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Hello all!

We felt it was time to give an update. We started the site back in 2002 and over time added new features and tried to fix and improve features along the way. Time passes quickly and it became obvious BP needed a total overhaul, especially to work with different technology such as phones, tablets, and all the other screens out there. Over the past year, we finally began creating a new, updated, much friendlier to use version of BP. Every page and line of code is being changed to work better. Those who have been following our "Status or "Mood" on our profile know we've been re-doing section after section. We finished certain features but were unable to release them due to the whole site being integrated together.

We have many wonderful members who have supported us and given us their feedback on what they love about BP and what can be better. We've taken all of it into consideration for the overhaul. A little over a month ago, we were finally able to start letting in some of the members who have gone above and beyond helping us improve the site over the years. Many of them have been members for 10 years or more. We asked for their feedback, what they like and don't like, and what needs to be fixed. What we got so far has been amazing... including a 100+ page printed out version of the site mailed to us with feedback. We were shocked and appreciative. We've never gotten anything like that before and went through it page by page. Others have written long email upon long email that went on for miles giving us their thoughts! One of our best helpers joined the site in 2002, and boy did he have a lot to say. We've been challenged with keeping parts of the site that many members know and love while moving it into the year 2018 and beyond. Those who we have let in have flooded us with support and compliments, and for the things that they didn't care for, we worked with them to try to improve those areas. We are beyond appreciative for all of our testers' feedback and their ideas on how to make BP even better!

Where are we at right now? We get closer and closer to being able to release it to all BP members everyday. We still have a handful of things to add to the site, and then we will begin the tedious process of testing every feature thoroughly. We are currently giving special access to those who have helped BP extensively over the years. We are also adding in lifetime members who have been with BP a very long time. At the moment, we are only adding in members in small batches, and fixing any issues they come across. We will keep doing this as well as working everyday towards releasing it to all members.

Thank you all for your patience, feedback and support!
The Webmasters

This is a MAJOR undertaking folks!

Please join me in offering a well deserved round of applause for our host and hostess!

Job well done and thank you for all y'all do.

Yes, thank you for giving us all the fun and for the work you've done.

Pattie and Bill are simply the best and they have done such an awesome job with the site and all the new things. both for your hard work.

We are very appreciative of the hard work and dedication Bill and Pattie put into our wonderful playground. that we're moving forward into 2018 and love what it looks like so far. Much loveโค

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ ‘

Thanks for the hard work . . looking forward to seeing the upgrade

Looking forward to seeing whatโ€™s in store!

Wow! super happy to read this , im a proud member and i paid my lifetime and still happy to be part of this fantastic community. you guys keep up with the amazing work.

When are you going to add live cams so we can interact more with fellow bi`s?

I have signed on for another year... I am happy to still be here and cannot wait to see the new additions! Thank you both for all you do for the site. I look forward to the changes, I am sure they will be great!

When I joined the site, I really enjoyed all aspects of the site. I've met many people from the site both in person and through the chat. There has been very many surveys and even more post's. I want to tell you Bill and Patti, you have generated a great site and I look forward to improvments.

Very much agree with all of the above accolades.... so understated about how helpful and considerate Bill & Patti are... decent and caring, makes this whole site so much better than any other... it is so refreshing, never a problem that can't be addressed if even seemingly unsolvable... always there for us, even those of us brain challenged at times! Several times in the past, i think many of us have had issues with web sites, and no personal nor reasonable approaches are made to resolve individual issues; this never has been the case with BP, nor our illustrious webbies... far superior to any where else.. so positive and supporting... can't give enough kudos to them, and what they have done to make this a totally top playground to be a part of from this lifer!! for all the hard work and dedication!

You are an amazing couple and this site is a true treasure. Please let me know how I can help!


Thank you so much all Your support keeps us motivated everyday! Members give us feedback all the time. The compliments are wonderful and let us know we are doing it right, and the criticism let's us know we can do it better. We finished more of the help sections last night, and fixing the bugs our current testers found. This week we will be double checking the new navigation system - so when you click on something, you go where you expect to go!

JoeBoogie, live cams sound like fun, once the new version is up for the public, we've got a whole bunch of fun helpful new features to add. We'll keep in mind live cams

Amazingly we still have 100's and 100's of lifetime members who still visit the site as well as many extremely long term paying members, thank you to those who stuck with us through the long haul.

Members who responded here, thanks for the extra support, I've added your name in to be added into earlier access/testing batches. We'll keep you all updated!

