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2Cnudist Colonies

Anybody know of any clothing optional reserves(nudist or naturist colonies) near the cal central coast?
I personally see nothing wrong with public nudity. I for one hate wearing clothes and there are no nudist colonies in my city. Not to mention my room mate doesn't want to see me in the natural. We do have a nude beach; however, one has to go down a steep dirt path to enter and I have disabilities which prevent me from doing such.
Wrong on the England Part. Canada and England do not always act together. nor would Canada only act after England declares its commitment. However, when all sides agree that acting is in the best interest of the people then of course Canada would act, not because England chooses to do so, but because it would be the right thing to do.

Please understand that, while Canada originally was two colonies, British and French, and it was the loyalty to the British Monarchy which you may still see today in some sectors of our society, please understand that the citizens of Canada overwhelmingly want to sever ties with the Monarchy altogether. I other words, if it were us to us, the Queen would not be on our money. nor would anyone swear loyalty to a monarchy because they in fact do only pisses us off.
thank you guys for all that you are doing to keep our BP family together....can't help but say......another jab by government...big brother hard at work..again....each day a little more of our freedoms are slipping away....instead of finding solutions to the hugh gas prices that are lining peoples pockets..or trying to keep our jobs here at home, ( another lining of pockets going on there....) we have to defend our rights to the government that WE elected into office.......people....ya'll better take notice......more and more each day.....our freedoms are being taken away from us as we just sit by doing my opinion, its time for working americans to take back washington... take back america.... from the professional politicians, lobbyist and lawyers...replace them with " normal " everyday working people..cut out the fluff and ridiculous salaries being paid.....and get our country back on track... remember a few years back.... those guys from 13 colonies.....a government of the people... for the the people....remember .....they had a tea get their point across.....maybe everyday americans need to unite behind a common idea and have us a another party.... maybe as a defining force, the members of BP should take the first steps....write our elected officials from local towns on up to washington... send emails......telephone calls.....letters to the editors of newspapers and radio stations... let OUR voices be heard over the red tape rattle of money hungry politicians of big brother....
sorry ya'll.....i am viet nam vet and seeing what so many have fought and died for , thru countless wars and " conflicts " become totaly in vain.......well really... pisses me off....
just my opinion and knows they may or may not be shared by anybody...but something to get people to think and talk about maybe....
thanks for letting me " bitch "
" kinkman "


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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!