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Massachusetts Single Women

I am a single crossdresser like men and women I love to wear satin silk panties,slips,skirts and enjoy being spanked OTK by other crossdressers or women
We have been in lifestyle for a few years. Have been with a few couples, and singles.. We are just a plain country couple looking for good fun with single bi women, couples with bi women.
We are a married couple looking to explore new sexual adventures with beautiful/EXTREMELY PASSABLE Shemales and Couples and single women and men. Women and men for NSA slutty, naughty hookups. Same day if possible lets have bangin time!! REAL, NON SHY, WE WANT HORNY FUN, NO CHILDISH DRAMA OR GAMES
Attention all single males or couples with males! If you list yourself single and are actually married be honest about it or dont bother.couples with men who's wife really has no clue dont bother.tired of the wifey finsing out and getting blocked for emailing their hubby! Ok here we go! Laid not like drama.first time on a site.5'8".135#.salt and pepper hair.6" cut.shaved/trimmed. Smoker, social drinker.I enjoy nudity, mutual mastrubtion, toys, oral and maybe light anal.pretty much will try anything but pain.interested in single women, single men, m/f couples, f/f couples and possibly m/m couples.I am also interested in finding a bi female who is bi male friendly for playing with other couples and maybe a possible long term relationship. AND I AM VERY 420 FRIENDLY! ;-)
Married and looking for single women or couple
We are a couple looking for a single women to play with.
I am a single white man who enjoys getting together with other white couples 4 hot sexual pleasure.I am very much into oral sex and would love to eat both of you while you fuck.I love eating women to completion and having women watch while I suck the husband's cock and him suck mine.
Bi single looking for long term with a man or women iam all bottom
Im single i just want my pussy ate and to do some nasty ass shit to a women
I am a newly single lady never been with a women before. Just trying to figure out who I am.
I am single looking for women , I am not gay but would love to suck someone’s dick and cum all over me
Newly single gay man interested in exploring women and bisexual men.
Single male looking for a real man or women to turn me into a chastized sissy
Tall, attractive, mwm looking for a warm wet mouth. Couples and single women as well.
I am 54 women great body .very much want a women who will pamper me and treat me like her bad girl. Inhave a very out going personality to any thing women and women and more . women with men to join in .
I am a master,want single women, married couples,light spankings ,masturbation...kneel..
I am a single black male looking for submissive women, femboys, and traps. I'm up for meeting or sexual videochats.
Im looking 4 either a single bi girl to hang out with and get to no maybe turn into a relationship or to have a sexual encounter with in or near pittsfield Massachusetts.
Folks, it seems as the most popular desire is a single bi woman - couples want, guys want, and other single women want. Since there are single bi women on this site, how about a survey? How many single women would meet a couple alone, or a guy alone? The message I have gotten from a LOT of women ... they'll do a date with one person, but most won't engage in a meeting with a couple without somebody to "protect" them.
Mike and I are having the same problem finding a place to meet other women in the Massachusetts area. Sorry I couldn't help you Bigwpn.
We are an attractive couple from Massachusetts. She is a bisexual 22 year old, he is a 30 year old straight male. We are interested in meeting a single bisexual female for possible fun times. However there must be a mutual attraction personality as well as physically. We are disease free and you should be too. Single males and couples need not apply. We aren't looking to play games. Serious inquiries only. Hope to hear from you soon
Before you write to "single females" you should first check when the last time they were on the site. That shows on their profile and you will see that the vast majority of single women don't stay active that long (of course, there are exceptions as can be seen by some of the great single women we do have on this site).

Single women will also constantly get huge amount of messages from the single guys and the couples like yourself, and go into message overload. They start disregarding all the messages that start sounding alike. We have a single woman on this site who is a good friend as was long before she joined BP. She gets 30 to 40 messages each and every day!

She also will disregard couples who are ONLY looking for single women due to the bad experiences she has had in the past. I've also heard similar things from other single women on this site. They find couples looking only for women aren't open-minded enough and tend to have a bit of drama going on. She just doesn't want to deal with it. Single women who use a site such as BP tend to be the most playful and the most open-minded about things. They know what they want, and one of those things is not to be with people who are limiting.

Keep in mind that many couples, like us, have fully open relationships, where both partners can play how they like. My wife has fun without me, and we aren't at all different than many other couples on this site. You also mentioned how 50% of the single women are partnered. So, what's wrong with that? They are being honest about their relationship status, and by being on here as a single woman, they are showing they are playing without their partner. Again, that is common in this Lifestyle.