The Webmasters

Thank you so much!!

I am totally amazed at how much better the new version is over the old. It to me is alot easier to get around on and is alot brighter and bigger than the old version, which is good for my old worn out eyes lmao. The Home page is just gonna knock your socks off compared to the old one.
Pattie and Bill.... you have made an awesome place for us all to play and have fun getting to know other like minded people.

Thank you Mark! That's one of the many things we were aiming to improve! The homepage too is something we worked on for weeks - trying to figure out what was most important to members. I think we finally nailed it though

We are still pushing forward every day. Our current testers are being a really big help with new ideas. One of my favorite parts is members seem to have their favorite sections. For example, some hang out in Interests alot while others are big forum users. Each has helped us tweak sections of the site. We are continuing to add in new people every few days. Dbiggs I added your name to one of our upcoming lists too.

Our current work in the new version is focused on trial memberships which is also very important. We hope to give them a chance to explore the site, and hopefully like it enough to stay on as long term members!

Thank you everyone for our support!
The Webmasters

I am so excited to see the new version! I'm interested to see how user friendly it will be from my phone since my computer got killed in a drive-by with a three year old. Thank you for all of your hard work and for wanting to put together a place for everyone to enjoy.

I love the new site make up, but I am most anxious for the completion so I can have my hubby and wife back to do incredibly sweet and sexy things with โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

This is fantastic! I absolutely the new site and know you all will also.

Wow WildStreak, sorry to hear about the drive by! We'll get you switched over when we can. The new version was designed for phones/tablets while still working great on desktops. Thanks for being so supportive! Marcy, we are anxious too (and super excited) to get it out there for everyone! Plus, spending time with you sounds like some awesome motivation to finish even faster Thanks Nessa! We sure hope so!

We are continuing to add in Lifers during this finishing up and testing period. Shortly, we will also start adding in paid memberships that can expire too since we do need to test with that also. We are doing our best to stay on track and fix things as soon as the are reported to us. Two of our testers are using Internet Explorer and ended up finding a handful of things we needed to fix to make it compatible. We are VERY thankful all those on the new version who are helping us, as well as those who are staying on with the older version while we work to improve BP.

The Webmasters

Nobody should be using Internet extorter Just an opinion since I am in the tech field. I would be happy to volunteer to help in testing. I have multiple devices that can test with. Many browsers as well as tablets and phones here.

@ Warper I know, I can't help but wonder if we "accidentally" forgot about it it or not

We are currently coding for free trial memberships, and hope to begin final testing next week. I don't know the full release date yet (it depends what happens with testing).

We are adding in (giving early access too) groups of lifetime members everyday and now just started giving early access to Paid Members yesterday. If anyone who we haven't already added in, wants early access, let us know!

Thanks for your support all!
The Webmasters

Here's an update about the new version! We have now finished redesigning BP for all types of memberships. We have been working one on one with any member who has an idea, needs help or finds an issue that needs to be fixed. It's been wonderful talking to so many members! We appreciate and consider all feedback Overall the response is very positive and we are so happy to get people into the site who couldn't even use it properly for so long!

I believe I added everyone who posted to this Topic. If we missed someone, or you want to be added early, write to us!

This week, we will start our final testing. We will check as many browsers as we can get our hands on like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. We will test on whatever devices we can get our hands on like phones, tablets, desktops. We will test what it's like to be a free trial member, paid member and expired member. We will test to make sure members settings work correctly like discrete mode and blocking,

We are hoping through our wide mix of testers who are now on the new version - those areas are already being tested and we won't come up with any big issues.

We are adding in a bunch of lifetime members and paid members every day now. We will be adding in free trial members after a bit more testing. Then if there are no more known issues, we hope to open it for all!

Thanks always for your support,
The Webmasters

Thanks for the update!
For the record, most of my testing has been done using the latest pre-Quantum Firefox version. I'm still not ready to give up years of my favorite Firefox add-ons, required when switching to Quantum. I've also tested on an Android based phone, and some on a similar tablet. I've found very few glitches in the past month, so I know you must be getting close to done.

Great work!

Thank you both for a vastly improved experience!
Havenโ€™t had too much time to explore all the changes and enhancements but what Iโ€™ve seen so far has been nothing short of incredible. Been around BP long enough to say this is an impressive upgrade. Thanks for all your tireless efforts!!โœŒ๏ธ

Thanks for fixing that glitch, and your patience! It takes a little getting used to, as we are mainly creatures of habit and resist change. This is definitely a change for the better!

