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Man Playing

A little chubby but working on sliming down. Average size in the downstairs department. I work for a living. Enjoy bike riding, computer games, and playing MTG., besides playing with myself.
Happily married bi couple significant amount of great experience playing with other but now due to health issues my spouse no longer playing but would be open to friendship, chatting, travel
I am happily engaged to an amazing man so I am looking to explore my bi sexual side. I would love to explore with a sexy lady who wants NSA fun with me on my own, with my partner watching and hopefully with him playing too in a threesome, playing and teasing us both, fucking us both and us teasing him together too.
Looking for some hot fun sex role-playing fantasy
I'm down to earth, open minded, easy to get along with, not into playing games
Mwm look to play with other men.. mutual hand playing and oral... panties also welcome
We are a freaky kinky couple . We love playing out in public where others can cat h us .
Looking for someone to go hiking with and to the movies and try different restaurants without the game playing. Looking for someone I can share interests with
Married..horny and interested in playing. Im 6ft 175 7 inch cut. Big time cummer.
Ex college athlete that enjoys swx and very curious about being with a couple and playing with guy as wife directs
Easy going, love the outdoors, want to meet new friends!!! no problem playing straight!!!!!
Im very laid back I live on a farm playing video games and scrapping
love camping fishing hiking playing guitar proly going kill my self anyways i'll anyways be alone
Just wanna play with girls and roleplay while fantasizing about mommy and sister playing with me
My name is Chelsie and I'm looking for a daddy to talk to. I'm shy at first but once the ball is rolling I'm great at playing with you (; hehe
Hi. I am an attached guy looking to explore my bi side. Playing discreetly and looking for somewhat dominant people to take the lead. Oh and I am a bottom.
Hey my name is matt I work at rehau things I like to do include: playing Xbox, throwing football,
Jake Crawford and the Jake Crawford Band are playing one of the last open dates before he returns to the Burbank School Of Music in Boston. I have known this kid since he was 14 and have watched and listenned, from his beginnings playing the west end to where he is now. He is as good as Jimi Hendrix was, and I am not kidding, I don't know how he could get better but he continually surprises me with his natural talent of guitar. He is playing at O'Reilly's sports Bar on Forest Ln in North Dallas, inbetween Greenville Ave and Abrams Rd. I'll find the phone and address and add it later. Treat yourself Saturday night the 30th, the kid is great.
Hi Loves... Would you be interested in playing with a bi CD? I love playing with couples if you might be interested! I'm in the Conyers area, so not too far from you.
Sure, I'm interested in playing with that nice piece of meat if you are interested in playing with mine. I'm in Tucson. Where are you?
i am seeking a female 18-45 attractive looking for some hot times playing and being exhibitionistic at parties with friends just laying back having a few drinks, partying and playing some strip poker if you would like to play some time drop me a line and i am sure we can have a great time ... Pat
Will be hosting in Ketchikan Feb 27th thru Mar 8th. Am bi, cd, bottom (or top), love panties, lingerie, oral, anal, spanking, massage, playing dressup, playing doctor, and ANAL. No pain, anytime day, evening, night and sleepovers are welcome. Hope to submit to you, Bi
Hello all, in the chatroom we were just talking about playing Limbo at the Party as one of the events? How LOW can you GO? Is that something any of you would be interested in doing? Bill says he would play it and I might get on the limbo floor too! Jack can you imagine the fun it would be with Delilah and other playing Limbo? Could give us all some great views too! Fun Fun Fun!

See you in Vegas!
The Webmasters
Seems rather quiet on this Virginia forum lately.
Any kinksters up for playing with an experienced male with few limits looking to spice things up ? HWP please. Couples preferred, but singles without baggage welcomed.
And by single that does not neccessarily MEAN single - it means playing without a partner single. :-D
We used to play with a couple quite a bit where he was fully Bi and she was very straight. She did try, but just didn't feel at all right touching or being touched by another woman. But she was fine with her husband playing with me.

