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Wives That Want Husban Watch

I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
like to watch and help with the wives or girlfriends in either a 3somes or one on one or if the husbands like to watch
I enjoy all sex, oral, anal, straight, like to do wives with husband who like to watch or join in helping me satisfy his wife completely. I also like to watch couples have sex, so I would also be a voyouer..
i am a white female with blond hair and blue eyesi am about 5ft 5in me and my husban are looking for a bisexale female to join us my husban is brown hair and brown eyes he's about5ft 10in
ihave long brown hair and married ihave greats booies size38d ihave shaved p***Y my husban is very oneopen mind to my bisexl i want to be with waman only woman so if you are man for get i have one of thoses my husban wood like to wacth and be joyin in be ??? depeons on how you feel about that makes the woman feel about that
Two of my three wives were hot wives. I loved the lifestyle and couldn't get enough of it. Now I live with my memories and fantasies.
I am a bi-curious female looking to have my fist encounter with a sexy female. My husban would like to watch first and then join in.
Hello well me and my husban have a good marrage but im bi and we are lookign for someone to come n to our sex life if u want to say it like that :) well we are open mined people and love to meet new people, im a drinker and a partyer on the weekends and a mom on weekday's lol i havent been with another women n a while but i do love them.. my husban has always wanted to see me with another woman, but we havent found that right one yet:) so please no games and drama we are a family here and would like to keep it that way.. so if this sounds good to u then please let me know..
Gay man that loves having sex with bi guys while their wives/gf's watch or join in.
Just a really cool and laid back guy willing to help single men, divorced men, or even married men come to terms with their curiosity, desires and needs. I don't do wives, but they're more than welcome to join their husbands and play. I love being lovers with the men and friends with their wives.
I am bisexual, I love to give guys blow jobs, but would enjoy having the wife watch me suck her husbands dick and lick his asshole and balls. I would like to watch guys fuck their wives and girlfriends and even join in. A large group or just 2 or three sounds good to me.
easy going guy who likes to have fun with couples and singles. i am nice looking with a hairy chest and 7.5 x 5 cut cock. i like to help wives with their husbands and help husbands with wives. i also like one on one
I am a gentleman first. I enjoy watching and joining when asked. I like to watch others wives. I am down to earth and consider myself a guy next door kind of guy.
We are an older couple. My fiance (man) had former wives who engaged in bi-sexual sex while he watched. He wants me to do that so he can watch & participate a little. I am new to this so I want someone who is as old as me who I can dominate (that's want he wants).
i am a normal guy with an office job. it i go to the gym regularly. i am interested in guys who cheat on their wives and wives who cheat on their men.
Tall, caucasian male with an average build that loves and great looks. I love to fuck the wives of guys who really like to watch.
Husban and I are looking for bi male or bicurious male to have a safe hookup tonight ..husbands first bicurious experience but definitely ready and wants me to do some light dominating of the 2 of you and make u also do things to me husband likes to watch .pm ASAP thanks dalton ga area..
no way im a straight man my self and when we party with other couples we usually watch our wives or girls go at it eventually we swap but in no way do you come in contact with the other dude.
hi how are you well me and my husban is looking forward to meeting you and fucking you
Would love to join you and your husban...Keep me in mind I'm close by
Looking for a jerk off buddy to hang out with, watch porn, some oral play. Maybe trade some pics of our wives or GF to jerk off on.
Staying on the strip... Looking to blow Bi/Straight guys... In-shape/Hung guys between 18-40.

Lay back, spread your legs, and let me give you the best head of your life.

Girlfriends/Wives are welcomed to watch.
I may be listed as gay, but I was married for 35 years with grown kid's, no we did not devorce, she up and died on me 12 years ago. Never in 35 years did i cheat on her, she was my best friend. So after saying that I would love to join you and your husban for some sexy fun, been there done that, as long as you have a wicked immagenation.
I used to do this many years ago and it is totally hot!
We would variations - my favorte was that no was allowed to touch another until the game was over (although there was some things going on under the table!! Hug). By the time the game is over, everyone was so hot and horny we would all just about explode as soon as a hand or mouth touched your cock.

