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Show How to Lick Mens Balls

5'10 198 white Italian male with shaved cock and balls. Love to be sucked and have my balls licked. Also like to lick and gently suck a guy if he has no hair on his balls. Contact me - I can NOT host at all ever
34 yr old latin guy 5'11" 200 lbs shave and cut and hard. i am always horny and im bored of the same old stuff. so im looking for some new experiences. a fantasy of mine is: to meet a cpl and at first maybe watch them a bit. then while she sits on him backwards i can slide in between both of their legs. i can play with his balls while i play and lick her clit. he can pull his cock out shove it in my mouth so i can taste her sweet cum on his dick. next i can stick it back in her pussy while i continue to lick his balls and when hes ready to cum can cum on my cock so they both can suck it and lick it off! thats just 1 of many fantasies i have. so if your a cpl and u like what you read, then contact me!
Well iv always wanted to see what it was like to b with another guy. So I'm here to see if anyone wanted to show me something new. I can't wait to have a dick n balls in my mouth n lick some assholes...
MWM 56, 6ft even, 235, 6 in cut, love to be naked, like to suck cock, swallow cum. Will lick balls, and ass. like GS. like spanking. lick pussy and ass too.
SEX...I like to lick cock, suck it lick balls,,,while he is fucking the shit out of her
I am a open minded attractive bi male. I am into totally pleasing my partner male or female. I am very oral and will lick you anywhere including your ass if it is clean and preferably hairless. Would like to find a couple to play with. My fantasy is to lick a mans ass and balls as he fucks a woman from behind then lick his cum out of her pussy after he cums. Will fuck her or him or both.
Black man to the head of the line. I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand and in my mouth. I'll lick your cock from top to bottom, lick your balls and if you want me to I'll lick your ass. There is a first time for everything. If you like to play with nipples mine are very sensitive and would love to be played with. I'm 48 years old, 5'10" an 280 lbs. If you can host you can fuck my face.
Tall, good looking, 200 lbs., brwn/blu, tattooed, pierced, have a good sized cock, andf have shaved clean cock and balls. Love kinky sex with my dick and balls dressed in crotchless panties and a leather cock and balls ring around my cock and balls , my legs spread as far as I can, and have my dick and balls sucked and fucked as hard as you can. I love to lick and fuck assholes, and would love to find a kinky females and couple that can appreciate a nice clean dick, and know how to take care of business. Would love to hear from you soon!
Five foot nine,165,brown over blue,in shape body,want to suck cock and lick balls.Lve teasing and showing off my cock and balls..
brown eyes and hair olive skin nice guy goatie and mustache i like to fuck and pussy and cock lick your balls and ass while you fuck then lick all your cum from her wet hole
Muscular strong good-looking easy to talk to and love to lick a cock while I'm beautiful woman sits on it and then suck the taste of her cock off of here death then why you f****** like to lick your balls and cock
I want to meet couples with a bi-male and select males. I like to please both. I am in good shape. Go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. Seeking people in decent shape with likeminded attitude. I would like to 69 with a lady and then have the man slide into her. Then I could lick her clit and lick his balls at the same time.
I like a Good man who is bisexual and enjoys getting a blow job from another man. I like to get on my knees and suck cock with your balls on my chin. I am clean and you be too. I am a good cocksucker. I perfer white men hunky and dominate. I like a hard cock in my ass while I beat off and shoot my load. I would like to lick your balls while you fuck a woman.
46yo gay. A lot of women won't swallow a Man's sperm. I have no problem with it at all, you Men don't like to see your precious seed wasted. I know what a thrill it is to watch your cocksucker gulping down your spooge so they become another one of your conquests. How powerful you feel when you tell your cocksucker, "Get on your knees." Take it all the way down." "Lick my balls." Or "Crawl around behind me and lick my ass." Also, most fags don't mind it a little rough. We know Men are lustful animals who only care about getting those balls emptied. If taking it rough makes you happy then we're happy. I need some more practice getting my face fucked anyway. I like being conquered by a Man who knows he's my superior and that I was just put on this earth to be a warm, welcoming hole for his ball juice. A Man - or Men - whose right it is to have a little fun at my expense. If you ever come through Wells, Nevada, hit me up, Sir. I'm here to please. Nobody will ever know, and - of course - I don't expect reciprocation. You're the Man, I'm the fag. That's how the system works, and I fully accept it. I know my place in life. It's unbelievable when a Man starts to breathe hard, and I can feel that hot lava traveling up your pole, then the next thing I know it's all I can do to chug down about four or five big squirts of sperm. There's nothing else like it, specially if a Man's had blue balls for a week or two. And I know it's gotta be really satisfying for you. I'm David, your cocksucker, Sir.
i like to lick balls
Im into mens g-strings, thongs (no womens panties) like to show off in thongs tight and tiny! & eyes,5'11',smooth body,vegetarian,musician/ technician,collector: old films of the 1920's,mens shoes of the 1970's,mens eyeglasses (I'm very myoptic),like to cook,naturally witty & sincere. Looking for a lovely pre- op transsexual lady (age:28-50)
hey guy, lets put together a bi mens luncheon at a local motel/hotel for mens enjoyment. would like to develop a monthly get together for those who wish to explore their manly drives with other men.....who is interested in the Atlanta area. Str8 guys, married wanting to explore those feelings with other bi-men who can show the enjoyment welcome.....need some feed-backHug
omg i just realized i have balls...yup clearly fefined :)lmao that was great need to put it nect to the mens rules ...and post them