So the dynamic was both men on both women, and the men playing together and with the women helping. It was fine and it was fun.
Bi male seeking female who likes playing with a man's ass in any way. and let me at least eat her pussy and ass....I love to fuck too but will accept anything in playing; Prefer central Mississippi....I can host since wife is gone. Wife wont fuck so I am looking
As the title says, I'm a MWM that is looking for some morning or afternoon fun. I pretty much make my own schedule and am looking for a host, hostess, or both, that would like to play.

I've had one bi experience (in a couple setting) so looking for that, or a JO partner, or a little playing and sucking time.

I'm tired of the robots and spam on other sites. I am real and I am interested in playing. Are you interested?? HMU and let's see where this takes us.
I have seen those sold as two different things
1. Some aquariums sell them as "sea cucumbers" in the gift shop - kids, especially boys, seem to love playing with them
2. Sex toy shops sell them as male masterbaters - Guys still seem to enjoy playing with them ;)

Shadow Knows ;-)
So is everyone having fun looking for Eggs? The Rabbit sure is evil this year ;) There are no winners yet but lots of members playing - so we wish everyone luck! Maybe if there is no winner, and the Rabbit is sleeping we'll drop some hints for you this weekend :) By that point though, I imagine a few of you will already be Egg crazy!
HappyEaster everyone! Thanks to all those who are playing in this years Easter EGG Hunt!
The Webmasters
Hi, I am also new to mm playing, i love to being nude and love the look of a nice hard cock, looking for a j/o partner, exploring partner and someone that is in a need to be sexually satisfied by watching porn, playing and cumming. you can email me at , put meeting in sub. line. I am in Allentown and am for real, i have a few pictures on my profile and would would like to see what you look like also. Gary
I'm a bi female with a bi male partner and we are both looking to play. the to of you can play and i'll play with my man at the same time he's playing with you or he can play with me it don't matter to me i can even strap on a strap on and join in if need be. we are a fun loving couple that will try any thing new at least once . we are in the St. Charles-O'fallon area. Give me a buzz if you are interested in playing with us. :-P Hug
Christine, my prospective is that you should do what you feel is good for you. Unfortuneately, most women are repressed and "controlled" by society, religious interests, etc. If you like lots of sex and be shared by your husband I think it is just
fine. The Alaskan eskimos share their wives as they do not break like a sled so it
seems more acceptable. You just need to make sure that you do not get alcohol, drug,
smoking, and disease types to abuse you. I generallly let men and women touch me
and play with me, get my clothes off, and do anything they; want with me when they are
in need of some playing. Also, I masterbate quite a lot so I am not subject to prostitution,
playing with children, or playing with a neighboor's wife. Most women are worried to much about "others" gossip and blame themselves for everything under the sun. You would be best served to define what you like, etc. and go for that. Be responsibe in
not having unwanted children, and getting AIDS. Most probably find other women that
want to play with you and you like to be around.
I'd love to find an older (preferably single) guy in Utah who would be interested in a bit of role playing. Why an older guy? Well, cuz I really enjoy role playing Father/Daughter type fantasies.

"All of me is beautiful and valuable, even the ugly, stupid and disgusting parts." --Unknown
My fantasy is being seduced by a hot woman. Basicly she is just playing around to get me horny then her guy "roomate" shows up. She starts playing around with both of us and puts my hand on his cock. Of course i resist but she continues to do it. Eventualy she pushes my head down on his cock while telling me his big cock deserves to be sucked by me and i should be honored to have his dick in my mouth. It ends up that I eagerly do as they tell me to service both of them however they want.