Another favorite was to allow the wives/gf's to attend but could not play. They could only watch! Of course, this meant that the girls, at some point, would begin playing with each other which adds ANOTHER distraction to the game.
I was reading an article online about how morman men can have multiple wives so why couldnt women have multiple the end of the article the woman stated that it was a nice fantasy like it couldnt be possible. I am asking for ya'lls opinion on this if men can have multiple wives why is it so impossible to believe that women can have multiple it so crazy to believe that women want this or is it just me. Thoughts, opionions, comments, anything.
With so many countries now embracing Gay Marriage, should there be a push to do the same with Plural Marriage?
After all, assuming that ALL the parties involved are fully consenting adults, what's wrong with say four guys becoming husbands or a man having two or more wives etc.
Some religions and sects encourage it and until the later middle ages it was common all over the world - Although this was almost always one man with many wives.
We're open to the idea, indeed a couple more husbands and another wife would be quite useful to us right now!
By the way, this post isn't intended to sort out the issues of human relationship and the problems that would happen in plural marriage, just the principle
I love deep throat other married men whos wives or g/fs don't for some reason or another, & they use to ask do you swallow now they don't ask & none of them hold my head I take my teethout and I can take up to 11 inches of cut I prefer cut, cock into my mouth and throat, tim said the other day when I was having a Bukkake Party I can see dons cock in his throat watch, and when don said he was cumming my throat muscles seem to tighten up and I get gobs of fresh cum into my waiting tummy, so Yes I love to see other guys jerking them selves to a point of no return that's when I take it straight down my throat. :-P:-PLaughingLaughingKissKiss :-D|8B:-P:-P
ENCONIUM. Translated loosely means TRIBUTE. What Roman men would do was tie their wives down and bring in a cocksman. This cocksman would then proceed to perform sexual acts as ordered by the husband. The husband would also take his pleasure with both the cocksman and his wife when and how he chose. It was done as a ceremony which was called De Visitatione Rara, (a rare visit).

The cocksman wears a mask so as to remain annonomus throughout this ceremony. When it ends he is escorted out and thanked, it was considered vulgar for the wife to know the identity of the cocksman. This method was used many times when two male members of the nobility admired each others wives. If you have eight fat inches or better and are bi drop me a line that is if you have interest in such a thing.
hmmm, more wives than teeth. LOL
i absolutely love porn. i mainly watch lesbian as that gets me so turned on and wet especially when girls go down on each other. i do watch it on my own when bf is at work. but when we watch it together we watch 3sums (2 girls 1 guy, or groups) then keep it on while having very good sex. it just gets me sooo horny and wet. just reading all these comments has got me horny ;) xx
I love wives that like their man giving head!
well it is half and half but am on thinking that more find it a turn on then they say as said before only spoken to one women who finds it a turn on and would love to watch me and another man togther and she is bi her self. for me seeing two men having sex is a turn on and same if i watch two women i watch gay porn as often as i watch straight porn but would really love to meet a girl who sit there and watch gay porn with me and to find it as exciting as i do or to even want to watch me with with another man and from all your replys am more hopefull then before that this can happen so thank you all for taking the time to reply it does help alot
I was thinking of heading over this Thursday to rooftop but was unsure about the crowd... I have a feeling I may only be there to watch, I have not had a bisexual experience yet and watch to watch a little before I decide to do anything...

what I understand it's from 10:00am to 6:00pm


Watching Guys Have Anal
Any wives, girl friends or couples in Atlanta that want to watch men having anal, I will be happy to be the top or bottom. Enjoy yourself ladies and watch.
Women Watching While Their Men Fuck Me
I Love it when my friends bring along their wives or female partners and they watch us having sex. I especially enjoy how excited some of them get as they watch their lover slide his hard throbbing cock in and out of my ass...Grin
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
I have recieved requests from women who wanted to watch me suck off guys and I have been very happy to oblige. I enjoy sucking cock and having a woman watch me do it makes it more fun :-D I have had the pleasure of sucking off a group of several men while the wives of some of them were watching....deliteful.;)
Pussy Licking
Want to lick a pretty pink pussy, while my husban watches. Any takers?? Want some fun this weekend!!
Fuck My Wife
Looking to fuck guys wives while they watch or join in.
I live in Bloomington , Indiana
7.5 " uncut
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
HI I am a Bisexual TV. I love to fuck guy while thier wives and gielfriends watch.

I travel a lot to Califonia and Denver.

I would love to meet a sexy coupe interested in meeting.

Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
Mmmm guy fucking my mouth and another fucking me in the ass....while ours wives watch. Then they start switching, going ass to mouth on me. Damn I just came in my pants.
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
one guy fucking my mouth and another fucking me in the ass....while ours wives watch. Then they start switching, going ass to mouth on me.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I don't have a wife, but I'd be happy to suck one or more Dicks whail being watched by their wives watch. Better yet, I'd love to suck one or more Dicks with the wife choreographs, orchestrates and directs the whole event.

Be Happy:):-P:):-PKiss;)
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I would love to find a couple with a bi male. It would be great to suck each others cock while the wives watch. I have suck a cock once but it was to fast. I want to play with his cock, make it hard in my mouth. maybe if I'm not so selfish I might share it with my wife or his. I want to fell the cock pulsating in my mouth while cumming. Any couple out there ?
Creampie Eating Couples
Any wives in So Cal?
Fucking Wife While Husband Watches
Looking for wives in So Cal. :)
Fuck My Wife
Looking for wives in Salem, OR and So Cal.
Love mature women and wives of different races. In So Cal.
Cream Pies
A cum filled pussy is what most men do when they fuck their wives or girlfriends.
Cheating Wives
well where are all the cheating wives out there wanting to meet for discreet and wild sex? i travel for it.Kiss
I can't look at the rocket launch
The trophy wives of the astronauts
And I won't listen to their words
'Cause I like

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