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Hello, we havent been on much lately and we are popping on more and more. We are looking for some friends to start with. We are easy going, honest people. We are looking for the same. Must be willing to be friends above all else first. Even if that is all we become, another friend never hurts.. Read our profile, if we interest you, message us, you never know what can happen!

I’m in the same boat as you looking go a new friend

Its hard to do Capt! I am finding it increasingly hard to do! Just depressing on it right now! LOL

My circle of friends are all work related After 15 years of marriage the flame is real dim that’s why I’m looking for one good friend who is in the same boat as me plus it’s hard to make time for new friends I’m sure if I started drinking I would have a lot of so called friends so since I don’t drink friends are few and far in between they say a dog is mans best friend so mine is but I don’t live down south and have relations with animals (lmfao) but a man has needs I gues that’s why god gave us hands and fingers and sex toy shops!!

I am stuck in a small town and have not got a hint of anyone who may be bi.

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