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Wife Watches Husband Masterbate

I am very curious about being with another good looking amn while his wife watches. I would also love to have my way with the wife while the husband watches.
Sexy married couple looking for sexy experienced female for wife's first time while husband watches. Wife is very very naughty and would like husband to play naughty as well. Looking for big tits and ass for wife to suck and rub and pussy on. Also nice clit for husband to tease with big cock. Wife loves cum and would love to cum swap and have cum licked off pussy. Wife wants both pussys fucked at the same time. Interested?
Country people. Chill & like to cook out. Wife looking for a gf to have fun with while husband gets teased & watches. Husband won't be jointing. Wife is 5 5 160 36D. Only interested in white fem
66 years of age I have a penile implant . would like to experience bottom entry while husband's wife watches the penetrate wife and husband
We are looking for a man to just have fun while the wife watches and a female to have fun while the husband watches only!!
We are a happily married couple with an incredible appetite for sex. Husband has just admitted to wife that he is bi -curious. Wife is very supportive and is turned on by this revelation. We are a MMOM (monogamous mixed orientation marriage). However, we are interested in exploring cybersex with another male. Husband has a huge thick cock ,shaved and would like to JO with other male while wife watches.
I am fairly athletic. I like sharing my wife with other men, but have only had limited success in this department (twice), and I don't count on her playing. I would like to become the "second man" for a couple where the husband also like to share. I have been fantasizing about a same sex experience for years; the oral aspect, (giving and recieving) has especially intrigued me. The furtherst I had gotten was watching another man masterbate as he watched me masterbate (session was interrupted) a couple of years ago.
I'm looking for a bi married couple, the husband would be interested in meeting a submissive type guy (me) where his wife directs me on activities, I throughly enjoy giving a husband oral while wife watches and or joins. Also looking for a local male who will allow me to service him on a regular basis.
Wife looking to have sex with a woman while husband watches. Husband will lick your pussy while you lick my wife's. Wife licks your pussy while you suck my cock.
We are a married couple looking to have a women for the wife to please while the husband pleases the wife or watches.
we are outgoing people open to some new things we are looking for a bi/gay male for husband and wife watches or maybe oral with wife.
We are a maried couple. Wife is Bi and Hubby is straight. Looking for a Bi female for wife while husband watches and will join in if asked
Looking for a gay or bi guy for husband to play with while wife watches. You will be giving and reciving oral as well as jerking it for the wife to see. Looking for an uncut guy, clean shaven and D/D free.
we enjoy playing and experimenting with one another but are looking into something more. we want a female to get to know then join in some sexual play. the wife may be in charge, maybe some bondage and the wife watches and participates while husband gets pleased
Husband and wife and the wife is bisexual and is looking for a women to play with while husband watches or fucks while wife and other women play,
Wife looking for female friend. Possible sex while husband watches
We are a fun filled couple looking for someone to have fun with. I, the wife, am looking for a woman to have fun in bed with while my husband watches.
I just Love playing with a husband while the wife watches! I'm in central NJ So if any one wants to play while thier wife watches let me know! (I'm not apposed to her joining in. LOL) Ive been on this site for along time and it seems like no one in NJ wants to play for real.
I just Love playing with a husband while the wife watches! I'm in central NJ So if any one wants to play while thier wife watches let me know! (I'm not apposed to her joining in. LOL) Ive been on this site for along time and it seems like no one in NJ wants to play for real.
hi me and the husband are new on here looking for a woman to come and play with just me while husband watches if your interested drop me a inbox Hug xxxxx
A suspicious husband hired a private eye to check on the movements of his wife. In addition to a written report, the husband wanted a video of his wife's activities.

A week later, the detective returned with a film. They sat down together and proceeded to watch it.

Although the quality was less than professional, the man saw his wife meeting another man! He saw the two of them strolling arm in arm and laughing in the park. He saw them enjoying themselves at an outdoor cafe. He saw them dancing in a dimly lit nightclub. He saw them take part in a dozen activities with utter glee.

"I just can't believe this," said the distraught husband.

"What's not to believe?" the detective said. "It's right up there on the screen!"

"I simply can't believe my wife could be so much fun!" the husband replied.

Be Happy
D i c k:)
We are a bi couple but wife's out o town so I wanna let some dude fuck me while his wife watches I will be the bitch of the night when wife returns home ill introduce her too.
We are a fun married couple looking to heat things up. We are both 27, clean and disease free, and laid back.

