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Wyoming Foursomes

Travel between Wyoming and Seattle, Wyoming To Ft. Worth Often. I love the outdoors especially hiking and camping.
I am very openmided to the lifestyle. I enjoy a wide variety of things both sexual and non sexual. I prefer someone with intelligence as a partner since it seems to work out better for all that way. I enjoy couples greatly. I know there are more bi people out there in Wyoming or passing through and would love to meet them. As to my moral outlook I firmly believe in the adage ,Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo. Perhaps if we spent more time worrying about not policing the bedrooms we could focus more on what is truly needed in this country. Enough of the soap box, I look forward to hearing from all in Wyoming or just passing through to see what can happen.
fun loving, looking to see who's in wyoming
just a 38 yr old crossdresser from wyoming, looking for others with the same interests
just your average wyoming guy looking to see what is available in this lonely state!!
wyoming girl here. 5'2 and average. lots of fun both good and bad.
I sent a reply last night, but I will try again. I am from Wyoming, born and raised, so I know the night life we both wanted just is not there. You really have to look for those who are willing to admit that they have the same feelings we have about sex. Men in Wyoming only go to bed with women or sheep but never another man. They go through life with blinders on missing the best part of what they feel and should be doing. I'm in Casper a great deal as I drive home and it would be nice to be able to stop and spend some time with someone like you. Lets talk and see what develops. Decon
I wish you would travel to wyoming
Well what part, of Wyoming
How about wyoming j woukd love to suck you'r cock
Looking for threesomes, and foursomes, check out our profile and let us know if your interested.
we live on the joplin end of missouri !! new to this but my hubby has had alot of experance with threesomes and foursomes???


we just absolutely love to have foursomes with bisexual couples. One bed free for all.
We also love to have foursomes with other bisexual couples as there is several holes aching to be filled and no one is ever left out...:)
Cum In My Wife
I love letting my girl get fucked. She loves to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Most of the time she ends up hooking up with a guy she has fucked before but sometimes she meets someone new from the club and they either go to her place (we have separate residences) or his and fuck each others brains out. Afterwards, she comes over to my place and we have hot sex with me pushing through some other guys jizz. I love that feeling. I love to lick her pussy a lot of the time too. I cum so hard when she has been fucked. Sometimes I pull out and try to shoot all over her body. I've even hit the wall on many occasion!

Sometimes she calls me and leaves her phone connected and I listen to her have sex. I get so hot stroking my cock that I have a hard time not cumming.

We have had many threesomes and foursomes. It is a lot of fun to be in the same room with a new pussy watching her take a pounding from a new guy, or friend. I especially like the sounds she makes when the guy pumps his load deep inside her!

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!