). Can be used as a Hooters sissy when Master wants to entertain his guests and would make myself available to Masters guests to be their sex object with Masters permission.
hi everyone, 47yo closet cd with smooth lil clitty fetish would luv to hook up and play sissy ;) with women or other cd/tgirls the week of October 9th. not into anything forced or not mutually desired. enjoy dressing with, seeing others dressing and being seen dressing in sexy or sissy lingerie. ultimate fantasy would be to dress n play with another sissy and her wife/ gf. email if possibly interested.
Hello I am a white sissy crossdresser and I am in need of a big black monster cock to make me scream and moan and have me begging for more I want to worship black monster cocks I crave for big black monster cock sliding in my mouth and then my sissy pussy I need to be destroyed by big black monster cock


Being Controlled
Yes, I want to be controlled. No, I need to be controlled. I need a Dominate to make me more of a sissy fem-boy. I'll prove my loyalty by letting him have me castrated. He can even have me tattooed with property of and his name on my sissy white ass. Lindawantabe
Black Gangbang
Being gang raped by a group of Black Men is one of my best dreams. Being their sissy white bitch forever would be better. If we can make this happen I'll relocate. Lindawantabe
All Male Anal
I was around 18 when I was forced to have sex with two men. That was the first time that I sucked a dick and was fucked in my sissy white ass. That first night I hated it. In the morning they told me I was going to be their sissy bitch 4, 5 maybe 6 times a week for as long as they wanted. Each time I liked them using me more and more. It got o the point where I could hardly wait to see them again. You know I must have liked it. I'm 70 and now looking for BBC. I want to say that I deep throated 13 inches of BBC. That my sissy white ass took every inch of the 13 inches. That my white ass is still holding Black Seed. That I love the taste of Black Seed. Lindawantabe
Being A Party Favor
Oh yes, I dream of being the only white sissy at a stag party. Being passed around from one man to another getting a taste of everyone's cum. Having my sissy white ass filled by all, over and over again. Send me an e-mail it will be my first time. I promise to please all. Lindawantabe
Big Cocks
I don't believe that I've ever had over a 6 inch dick in either my mouth or sissy white ass. I want too. I would love to see just how big a cock I can deep throat. How much will my sissy white ass take. How far will it stretch? Can I get my mouth around a horses cock. Have I the nerve to try to take a horses cock in my sissy white ass. How much horses seed can I swallow.
Anal Punishement
I want to punish my sissy white ass with BBC. Have Black Men fuck me hard one after another until the hurting from my ass being stretched is gone and I'm begging for more. Stretch my sissy white ass for Black Cock only. Lindawantabe
Sissy Slut
Mmmm i just love being a sissy slut for the wife she loves to watch me in my sexxy sissy outfits sucking sum big cock and she is telling me what a good cum slut u are mmmm i luv it hoping she brings a big cock home tonight :-P
African American
Again I say, I'm a total virgin to BBC.I need a Dominate Blackman to introduce me to BBC. Train me to be used by only Black men. Force me to gang bang groups of Black Men. Force me to fuck and suck BBC in any public place. If a Blackman shows me his BBC I'll have to suck it fight there. Make me his sissy white bitch, his whore, his prostitute. He will totally control me. Lindawantabe
Bareback Tops
Mmmm take my sissy pussy and fill it with ur hot cum 😍
Shemales With Big Cocks
I would love to service them. I want to be there sissy bitch!Flower
Shemales With Big Cocks
I so want to be a sissy bitch cock worshipping slutFlower
BDSM Parties
Like I said before, I'M NOT INTO PAIN. Being around other sissy bois and a group of Dominate Masters, might be just what I need. I'm game. Lindawantabe
Being Serviced
By all means yes. MY mouth, throat and sissy white ass are always in need of a good lubing. Lindawantabe
Black Couples Dominating White Men
this sounds real nice to me,never have done this,but i WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!Just thinking of it makes me precum.I think all people are sexy,size weight,color,Pettite,large,it don't matter to me ,as long as they can make me bend over or under + make them happy.So please use me as you'd like.
Men Sucking Cock While He Gets Fucked
I would love to 69 with ur wife while fill my sissy pussy with his cock until he fills it with his love seeds
Being Held Down
Being held down is necessary sometimes. I know that the first time I see that 10 inch Monster Cock looking at my sissy white ass ( even thou I want it ) I'll probably have to be held down. Lindawantabe
2 Cocks In 1 Ass
Oh yes, I'd love to feel two man size Cocks working my white sissy ass. I 'd like to feel all that hot seed deep within me. Lindawantabe

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