They way you are currently using this site, I highly doubt you will get many responses, if any, from single women.
Looking for a bisexual Massachusetts female (preferably more into women than men)
Dominant, willing to grind
Must be willing to fuck me a few times, while my boyfriend watches
Must be willing to let him join at a later date
No pressure or commitment, just trying something new
Why is it so hard for single men to get any play on a site like this. are we really that un sexy any more. As beautiful as women are, and women playing with women, i know that there has to be some place in the equation for a single man to jump in and play. Come on ladies, hook us up. Give us a try. Lesbians, bring a friend and experiement with a live dildo. Ha Ha just thought id put the thought out there. Im single, I got a plight, I hope you can help me Flower
La Trapeze is a good club to go to......I personally recommend it. The facilities are excellent and most of the people who go there are civil if not pretty nice to the women and couples. Single-guys, however, should expect the usual unpleasantness associated with hyper-competition from the other guys there for the attention of couples and women who'll swing with single-guys; and the couples who want absolutely nothing to-do-with the single guys. The club has an only one admonishment rule for single-guys. There're no second chances for any single-guy. When they talk to a single-guy for the second time: its to escort him out of the club and revoke his membership. This policy reduces a lot of the tension in the atmosphere caused by the guys' inappropriate behavior.
The kids are away and we want to play! we are available from monday thru thursday from 6pm to 10pm. Bi couples welcome, Couples with Bi female and Straight male are welcome, Single Bi females and Single Bi males welcome. NO Single Straight Women Or MEN. No couples where both man and women are straight
We know people that have been looking for the elusive single female for over twenty years, and have never found her!

There are quite a few single women out there, that are looking to play, but they tend to be selective. We do know quite a few and have some great friendships with them. One thing we did learn is that many of the single women don't want to be with couples that are only looking for single women. It makes them feel like a "trophy". We have also been told that those types of couples tend to be "clingy" which most don't like. Single women that are in the Lifestyle also tend to be very open, and like to be with others that are very open in their Lifestyle choices.

I do want to point out that every woman we know that is a Swinger does not like wasting time. They like to meet, and if things go well, they want to play now! They aren't looking for a relationship, so there really is no reason to wait for anything if things feel right.

I do want to add to that. We never meet people with any expectations, and we always meet initially in a public place. But if things feel right, we will play right away. We see no point in waiting if everyone is into it, it just doesn't make sense. Just do what feels right at that moment.
That first post is funny. He must be new to this.

He's like, I'm up for some fun so all the women in town come to my place and jump on this. Lol.

Dude, don't keep a drug induced hard-on while your waiting on these lucky women to flock to you. If you don't want to waste a few decades searching just hire some hookers. The same goes for "women in a relationship" that are looking for a girlfriend. And for that matter single women tell me it's almost impossible to meet women on-line.
Hey what part of Massachusetts are you from?
I have worked for over 15 years as a DJ in bars and clubs and when it comes to this topic I find what goes on here for people seeking single women is similar to what goes on in most bars where men are hoping to meet single women. Simply put:

There are more horny guys here than there are people who want to meet them!
There are not enough single girls for everyone who wants to meet them!
Many single girls will talk all night to a guy (or on here a couple) but very rarely will she ever go out with him.

In short, the group dynamic of meeting people on-line is really not that dissimilar from meeting them in person. You have to have patience in both cases, and you have to go into it realizing that actually meeting someone and being a good match with them is less likely to happen than it is to not happen. You'll quickly realize that the just like the guy in the singles bar, the odds are against you finding someone today. You'll have to keep going out and keep on talking to as many girls as you can. Just like that guy, you need to keep on trying and realize that there is a reason they call it "getting lucky" ! ;-)

We've been on BSP about 10 months now. We've met a lot of single women on-line. Of all the ones we've chatted with on-line maybe 5 of them have seemed like a possibility to meet. And of those 5 we've only actually met one of them. So that's a 20% success rate just among the women willing to chat with us a few times! Pro baseball players get more hits than that! :-D

Good luck! Stay patient!

John (& Noel)
you haven't been here for that long and this takes time. We have been here for over a year and have had one meet. Single women are the hardest to find because there is a huge want for them on here and most want a typical threesome. Single women are refered to as unicorns for a reason..... they are almost impossible to find. But you have to look at it from a single womans point af view... they have to feel safe enough so therefore they need to get to know you. You come in a pair she would be meeting two people who she doesn't know and you never know who to trust. Just some tips from someone who has been here for a long time and are not actively search for a bi-female we would like a bi-male who has read our profile.
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
I relate to almost every post on here (and I'm pleased to see that most are reading the whole thread before posting....). I try really hard to be the good guy, the gentle one, and I'm a bit peeeeeeved at what other men are doing apparently.

