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Wives First Lesbian Experience Frront Her Husband

I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
Well me and my husband are young and newly married. We just had a baby 5 months ago and we need some spice in our relationship. I honestly have been wanting to have my first lesbian experience for awhile now. I would like to mess around with a cute girl first then introduce her to me and my husband. :)
I've never had a chance to be in a lesbian situation and am now married which is why I describe myself as being bisexual. My husband is amazing, but I have such a curiosity and sexual urge to check out women and imagine being in a physical situation with them that it is overwhelming. I really want to experience a lesbian liaison without any strings attached.
New to this lifestyle but have been thinking about it for a long time. I am very interested in women and have the full go ahead of my husband. We are a couple who are looking for another coupld for a discreet friendship/relationship between the wives only. Discreet is a word that we both like. We are both open-minded, easy going, and are just looking for a couple to get to know and have some fun. We are both 52 years of age, enjoy our cottage and the outdoors. We are looking for a couple that we can establish a friendship with as well as the wives having a little extra fun.
I am basically Romantic, Generous and Gentile. I have had sex with other men's wives before. On one occasion husband sucked me while I had sex with her. When I cumed I withdrew from her to allow him to suck and swallow my thick cream. I have had no other bi experience. I would love to have more. I will be very generous toward a couple Who are trim and highly sexed. I am available mostly during the day.
Curious about having a threesome with another female with my husband or maybe just a lesbian experience
Wife would like to explore and experience the art and pleasure of creampie eating. Husband would like to experience a threesome with two women. We are a professional couple in our 40's in central Indiana seeking to expand our sexual horizon. We would like to make a new female friend with a similar desire. She can be lesbian, bi-sexual or simply bi-curious with compatible interests.
ENCONIUM. Translated loosely means TRIBUTE. What Roman men would do was tie their wives down and bring in a cocksman. This cocksman would then proceed to perform sexual acts as ordered by the husband. The husband would also take his pleasure with both the cocksman and his wife when and how he chose. It was done as a ceremony which was called De Visitatione Rara, (a rare visit).

The cocksman wears a mask so as to remain annonomus throughout this ceremony. When it ends he is escorted out and thanked, it was considered vulgar for the wife to know the identity of the cocksman. This method was used many times when two male members of the nobility admired each others wives. If you have eight fat inches or better and are bi drop me a line that is if you have interest in such a thing.
I am 18 years old. looking for an expierenced bi or lesbian girl in the tacoma/pierce county area to have a lesbian experience with. looking for ages 18-21.
Hi Donna, I didn't know the circumstances of your first time, when we talked in chat, and I can understand why the interaction between your husband and her would be a little discerning. This is my opinion and you can do what you want with it. But I would forget getting involved with the ex again. Threesomes take a certain amount of emotional toll on you without the added burden of ex-wives or lovers. Find someone for the two of you, that exclusively belongs to the two of you. I think if you start with a clean slate, so to say, you will feel differently about making it a complete shared experience between the three of you. Hug Sweetie, threesomes are very unique and it takes time, emotional energy, and unrelenting trust, to make them truly a good experience.
Kiss Karen
My husband and I are looking for an experienced bi female or even a lesbian in the richmond/charlottesville Virginia area willing to play with us or let my husband watch.
I was reading an article online about how morman men can have multiple wives so why couldnt women have multiple the end of the article the woman stated that it was a nice fantasy like it couldnt be possible. I am asking for ya'lls opinion on this if men can have multiple wives why is it so impossible to believe that women can have multiple it so crazy to believe that women want this or is it just me. Thoughts, opionions, comments, anything.


Looking for a lesbian friend that I can have sex with one on one or come to the bedroom with me & my husband with no touching of any sort of my husband just me... Std free & drug free please either in the pierre, sd area or will to travel to come see me... Kiss
18-21 Female
Me& my husband are looking for bisexual or lesbian female age 20- 35 in Oh,for our first threesome if interested e-mail us.Hug
Black Bi Women
Hey, 29 yr old black female looking to meet women for first lesbian experience.
1 Man 2 Women
My husband and I looking for single female or your mate can b there for u. I've had one experience and looking for more but this time my husband wants to play too.. No drama from us. Easy going couple looking tofulgill fantasy
Women For Threesomes
Me&my husband are looking for a bisexual or lesbian female age 20- 35 in Northwest Ohio, for our first threesome if interested email us.:-P
2 Girls 1 Guy
Man Kevin you must have met the wrong women. I had a great experience with another woman and my husband we had no trouble with orgasm or who did what. I am looking for another experience hopefully this one is even better.

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Thank you for the welcome. So far, this looks like a great site. I do so want to experience my long time dream of a same sex experience. I just may have the chance here.