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Montana Man to Man Massage

Hi all, We are a fun Montana couple. He is a sexy and passable crossdresser, she is a beautiful bisexual gal. Just curious to see who is out there. Montana is SO hard to find open minded people. Drop us a line and say hi
I am an expert at the art of massage, I have a portable massage table and a set of very warm and skilled hands... looking to meet people locally... I always finish your massage with an oral ending. I am 100% d/d free and expect the same.
Hey Y'all, I'm Patrick, 6'2" W/M in the northern middle Tennessee area. Been in the swing/nudist lifestyle for 30 years, needless to say I'm fairly experienced with the opposite sex. Ever had a G-spot massage, or a regular massage for that matter. If you want a massage, I'm your guy. Sincerely .. Patrick
we're a cpl that has been married for almost 11 yrs., we have 3 kids, and are looking for some spice in our adult life. we have played on and off for almost ten yrs. however having 3 kids in that period has not let us persue it as aggressively as would have liked. we're looking for clean attractive cpls or bi-fems. not into wierd things ....such as children,drugs,potty,pain..... .just clean adult fun with someone we would like to call"friends". the friendship can be fun in and out of the bedroom ! we seem to be at a disadvantage here in montana, as montana is not a hotbed of "open minded" people. so if your close , give us a shout and maybe we'll willing to travel for the right kind of people. if you know and understand the difference between sex and love contact us.
I'd like to give a man an innocent body massage. We could meet some evening and I could give you the massage in a car, a motel, or your place. No charge of course. If we do it at your place, you would need something to protect your bed (a towel maybe) because i use massage oils. You'd also need a small towel to cover your midsection.
just a montana guy
I like females I'm from Montana
live in montana... want to know anything just ask
tall horny montana man
I am open. I like role playing and touching and grinding and even massage. Love to do group massage on one person. Think it would be hot.
I am a massage therapist...I am very sensual...very erotic...I love to incorporate massage techniques into 3 somes with 2 other women.
we are a fun loving couple living in montana
montana male curious and open to try what others are doing
sensual, experienced, slightly kinky, expert at tantric massage, love naked cuddles and massage,
like ,or say love sex ,never got enaugh of it , open mind ,never have 3 some ,die to try it , but i enjoy one /one sex , like to give back massage , oh yes , naked massage , oral is the meaning of sex
I am clean and very healthy guy from Canada looking to serve men, women, couples, groups as a slave/servant. Very obedient, useful in almost every type of need. Can perform all types of housekeeping works like washing clothes, mopping floors, polishing shoes, cleaning toilets, scrubbing bathroom floors, gardening, cleaning dishes, preparing coffee, tea etc etc Can also perform full body massage for both men and women, including sensual massage(massage for private parts). Can asist couples in sex by acting as a sex slave.( giving massage to get aroused and make either of the couple ready for sex). Excellent massage for private parts for both males and females, as well as massage feet and legs. Open to be photographed or videographed. Open to punishments and no attitude problems. Ready to travel anywhere in North America if service is required. please contact Open to talk anything, please contact.
Sexy and cute couple in Montana looking for something new and exciting to try.
What a slipp Montana......... a real beautiful slip..........You didnt REALLY just write that did YOU????????
Keep it up Montana....... Big Skies are for Big People
Anyone out there interested in massage?

I was a professionally licensed massage therapist for over five years, and an instructor for a year and a half. I love to trade massages, and I am willing to teach -- especially to teach couples so that they can share massages with each other.

I am a nudist, and I am interested in shared nudity, mutual touch, and sharing various massage techniques: practical, therapeutic, sensual, erotic, and in exploring the power and pleasure of touch.

Also, I believe that arousal is a natural part of massage, and I believe that sharing the release of tension through orgasm is the best ending to a good massage (of course I couldn't do that when I worked for the spa), the endorphins and increased circulation create the epitome of relaxation.