We are looking for either a guy who would not mind getting freaky with the hubby wile the wife watches and possibly joins in, or a girl that wants to get freaky with the wife while the hubby watches and possibly joins in on some oral pleasure.

Any questions, please ask!
Hi, I'm looking for nsa fun within my locality with anyone. I'm very easygoing and very broadminded...any suggestions welcome! I prefer to fuck rather than being fucked, but only slightly. I'd love to fuck either husband or wife while their partner watches and then joins in...but as I've said, any suggestions welcome!
Mistress (wife) seeks sub bi man for oral play with husband only. There will be no sex with wife, no touching, and no talking to wife unless spoken to directly. I will be directing the action between you and my husband ONLY. You will be expected to suck his cock, swallow his cum, and he will be forced to do the same to you. You will be told to crawl and beg, lick my shoes etc. I want to order you two to do nasty dirty things to each other. My husband will be ordered to service me during playtime, you must watch. Be sane, clean, ddf! Email us if your interested. P.s. You may be forced to prove that your are truly bisexual. KissHug
well rob i think that my husband and i can help you out, we are looking for a man to join our doninatrix humiliation/violation role play now i am in charge but we are lokking for that right guy to come in and take over while i wacth and who is willing to fuck me while my husband watches and who would not mind a strap on if interested
one night a husband and wife are sitting at home enjoying tv the husband is eatting peanuts throwing one after another in the air catching them in his mouth. he threw one up as his wife called him and he turn his attention to her and the peanut when into his ear. he tried to get it out with his finger but it slid farther into his ear. his wife tried with twesiers but the peanut slid even farther.they decided to go to the hospital when their daughter and her boyfriend came home and found out what was going on. the boyfriend said let me try my trick if it doesn't work then go to the hospital the husband saya ok and sat down.the boyfriend explained that he was going to put his fingers in his nose and then he needed to blow as hard as he can. so they tried it the boyfriend put his fingers in the husbands nose and he blew as hard as he could and the peanut shot out of his ear. everybody was so happy the husband and wife began to watch tv again while their daughter and her boyfriend went into the kitchen. what a nice boy said the wife i wonder what he's going to be then her husband says by the smell of his finger our son in-law
Mwc in our forties seek clean, sane, and ddfree bi male for oral/more? With husband only while wife watches. She will be fully clothed, and only participating with me until she feels comfortable. Could eventually lead to all sorts of fun for the right guy. Meet in hotel. Please be older and mature. Big cocks(hoping she'll share) a ++. be shaved or trimmed.
It's not a bad thought and something I definitely plan to do someday.

Let me know if you are a couple and you like any of the following:
1) Husband fucking me while I fuck your wife;
2) 69 with wife while husband fucks me;
3) Having the wife's clit being licked while she is being fucked;
4) 2-on-1 guys giving oral to the wife, getting her to cum, then both guys kissing it in their mouths while she sucks both of us off. DEFINITELY want to try this one!

I'm single ATM but there are plenty of others interested in me, more IRL than BP.
Unfortunately, none of the women who would date me are into swinging, they are just interested in me. Kinda complicates life because I have a detached view when it comes to sex and don't really like other people telling me what I can do with my own body.
Searching for a sexy naughty experienced female for wife's first time. Must have big tits and ass. Wife is extremely naughty and wants husband to play too. Must love to eat pussy have clit teased and fucked as same time as wife and love to Lick husband's cum of wife's pussy
Hey there Kaye, if you are still interested in setting this arrangement up I'm game for you. How about contacting me and we can see what comes of it. If your husband doesn't mind watching or he can joint in I'm all for it. I've never been bi-curious but there might be that side of me and you and hubby can be my first too. If you just want to watch me, and while I try to work your husband I'll try that but you have to join in okay. Or I'll masterbate for you as well, but promise me that you will cum in my mouth. Sound like a deal. Send me an email and lets see if we can make this happen. Your place or mine. ---- I'm in Jax too! I'll send you my pic upon request. Hope you get this and are still interested. SLEJAX
My husband and I are looking for an experienced lesbian or bisexual to fulfil a fantasy. We want to have her and myself please each other while he watches and then have her lick my clit and suck and play with my nipples as he has sex with me. I will also continue to play with her. But my husband doesn't want to have sex with her. How can I find a lady for that?
It would be nice to have another man in the room with us . We always wanted to have a 3 some. Being watched or watching someone fucking my wife is a fantasy of mine. Also would love to suck on a man cock while my wife watches us.
We are hoping to find another couple (bi or bicurious) that would ALSO desire to try same-sex play. Husband with husband, and wife with wife. No swap.