Cum Play
Just what it sounds like...playing with any and every way you might imagine...and more
I love playing with my cam and watching others. gets me horny
Ball Sacks
There is nothing like playing and sucking on a big balls sack
LOL You gotta stay warm while playing at night!:-D
Playstation 2
I Love my PS2. I'm playing a few new games and it is a great way to burn up 6 or 8 hours without getting anything accomplished lol.
Role Playing
I like to test the versatility of my sexuality with both genders. Role playing works well for that.
Women Dominating Men
For all those women who like to aggressively throw themselves at men, I like playing the defenseless male, too. I'll pretend that I don't want your sexual advances and that you're raping me. But you'll act like I really want to be raped by you. Cuz I do!
Bisexual Pictures
Would love to find men and woman that are not camera shy to work with us on some great images. Hubby is a pro photographer and I am a pro model. Drop us a note if you may be interested in working and playing with us.Hug
Safe sex is probably best practice, but bareback is the only natural way. I love it so long as who i'm playing with is safe.
Strap-ons put women on an equal level playing field with men! It's so sexy to have a women make a man submit like this!
Nipple Play
I absolutely love nipple play. I can cum from my nipples being played with and sucked. I love watching woman and men playing with nipples.
A Cups
Like I said before, I'm growing my breasts. Right now my breasts are a real strong 46 A. I'm pushing a B cup. My nipples are getting pretty big too. I've been using nipple twisters for over a year. My nipples are supper sensitive. I play with them all the time. I'd love to have another man playing with them. Lindawantabe
Gloryholes Montana
Gloryholes exist in Montana and there are several cities that have some of the best gloryholes I have ever been too. Come on Montana lets show the fun of playing at Gloryholes.....
Anal Dildos
I have a pretty large real life like dildo I've been playing with for several years now. And I love that it's cock shaped! I've stretched myself pretty wide using it, starting from so tight I was having problems, to now I'm very accomodating! It's erotic to hit my prostate and cum this way. Love the feeling of being spread wide open! I feel a bit submissive doing so... and that's what I love most about it!
Anal Sex With Men And Women
Finally had a first a few weeks ago! I have fucked a few different male asses over time, and we have been playing with a young male BP member for a couple of years where I fuck his ass hard and deep. We finally did a "train" a few weeks ago where he fucked Carol's ass while I fucked his! Took a few minutes to get the rhythm going but once we got it, it was great! We want more!
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
I first got fuck in the ass at the age of 15 by a 70yr.old men who walk up to me ask if wanted to make some money I said doing what he said he wanting to fuck me I walk away from him I thought about it that night and got a little hard and wondering what it would feel like so a few days later I seem him again them ask me the same question this time I said ok so he took me to his house and to his bedroom I was scared as hell but he walk up behind me started playing with nipples and my cock it really turn me on them he stuck he's tongue in my ear it really got me so I started backing up against him he pull my pants down and under wear I was naked now them he took his pants off and turn me around to look at his cock it was hard as a rock he put me on the bed with my ass up in the air put lube on my ass and his cock he started putting in me it hurt bad at first so he stop with cock in me to let my ass get used to it them it stop hurting so he started fucking me again he played with my cock and balls was really liking it now so I started pushing my ass against his cock them felt it get real hard and started to cum man felt good after that I let him fuck me when he wanted to then I started sucking his cock and got my first taste of cum been getting fucked and sucking cock ever since then. Kiss
Sex With Male Cousins
I'm 6 weeks older than my cousin. We grew up living around the block from each other. We were as close as brothers as you can be without being brothers. And we both started having the same sexual urges that you have when you're growing up. We just acted on those urges as they came to us. We had been taking baths together for years and we did kiss when we would play spin the bottle with his older sister and her girl friends. Once we saw a porn or two we would play dress up and dyke out with each other just frenching and dry humping each other. Being fans of pro wrestling we started doing more by the loser getting jerked off as humiliation. After jerking off in front of each other and jerking each other off we turned it into the winner getting the reward. Combining the dress up dyke out and the wresting rewards we moved onto playing boyfriend/girlfriend as we saw it in the pornos. After that it was pretty much no holds barred. We did everything. He was my first cock sucking, ass rimming, anal fucking and all those other things in return. We would wear each others underwear because we started to wear bikinis, thongs and g strings. I used to go over his house just to blow him. We did all of it from the time we were eight to the time we were twenty. I miss those times and I am thankful that we had those times. I wish we still got together.

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