Hugs matt and jay
We love to suck cocks and balls that are nicely shaved.It's hard to suck and lick an unshaved cock or balls.ed
The wife love to see me sucking and licking cocks and balls.She also enjoys helping me keep them cuming.She will also help him suck my cock and lick my balls.I think she might want to see me getting a hard cock up my ass very soon BI>.
i have been wearing since they came out on the market and i prefer to wear womrns over mens thongs the fit better and most mens have that seem right up the front where womens dont.i now am the prod owner of 52 pairs of womens thongs
Looking for a pussy to lick and someone to lick my Hersheys Kiss. I enjoy bi sexual versatile men, and pro fem bisexual women. I enjoy licking assholes ( men balls) and suckling nipples. Does anyone want to play?
Love to suck those small cocks as long as they are shaved cock and balls.Love to feel the base of the cock , and lick the balls:-P
I am MWM 45 5'10. 195. 6 in cut and shaved. I have very limited bi experience but I cannot quit fantasizing about it and masturbating as I fantasize. I would prefer to meet a cpl with bi male. I want to be your pleasure slave. Make me suck his dick while the female watches and plays with herself. I've used toys some so if I get really turned on I may top and bottom. I want to suck and lick his balls while he fucks her and then lick her cum filled pussy
My favorite is when she sits on his cock with her back to him, then leans back and lets me lick her clit while he fucks her. Also like to help him along by running my tongue along his cock and balls while he saws back and forth! Sometimes, he cums in her and I lick her clean and sometimes he pulls out and feeds me directly.

We would like to suck and lick your cock and balls. ed
Im oral discrete top into voyeurism jo or ? respectful of limits no recip ok love to just watch or give oral like to finger and lick balls. Love thick ones curved or bent ones big heads balls hard round white asses.. Have a place Can take digitals too if wanted.. Send pic or write me will answer all older ok married bi whatever..:P
i want to lick those balls and suck that cock
Hi Joe,

My name is Randy and I live in Marion, IN. I too am bisexual and would love to be cheered on by your wife while we have fun. I have always wanted to eat a pussy with a cock in it...lick the pussy...lick the cock...repeat. Another fantasy is to partake in some simultaneous penetration where the woman is sandwiched between the men taking one in the pussy and one in the ass, while the cocks and balls are rubbing each other.

Damn I'm Horny!!!

To give Duke the answer to his question to me is, That he tenses up and his breathing becomes more iratic and his balls are full instead of saggy. And he has the full fledged hard on. That is when he is getting ready to cum. When he starts breathing more heavily, hes getting there. And pull off then. Keep jerking his cock though. Hes hard now and getting ready. Kiss the head of his cock and lick him slowly on his underside of his head. This will change the mode of sensations. He will still be hard and on the edge. Lick that heads underside until you hear the heavy breathing again. At this time, hes ready to just explode again. Just pull off and kiss those swollen balls and keep your hand at the base of his cock. Now if your ready to get him off, suck his cock as deep as you can and give him some rythically sucking while finguring his ass( hell we don't all live by bjs alone). Hes done and your happy.
i lick to drese up lick a girll i lick to get suk iand i lick to play white young boys
Looking for a bi male in the worc. area that wants to sit back and let me suck his dick lick his balls and rim his ass with no rec. I like to be nude with a guy and just take care of him, see where it goes.:-P
I used to show ofdf my gun case and say that I could knock the balls off a fly at 300 yards lol!