My wife wants to do everything w/ a woman... kissing, touching, oral, etc.
I want to have a lot of cock-play... touching, stroking, sucking, etc... make it cum. No kissing nor anything anal.

We know this is restrictive for most - we get it - but we also need to be true to OUR desires. This is what we're looking for. Just putting it out there.


Bang My Wife
hi Olympia, Washington State male here, and would love to bang a mans wife while the husband watches and also wants to join afterward also, i love to play and would love to be watched banging a wife while the husband watches first and then joins om or even with the husband possibly filming it also.Kiss
M-M-F Threesome
I always enjoy a 3sum with sexy couples. Especially love a mouthful of cock while the wife watches us or getting fucked while she watches and plays with herself. Most fun is to fuck the husband or suck his cock and receive strapon from the wife. I also enjoy being deep in one of the wifes holes and ridden hard from hubby.

Anyone interested?
Wives Sharing Hubby's Dick With Men
I am looking for this fantasy of mine. Husband finds a bifemale to take to his wife. We get to destination and before i come in he blind folds her. I go in lead her to the bed lay her down. I start kissing,touching her as I slowly remove her clothes off piece by piece. No communication at all. Husband watches while all of this seduction goes on. She stays blindfolded while I touch,kiss,suck,lick her all over. I want to make her cum alottt. Then after a bit her husband joins in and he and I take her to another level.
Suck My Husbands Cock
Would enjoy sucking off ones husband as wife watches
Women Watching While I Suck Their Man
would love to suck dick while wife watches and let wife suck me then let me slide on her husband while she kisses me Kiss
Girl On Girl While Men Watch
couple in sw virginia looking for females to be with wife while husband watches and fucks her...the more the get at us soon so we can get the party started..
Fucking Husband While Wife Watches
I Love to Fuck a Man while his wife WATCHES me and plays with her pussy or stands in front of me and tells me to lick her pussy while I fucking her Husband
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Couple in centfl looking for a Dom bimale to join us for some real fun times. Hubby loves to be Dom by a man while wife watches. Wife want's to help him penetrate hubby from behind while she watches up close, she also wants to see the mans cum spill out of her hubbies ass, after he's been fucked
Anal Sex
we are looking for a male or two males who are willing to humiliate and violate my husband while i watch and who are willing to fuck my pussy while my husband watches
Male Whore
def want to get used like a total whore by dudes or a MF couple. totally treated like a fuckslut and cumhole. Maybe for a husband and wife where the husband wants a lot more hole than the wife wants to give ....
Couples With Bisexual Men
I love being a woman for the husband whikle the wife watches! It is so much fun being comfortable with a couple who knows they have the trust and discretion with me that great sex brings to our lives! Anyone who is hung up or worried about their own posessive nature is missing out on the freedom of hot hot pleasure with me!!Flower
Age Play
I have a fantasy about meeting a bi couple, going back to their place, getting naked. Husband and I start sucking each other while the wife watches while she masturbates. Then their two young sons walk in and catch us and the couple has them play with me.
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
love to deepthroat adn swallow load as wife watches and joins in later i lvoe to suck cock while gf an wife watches cum i can host and very discreet love cock:-PHug:-D:-P:-P
Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
I would love to suck a nice cock while my wife watches then drink his load. Or sucking another mans cock while his wife or sister or mom or whomever watches then me taking his load.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
Bi-sexual couple seeking sane, clean, attractive bi-man to suck husbands cock and fuck him while wife watches. We are a discreet professional couple who love everything about our sexuality. We would only add another strong, shaved, clean cock to the party and only for the husband. You would need to be, as we are, d&d free, athletic and sane. You would be tall (as in 6ft min.), athletic (muscular is a plus, athletic is a must), >6 inches in length and willing to make my husband the little bitch he desires to be. if this sounds like you hit me up and we can discuss. Flower
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Bi-couple seeking bi-man (cleam, d/d free, attractive, smooth, muscular/athletic, >6inches, top) for cock-sucking, sissy, bottom husband while wife watches. We are both discreet professionals and expect same. Will possibly travel, depends on situation. Hit me up if this sounds like something to discuss!
Bang My Husband
Seeking local/nearby couples who want the husband fucked by a gentle bisexual top. I love the idea of a wife watching as I penetrate her husband, Maybe he will be performing orally on her, as I penetrate him from behind? Not necessary for me to play with the wife, but I sure would enjoy it if it happens!!! Branson, Missouri 65616.

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