So, anyone who wants to practice and learn massage, and who wants to share rubdowns, and the special bonding that comes from being completely relaxed, open, nude, and enjoying mutual pleasure of touching and being touched, let me know.
Looking for an erotic massage for my wife . I will join in.looking for some one or a couple who truly is experienced with massage,is very open minded and non judgemental
Hi, flex.....This si smooth in Miami.....We had chatted in mid were still out of town....I can bring my massage table and start with a massage first to see if the chemistry is copacetic,,,,then go from there
LOL Montana !!!
Ever been to Montana Billy?Laughing
Yes it is possible and I have experienced several. My ex gave a great prostate massage and if done properly, would make me flow like a river and have mind blowing orgasms. My favorite was a combination of a good blow job with a prostate massage. AWESOME :-P
I am in need of a massage by a real masseur who like to work on a very fit and toned young body. I am 25yo, white, brn to be nude and love a good deep massage. Like a little sensualness with it, but not too much. In Santa Monica, but can travel of course. Let em know! I can swap pic for yours. Thanks!
Anyone in Florida looking for a Yoni or Lingham massage, needs to look no further.
My wife and I are well versed in the erotic Yoni & Lingham massage.

Let's chat and meet. Maybe this is YOUR time.
I am looking for a bisexual female in the Montana area in between the ages of 20-30 to come and have some fun with me. My husband will not be intimate with the girl. Only with me..
I was in Montana in 2008. for 6 mos. most of them during the winter months. I'm mighty proud that I didn't run into this guy!! Thank God I'm in Sacramento Calif. now!!
Bingo! Here's a good starter ,or for that matter just good foreplay......have your partner lay on thier stomach ,rub thier ass getting them relaxed,put some lube on a finger and gently massage all around their opening......either you or they can work themselves as you massage they relax ........allow them to push back aganst your finger as you slide it in .....allow them is the key word...........soon it's on to bigger and better things!
lI;m new to the denver area also, from montana, looking for some one fun ,honest ladies, some on that loves to receive oral. Interested. gabe p.s. i live in aurora. but cyber would be a nice start.
Thanx Ann,
I do get through Utah on occasion, the last time was this August, I drove up to Montana to see my only daughter get married.
I will , of course, be going back to visit, although no definite plans have been made as yet.
When I do I will be sure to contact you, I would very much like to meet you both.

Jose ( Biliteral )
I guess for me anything quiet would be nice. No kids..No time constraints. It's not a money thing to me so the cards, flowers and candy are a waste. If flowers were to be involved, I would hope that my loved one would know that I'm partial to wild flowers...esp daisies. I guess for me it's more in the effort. I would love to have an evening planned with my interests/likes in mind. The massage idea is a good one!!!! I'm always up for a good massage.

Happy Valentine's Day
A fmr gf with a strapon yrs ago is what turned me on to the Bisexual side of me, The intense orgasms from a prostate massage are mind blowing. After accepting that, it was just a few steps to "going all the way" did the use of the strapon "make me Bi", I dont think so. It just made me realize how much I enjoyed it and helped me overcome the socially ingrained male fear of anal penetration....guess what i'm leading up to is any couples out there, to your men about how enjoyable a prostate stimulation and/or massage can be!! Ya never know...they just might Love Love Love it!!
Hey how far are u from montana. I am looking for someone to play with but i live by bridger, it is between billings and wyoming. You want to have some fun? I am 5 11 blonde blue eyes, 165 lbs, 32in wasit, average built, nice ass, 7 1/2 cut slim cock, will suck fuck and be sucked and fucked especially be fucked. Write back:)


Gloryholes Montana
Gloryholes exist in Montana and there are several cities that have some of the best gloryholes I have ever been too. Come on Montana lets show the fun of playing at Gloryholes.....
Full body massage and oral to mf couple in Dallas, Texas. A gentleman you will really like desires to meet a male/female couple locally to treat to a full body massage ending in erotic massage and oral for each. No reciprocation required, but none refused---your choice.