@relaxandenjoy Thanks for the info That's good to know about your browser, you are a really good and thorough tester and have come up with some super great ideas for BP that we have already implemented or will in the future!

@JoIsPlaying Thank you so much That's important to us especially coming from you as it seems you've been here since the beginning Thanks for staying with us so long through ALOT of different situations.

@bim51 Thank you for YOUR patience, and for your persistence telling us that something wasn't right. Fixing profiles was one of the most important fixes yet! I'm so glad you caught it.

We truly appreciate our testers. They find errors, or formatting issues, or things that just could work better or ideas. These things aren't just affecting them, but they can affect every member on BP and give them a better experience.

Bill and I are trying to get our thoughts together on how to truly test most situations. We finally got our hands on an Iphone (Iphone4) and have already started fixed issues that we can see.

The Webmasters
Great job, i love the new version. And a special thanks for expediting my conversion.

Question, is anyone else having an issue where if they go into private pics on a profile click on m individual pic then try to go back, they get kicked out of private pics and have to go back in? I'm on Android Moto Z Force. Haven't tried it on a PC yet

@Luv269withU I corrected this behavior tonight. Now when you enter someone's PhotoPin correctly, it will save it in your current session, so as long as your browser is open and you're logged in, you can just click their "View More" button, and all the private photos will be visible.

Bill[/b ]

So when you folks said that the changes transformed the site, you weren't kidding. Blazing fast. Like any upgrade, it will take a bit of time to adjust to seeing things in different places. However, thus far, it looks amazing. I do see one thing that may or may not be possible. YEARS ago, there would be an email send to an external device whenever we had an email in BP. You changed it to only send one email per day. Would it be possible to have it send EXTERNAL emails more frequently, or would you rather have the traffic simply logging in to see if there is an email. This is one of those things that one person has one opinion and someone else has a different opinion. Looks GREAT thus far.


thank you very much for the feedback! The reason we limited how many mail notifications were sending out was to prevent our server from being flagged as a source of spam. I can probably make them more frequent.


Thank you Denist! Your situation was really on our mind. Thanks for working with us so much. We are so glad the new version made things right for you! It gives us more hope that it will let others finally use the site properly

Update: We did our final checking using Chrome Desktop and as far as we can see it works beautifully! Bill is now doing final testing with Internet Explorer (desktop) now and as we expected it's being finicky and we have to fix a handful of things so it runs smoothly.

On Another Note:
After fter a 5 minute rant of mine after losing a big forum post I was writing (user error - I hit the back button too many times), Bill now coded forums like the new mail system. It saves automatically like a draft. So no more losing forum posts you were in the process of writing. Thanks Bill!

We continue to add in Lifers, and Paid Members. I hope to finish getting all our lifers over within a week. Free Trial, your days will be here soon too
The support continues to be awesome! We are gathering a few repeated suggestions like 2 different views of the results pages and will be adding them.

The Webmasters

I have a suggestion for the site. This one comes from myself being a network security guy. That is what I do for a living. The site should be ssl enabled to be more secure. That in itself could very well help with issues you are having with IE too. No website should be allowed straight http anymore unless it is static info that does not need to be secure. If it requires authentication it should always use ssl. Just my 2 cents.

Just getting around the new look and WOW! Looks great, lively and amazing! But those verdammte eggs! They move faster than my mouse can click...that hasn't changed

@warper We use ssl on the login, sign up, and payment pages. Those are the pages we felt needed to be encrypted due to authentication or payment information being transmitted. Thanks for the advice. Perhaps we will consider moving everything else over to SSL if there is no noticeable difference in performance.

@Blugrassbi Thank you! You've been with us so long you've seen us build and now rebuild every feature We are really glad you like the new look!

We have finished final testing with desktop browsers - Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Today we'll start final testing on Safari We are on track to have all the Lifers moved over by this weekend. We are continuing to move over Paid members and soon free trial members!

By the way Bill , I accidentally hit the back button AGAIN in forums, thank you for coding the new auto save. When I went back to it, this post was there waiting for me.

If anyone has any trouble or any questions, let us know
Thanks to all!
The Webmasters

Well...I felt I had to reply back. I love it.....still feeling it out but nice job!

Sometimes when in chat I seem to go poof. And what comes up it says that my connection was lost. Or I am using another device.....but I'm not. Make any sense?

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