M-M-F Threesome
I've had some hot bi 3somes with a couple. My favorite is when he sits on a sofa and she and I get between his legs. We lick his balls while he slowly strokes his cock and then we lick his shaft and take turns sucking him. After he's rock hard and wet she climbs up and I hold his cock and guide it into her pussy. Then I go back to licking his balls with my nose rubbing between her ass cheeks. As she slowly starts to ride his cock I lick his balls and shaft and kiss her ass. Then he spreads her cheeks for me and I lick her asshole . . . MMMMMMM
All Male Threesomes
i want to suck cocks and finger and lick and fuck mens bums
Gay Man First Time With A Woman
so i'm a gay man that has never been with a woman. i have been loooking for the opportunity to sleep with a woman but would like a man to show me the ropes. my fantasy is to watch acouple have sex then start joing by kissing them both. maybe progress to a little analingus on him then suck on his balls while he fucks her. i want to play with her tits and then with his help a cunnilingus and make her scream while we both eat her pussy clean. i'd love for him to suck me off a bit and get me hard and ready to fuck her then have him join me as we double penetrate her. i want to feel his balls slap up against mine while we pound her pussy and ass. i want to make her scream with pleasure and want him to show me how.
Creampie Eating Couples
i love to have a guy with a huge cock and balls fuck mu wife while he sucks my cock till we all cumm . also like to lick a big set of black balls while they fuck my wifes cumm filled pussy then lick his shaft and her ozzing cunt
Males In Panties
All small dicks should always be in panties. We dont need all the extra room that mens underwear has to accomodate a full grown cock, so we have no need for mens underwear. When you can not only fit in a pair of panties, but fit very nicely, panties are for you. When you fit in your wifes panties better than she should be in panties. When your tiny dick looks more like a deserve pantiesKiss
F-M-F Threesome
Hey Ladies out there in the PA,NJ,NY,DE,MD areas. I am looking for a female that can show me and my man a good time. Really I want you there for me to lick me in the right places, but i also want to you to show my man a good time also. I want a freak someone who isnt afraid to let loose. So if that is you hit me up. My man doesnt know about this search so if you want to help me surprise him hit me up. Only serious women should aply.:-P:-PFlowerKiss
F-M-F Threesome
Hey Ladies out there in the PA,NJ,NY,DE,MD areas. I am looking for a female that can show me and my man a good time. Really I want you there for me to lick me in the right places, but i also want to you to show my man a good time also. I want a freak someone who isnt afraid to let loose. So if that is you hit me up. My man doesnt know about this search so if you want to help me surprise him hit me up. Only serious women should aply.:-P:-PFlowerKiss
Men Eating Cum
i saw someone young likes to eat older mens cum, is there any young men here interested in eating older mens cum
Men Licking Pussy While She Is Getting Fucked
Something I always wanted to try: To lick a woman and and the guys balls while she is being fucked, then lick them both clean after he cums.
Fucking Wife While Husband Watches
I luv to watch my wife being fucked by another man,sometimes I join in and lick his balls and also lick her pussy while he bangs away.The best part is getting to lickk his hot jizz out after he has filled her up.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
any woman with a hubby or boyfriend want to watch me suck his cock, his balls and lick his asshole till he explodes all over my face. Would love to lick his cum off your pussy or mouth as well. :-P
Ball Licking
I love to lick and suck a guys balls as well as his cock. Sucking is my speciality. No anal...just hot cock and balls in my mouth while a woman watches and encourages me. MMMMMMMMMMMMum Good!:-D
Eating Cum From Pussy
Thank god I have found others like myself, for a long time I thought I was weird or sick, and now I know I am not alone. I love to lick and eat the a womans sloppy, very used pussy or asshole- this is heaven. I also love cleaning other mens cum covered dicks when they pull out. I am seeking women or couples who share this interest.LaughingFlower
Men Eating Cum
I love the taste of cum and have been privileged to suck cocks and swallow cum from many, many men. This started wheni I was the slave to a very dominant GF, she would use her strapon on me and have her GF's over to do me also. They would bring their husbands, boyfriends or any males that they wanted to show that they could strapon fuck a male. Then I would have to suck the guys off and swallow their loads, or suck their balls whole they f;d their women and I would lick up their loads or eat it from dripping juicy pussy. The nights always ended with me having o jerk off and eat my own cum. This may sound harsh, but I love cum and can't wait tll I get my next load.
Men Licking Pussy While She Is Getting Fucked
I love to lick her pussy while she is getting fucked. We do a 69 with her on top and I lick her until she is good and wet with my saliva and her juices. Then the first man slides his penis into her pussy right in front of my face. As he is sliding in and out I lick his balls and his cock and her clit. As they approach orgasm, she licks and sucks faster on my cock. Aftter he cums and pulls out, I lick and suck his cock clean of their juices and lick up any of his cum that runs out of her vagina. Then the next man slides his cock into her and I continue to lick them both. I can taste the cum on his cock from what was already inside her. At some point I cum and shoot my semen into her mouth. She swallows it and licks my cock clean. After all the men have fucked her, I lick all the delicious semen off her pussy and suck it out of her vagina.
Woman Who Lick Assholes
Ever wonder what it is like to lick a mans asshole. I can show you how.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
The hottest time I've had is licking a guys balls while he was fucking MY woman. She had me on my knees sucking his cock for a while when he was on the edge of the bed, she had him lay back and I was enjoying servicing his shaft and balls, I asked her to climb on and she did...started sliding up and down on his shaft with her pussy as I licked his balls. Sweet. We got into a nice slow rhythm where I would start with my tongue underneath his balls and slowly lick up his balls and up his shaft to where my womans pussy lips where stretched around his dick, and I would continue in a smooth motion up past her pussy lips and up to her sweet tight butt hole where I would slather her ass and give her a quick little rimming..then go back and start again...once I stopped just to watch her pussy slide up and down his cock...she reached back and pushed my head onto his balls again....sweetest thing I ever felt...if you are a couple in Seattle area...and want to give it a try ..let me know...

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