Hey guy's its worth checking into.
Can anyone tell me if there are any masturbation clubs in Fort Wayne, and where they are located? Also looking for someone who gives a sensuous or erotic massage with a happy ending. If this is your profession, then I'll gladly pay your massage fee.
Foot Massages
Although I'm not particularly into feet as a sex thing, (other than just part of an erotic whole body massage) I too give a pretty good Foot Massage.. .. .. I'd be happy to demonstrate, But, I assure there will be more than a foot rub.:):-P:)
3 Mouths On 1 Body
We have done this a few times. It seems to work best when massage is used as well. There is nothing like an all over sensual massage to light up all the nerves and heighten the feeling before having 3 mouths and 6 hands bring you to an earth shattering orgasm or orgasms. It takes a bit of time when 4 people are involved but wow is it worth it.
Ass Worship
I love to play with a man's butt, massage it, kiss it, maybe give a prostrate massage. I can spend as long as you want doing this. If in San Francisco and north to the oregon border i would love to make you feel good
Hot Rock Massage

This is a spa treatment from the Arizona desert. Select a large, flat smooth stone, the size of your palm Heat stone in a low temperature oven until warm but not hot. Rub some scented massage oil into the stone and use this heated rock to give your partner a soothing massage. The heat from the stone relaxes and penetrates the muscles. Use up to 15 drops of essential oil per 1 oz. of unscented (carrier) oil. Start with less drops, you can always add more. Try Sweet Almond, Grapeseed or Apricot Oil as your carrier oil.
Hot Rock Massage

This is a spa treatment from the Arizona desert. Select a large, flat smooth stone, the size of your palm Heat stone in a low temperature oven until warm but not hot. Rub some scented massage oil into the stone and use this heated rock to give your partner a soothing massage. The heat from the stone relaxes and penetrates the muscles. Use up to 15 drops of essential oil per 1 oz. of unscented (carrier) oil. Start with less drops, you can always add more. Try Sweet Almond, Grapeseed or Apricot Oil as your carrier oil.
Couples Dominating Men
I would love to service both members of a couple. Perhaps give him a massage and head while she watches and then massage her and go down on her while he watches. But with a couple I know and trust it could get much wilder.
2 Guys One Woman
any one in montana??? :-P
Couples Searching For Bi Males
we r looking for a bi male in missoula montana
we r a bi couple in Montana where are all the Montanan people at
Clit Massage
I find it hot having a woman clit massage me! Dripping just thinking about it! Any woman in MI want to massage my clit?
Erotic Massages
I am a massage therapist. I'd like to go past the boundaries, normally in place during my professional practice. I'd like to give someone or a couple a great relaxing massage. Then when they are nice and loose I'd like to work their bodies like musical instruments. Getting them to make the sweetest sounds of sexual release.

I would bring pleasure from every part of their bodies,using my hands,mouth,member...even my whole naked body entwined with theirs all covered in oil. Touch can be a very powerful thing when the right intensions are behind it.
Camping Nude
I'm in north west Montana, lots of places to camp, fish, and hike nude.
Horny At Work
Ok there is a beautiful black lady at work that totally gets me hard! And me being open to anything have flirted with her 7eral times. She used to be my boss and would rub her titties on me when she wanted me to do something for her. She has grabbed my ass and I have grabbed hers also. I have went as far as to drape my hand over her shoulder and she told me that I was not far from grabbing her tit and I told her "like this" and grabbed it over her shirt. She didn't object at all and told me that she would never claim me for sexual harassment, like it was ok to do so! Now she has went thru massage school and tells me that for 65 bucks she would give me a full body massage, HMM turned on at work? To say the least! Any advise?
All Male Anal
If you visit Glacier National Park in Montana, you are close enough to stop by and fuck me. I have never turned down a cock, and I have been fucked by a lot of men. Locals know if they want to fuck an ass, I am always willing.

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!