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Nebraska Bisexuals

im single, first time in industry of bisexuals or should i say that i am bi curuios. i want to met n get in touch with the people who are been too long in this so called industry of bisexuals. i hope i could met many bisexuals out there this is kiko looking for some friends.. tenks pals...
I'm a 42 y/o guy from Nebraska looking for some fun
We are a happily married bisexual couple who are seeking other bisexuals. We have been married since the mid-80's and are committed life partners. Our children are now adults and all but one have left the nest. We enjoy being together. We are 420 friendly. We prefer quiet evenings home over wild evenings out... but we do enjoy letting our hair down every now and then. We are a discreet couple who want to keep our private life private, but do not fear getting "caught or exposed". We have been seeking bisexuals since the mid 90's. We enjoy same-sex play and we like seeing each other satisfy their bisexual desires. We enjoy the freedom we share when we play with other bisexuals.
country boy from a small town in Nebraska
Hi I am a 40 yr old Bisexual CD in nebraska and my wife knows and approves.
i am a 60 year old bottom in omaha nebraska. hunting for men that like to top only
We're a cool, down to earth couple looking for some fun in Omaha Nebraska (:
30's central Nebraska couple looking for friends with benefits.
Young couple who is looking to experiment in central nebraska.
Im 19 and from lincoln nebraska. I like oral, jacking off and being naked along with body contact. I am a top.
29/m moving from Des Moines, IA to Wyoming.... Looking for some good times as I make my way into Nebraska!
Curious funloving guy in Nebraska. Long lasting, drug, disease free.
New crossdresser that is looking for fun and friends. Prefer couples, tv,ts,cd,gg but others fun also. Like lots of playing....not just drop panties and go....SE Nebraska.
i'm 24 m grand island nebraska i'm 6'4 197lbs blonde hair blue eyes i have a 8inch cock and i am looking for a boyfriend
we are a safe and fun couple lookin to have some fun... we would like to find another male and female to have fun with.. in the omaha nebraska area will meet half way if needed to
I'm Richie I'm new to Lincoln Nebraska I'm 5'7" I'm 288lbs I'm out goin Iike to make new friends i work two jobs if wanna know more hmu
My name is Sara i am from Omaha nebraska, I am in a relationship I am layed back down to earth honest open minded i love to have fun and try new things um i dont know really wut to say lol later
great idea bear... i too surf trying to find news about bisexuals and you can find gay or strait tidbits but none really says much about bisexuals.....i also agree that it shouldn't take much to add the addition... maybe if everyone was asked upon signing in for 24 hours or whatnot i would be willing to bet that ev everyone would agree....:)
Ever get thru Nebraska
hi looking for 3 sum nebraska area
looking for couples or females to have fun exciting sex with in nebraska
I was searching for a woman... But we are not in the area right now. We are in Nebraska and will be there for a while.. Thank you to those that answered.
hi we just moved here from central nebraska and looking for a freind in the area
threesome needs another couple to elevate the fun, we are in SW nebraska to NW kansas
three could be 4 or 5 or who knows, we have fun. Oral is king here.
it's 40 minutes from Lincoln(the capital) and 2hrs from omaha, (biggest city in NEbraska
I read an article in my local paper this morning that got me thinking

A landmark day for Bisexuals ...

Berkeley California has become what is thought to be the first US city to officially proclaim a day recognizing bisexuals.The city council unanimously declared Sept 23 as Bisexual pride and bi visibility day. Since 1999 Bisexuals have the date and bisexual pride events are held in Los Angeles, Boston , Chicago and other cities around the country.But Berkeley is believed to the first city that has taken the step of formally acknowledging the day

I'm not sure in this city that is actually acknowledged at all certainly not to the extent of the gay pride events. .... Does anyone know of events in their area to recognize the day ....Is bisexuality becoming more recognized and maybe even mainstream like being gay or lesbian maybe one day it wont be as taboo as it has always seemed to be

Just looking for thoughts opinions feelings anything you wanna throw into the discussion I'm curious to see what people think ...

Happy Bisexuality Day

We live in Western Nebraska and get over along the front range often. Any females interested in helping us with our first time let us know!!!
Flower HI I`m very affectionate and caring , here is my pic , plz message me to find out more. I`m 43yr D&D FREE , bi-female seeking friendship / lover in or close to Lincoln , Nebraska...Kiss
I was 22 for my first and only time so far! Its was with a collge friend and we only did it that one time before she moved back to Nebraska!
Hoping - needing -desiring to meet preferably single bi females in the Omaha Nebraska area to meet and have encounters-serious only please.
bi curious looking to explore , living in s.e. nebraska , anyone want to help me explore my bi side
Hi we are a clean couple in our 30's from western nebraska. We are wanting to experience our first m-f-f encounter. I have always wanted to experience another woman, and my husband said to go for it, as long as he can be involved too. Check out our profile and let us know if you are interested.
Nobody...really? Are we sure this is a site for bisexuals?