I've been with a bunch of guys and a bunch of girls in me life, and if I had to pick a definition I'd use bisexual. Fortunately I don't: I love sex with men and sex with women in very different ways. That said, I do look to women for relationshipping, and I've never had group sex/threesomes. I have a lot of 'sperimenting to do out there and no one currently to do so with.

So my question is, looking at the personals that came up in my search so far, how the HELL am I supposed to meet anyone off of here?? :) Looks like most of the couples don't really want single men around; the women are here for the women mostly it seems; I don't see the point of hanging out with other single men from this site (I could just go to a gay bar or site); single men have this evil reputation in general and I see that some people block them as a category. Should there be a "rate the single men" tool? or some kind of references I could build up by being friends and collecting friendly testimonials aside from the 'comments' button?

I feel like I can't get treated fairly as a bi boy out in the world and now this site ain't seeming much better. I know I know: I'm whining and life isn't fair. I should just send out lots of mail, that's the only answer?

BTW, David Bowie definitely, but Mick Jagger? Yikes. No way.
I'm a single white dom male looking for a sub bi couple or a single bi sub women.
I was in the lifestyle many years ago but stopped for a varity of reason.
As looking for groups the allow single dom men in.
I know there was grouyp many years ago and I played with many of them and had tons of fun at their parties.


Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
Nudist Resorts
We are looking for set up summer plans to visit nudist resorts, swing, bi friendly events etc. Any recommendations Thanks Also looking to meet up with couples and single women while traveling.
Single Women
I am looking for a single bi woman to swing with in the Central Texas area.
Older Couples
I'd love to play with tigerlilly and Dick can join in also! But I am just a single older man, not a couple, shucks!!
Women Licking Women
Oh WoW, :) Women - Women Taste Go---od, Me (Like) Them 2 And I Really - Really - Do Hope That You All Did En-Joy The Pick's, So 2 u All - Hug'ss and Kiss'ss 2 u all Out There, & But - Bye - 4 - Now, Oh Denizen... Flower
Strap-ons put women on an equal level playing field with men! It's so sexy to have a women make a man submit like this!
Curvy Women
Curvy women have become a huge interest of ours in past 10 years. Most women have curves and should enjoy their beauty that men can only admire.
mmmm would like to meet a couple or single partner to get some photos taken? any couples or singles interested? drop me a note :)
Men Getting Fucked By Women
I'd love to find some women, or couples (lesbian or male/female) to Fuck my Thong long and hard. Wouldn't mind getting gangbanged by a group of women either! :)
All Girl Orgy
Any sexy bi women in NW Ohio that wants to enjoy a nite of eatin my fatt juicy pussy, love the rite touch of a women... Oh it wont b one sided i will b lickin suckin n fingerin you as well... I have pics so message me
Women Licking Women
In need for my fatt juicy pussy to b sucked , fingered and licked by another women so bad.. Never thought it would b this difficult to find an attractive bi women who wants to have sum mind blowing sex,... So if ur n Northwest Ohio and feeling horny n wet message me... I do have pics i can send
Women In Panties
MMMMMM luv a women in her sexxy lil panties :) :) luv to kiss them; lick em; then just move aside N eat that pussy :) where you at babe ?? im horny for a sexxy women in panties ?????
Black Women For White Men
This is 1 subject that totally interests me!! I view all women as women, there is no color barrier for me what so ever. There is a lovely lady at work that is so hot that she can get me hard just by flirting. I really can't explain it fully besides the fact she is highly attractive to me. I don't get excited much but she really can get me going. So yes I'm very open to "black ladies for white guys"
mmmm we luv to see men n women in sexxy bras :) i luv when me n my gf go out n her sexxy bra is peeking out !!! she gets look from men n women :-P
M-M-M Threesomes
I think that males love males better than most ladies do.Yes women love women + can satisfy themselves more than a man can,but a man knows what a man likes better than a woman does.I'd love to have men share with me.Either oral or anal.maybe a little of sandwiches,I'll propose my ass up to some meat
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Man it never happened for me as a single bi guy to meat a couple. And now I have a lady to be a couple with me that wants a man or lady to join us. We have had 1 taker so far, male. Yes we had fun, we always do! Our biggest thing going on here is that all interested peeps are so far away. So let me adjust my profile and see if we can find our suitable and elusive fuck buddies or gals!
Asian Girls
luv Korean women

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Thanks guys for you nice message. Your site seems better then the ones I have tried. It is hard for a single guy to meet couples because they either want females or another couple. Well anyway thanks again for being nice and will be talking again soon. Jim