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Sluts in Casper

My guy and I are wanting to experience a threesome with another girl. I'm very curious and looking forward to it and he really wants to watch me be with another girl. We live around the casper area and am looking forward to when this can happen!
arent we two little sluts
Now if you think about i ..Men can be sluts too!!!!!!! and if you ask me its all good !!!!!!!!Hug
I Love Sluts!
hey any sexy sluts for me
Oh how I love lingerie sluts ;)
Hi Teri,

I have changed my view over the years on the use of the word slut. in my younger days a slut was someone who was extremely promiscuous and looked down upon by young men who were either dating or married to these women who could be categorized as a slut. as i grew older i came to appreciate women who were called sluts, esp afte i grew fond of the cuckold lifestyle. Now i wish my wife was a slut. i would love to have a relationship with a slut. i would love to have lots of female friends who thought of themselves as sluts. I would hope that any woman, given that we are now in the 21st century and all grown up, that if any woman wants to have as much sex as she feels like having, that we can call that woman a woman. But if i were a woman who fucked as much as i wanted, i would not be offended by the word slut. After all, its the fucked up minds of others who think the word slut is a pejorative.
Whores do it for money, tramps do it for attention, sluts do it 'cause its fun.
I love to twist men for my pleasure. Pain-sluts are my favorite. Who wants an heartless bitch to teach them a lesson.
I sent a reply last night, but I will try again. I am from Wyoming, born and raised, so I know the night life we both wanted just is not there. You really have to look for those who are willing to admit that they have the same feelings we have about sex. Men in Wyoming only go to bed with women or sheep but never another man. They go through life with blinders on missing the best part of what they feel and should be doing. I'm in Casper a great deal as I drive home and it would be nice to be able to stop and spend some time with someone like you. Lets talk and see what develops. Decon
We're 13 yrs difference, but that doesn't matter. What counts for us is sensuality, personality, common sense, and most important ... care for each other. The fact that we are sluts in love helps a bit too lolol

just for shits and giggles....the term slut, as defined by Webster's, is a dirty housekeeper!!! LOL We both consider ourselves 'sluts', but we have a really clean house!!!! labels are for organizational purposes....and who wants "organized" sex? :) lol lol lol lol
Slut should be a word of flattery for being brave. That's why I LOVE SLUTS! I liked all my women feeling free sucking cocks..They felt free AND gave me thebest blowjobs too! I watch a few suck other guys and loved it!
Sex for me is just a pleasurable pursuit. Something I do for the fun and enjoyment. I don't need an emotional attachment in order to have sexual fun. I guess I have just always been that way.

I think women have just been conditioned over the years to think we have to be chaste and if we enjoy no strings attached sex, we are just sluts and whores. The women I know that are sexually free and open also went through that stigma but then got past it and now just have fun for fun's sake.

Carol xoxoxo
Mmm that ass of yours looks might tasty white boy. Tell me have you eve considered having a Black Bull Master? I have 3 sluts who I am there Cuckold Bull, all 3 husbands are my Bitch Boys, litterally, I fuck them at their wives request.

What I want and need is a steady Bitch Boy for my own pleasure and joy. If you have the slightest interest contact me. My email is

We're a fun couple interseted in various possibilities we're both into Bi sex! She loves playing with the girls and he loves a nice Cock in his ass! Well just to name a In the right situation we can both be sub/sluts...
We do have occassional parties and are allways looing for new friends for regular/occassional play!
E-mail us if you'd like to play in Cape May!!!
Im looking for another female to have some wild intense love making to fullfill my Mans Fantasy. This is a gift from me to him, He wants to watch two females, kissing, eating each others pussys , etc... seeing two sexy sluts being very sensual and nasty too. possible some bondage if interested . Im a slave and owned by Master. We looking to find a nasty fun bi slut who has no inhibitions to being over webcam or my Master with us guiding me im still bi curious and i want this to be the ultimate experience for all of us.. ASAP


Whore And Slut Play For Your Partner
I seek hairy male sluts for kinky play

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!