All Men Orgies
Anybody in the Lincoln Nebraska area looking to have an all male orgy?
Any big dick Nebraska shemales want to f*** a tight first timer rough
Women Who Love Giving Blowjobs
Any women in Nebraska that love sucking on cock hit me up love my dick sucked Yaya
Looking to meet bisexuals in Austin, Texas:)
I Love Bisexuals! Men & Women !

This is Who I Am !:)

Be HappyKiss
I love dark complected bisexuals ~Kiss
Hey there all! I would love to meet some bisexuals in michigan, especially a couple ;)
Have you ever noticed how the hands of sexy, bisexuals, are so pretty.
Bisexual Women
Looking for a clean bisexuals women with benefits and very Deseret age 45-55 come on lets do this
Bisexual Seniors
Looking for a senior bi WFF or bi WMF couple within about 200 miles of DC. I've been bi from about age 9 and looking for other lifelong bisexuals for friendship and fun
Bisexual Swing Clubs
after perusing the posts here, seems no one knows of any bi clubs, anywhere! question, do they even exist? a swing club catering only to bisexuals? I wish! I
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
One of the great things about being bisexual is the varied fun that cums with it. the last M-F-M i participated in was so hot the lady would just cum while getting ready to particiapte. It was really cool, one of those once in a lifetime events. i enjoy being nude casual or otherwise and particularly enjoy the company of bisexuals. They tend to be so adventuresome. Still has the thrills attached to it.:-P
Bisexual Orgy
When I was in Northern California, I used to be a member of a small club of bisexuals, three couples and four of us single men. Whil not everyone was able to go to each gathering, we did have some occasions when all were present and the combination of sexual probabilities was both exciting and alot of fun. We must have tried every concievable position and variety of acts. If only it could have lasted...:-D But some jealousies were finally the undoing of the group (and of our host's marriage) :( But the sex was fantastic while it lasted,,,a wonderful two years.m :)
Bisexual Fantasy
Hello to all bisexuals and gay men my name is Dennis and I am into both the sexes I get along very well with the guys and the females who are into bisexual male bottoms,
If you are interested do stop by my profile and take a look and see if you will be interested in meeting with me,
In Philly or surrounding areas I can host or I can come to where you are...
Just say hello and lets meet soon off line...

Hey guys how many cocks can I find in Philly that want to cum on my ass at 1 time interested let me know...
looking for person or persons, Female Male , Lesbian , Bi bisexuals for Mutual masturbation here in Ohio. Seems to be no one in Ohio who enjoys masturbation or willing to share or participate in mutual masturbation:I find it hard to believe it that all other states there are people willing to mutually masturbate together. HMMM!!! Just seems odd to me. It should not matter what race you are or your physical beauty. If you love to masturbate in front others or mutually then we all need to get together.

Bisexual Swing Clubs
It looks as if things are beginning to change in the world of swing clubs with respect to bi-males..... I was just at the web site for a club in Phoenix (Club Chameleon)that has set Thursday nights aside for bisexuals and all bi's are welcome Couples, "single gents", and single fems. So far that makes 3 clubs that we know of. There is a lifestyle hotel/club near Miami called Rooftop Resort that has had all bi events but I don't think that they are regularly scheduled weekly affairs
Bi-Curious Men
Bisexualality is thought of as being an inferior act representative of the individual. If the idea that someone is valued by the knowledge and wisdom one acquires this would lead to the idea that the more experiences one has the greater value of the individual. Bisexuality is an extension of ones sexual experience with no diminishing effects of the individuals character or sense of well being. The perception of such ventures is looked upon as a UN natural behavior but it is a venturous exploration of ones natural curiosity. It is an act that occurs in nature by natural means, rendering it completely natural. It may be abnormal in mainstream consideration but it is within the natural constructs of nature. It is our individual perspective that considers bisexuality irregular. Bisexuals have an advanced perspective toward humanity. Their understanding and application of sensual emotions toward fellow mankind gives them a distinct advantage over monosexual beings. The adaptive nature of bisexuality is evolutionary to the complexity of humanity. The versatility in ones sexual preferences gives them the advantage over a competing entity with limitations.

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I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.