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One word Don...


wooohooo, I think my husband has completed each of these classes or it could be that he has honeymoon syndrome, it's the only time these come naturally. Whatever it is I'm loven' it
Thank u so much but it's not that i couldn't fine someone is that my partner went on without so didn't workout the way I wanted too but life goes on
Farmy, When I first read this, and saw I was a weeping willow, I thought, "Oh no, this can't be good"..then I scrolled down to find it in the list..and ya know, except for the musically inclined part, the hubby says its right on! LOL
Thanks for sharing Sweetie,
Sure be fun with both of you and have some great fun love to try it
Bi guy here looking for some erotic couple play. I have alot of expierance and really enjoy getting together with a fun, hot, couple. I am very open to try lots of things and thouroghly enjoy participating in whatever fantasy's you may have. I am a nice, easy going guy, in great shape, and very well hung. I have face pics available in my private photos. Feel free to e mail me if you have an interest. You dont need to be ken and barbie to respond, as I am more into a funnn open attitude than the perfect look....


lookin fior bi male fo fun near pitsburgh pa
interested -- in Appleton
Vince here, verry nice pics I'd love to suck one of those dicks as Ali ate them out...
Be Well,

"Do what thou Wilt, thou shalt be the whole of the Law, is the Law, under Will." Aleister Crowley
I'm looking for a bi-female in the Flint area to chat with, meet, and possibly more. Im energetic lots of fun and enjoy living life to the fullest." Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away" Looking for that special female to take my breath away. I'm new at this site and new at the bisexual thing but have always loved women and have had one experience and want more. I'm not a superficial person so don't be afraid to contact me
am seeking your friendship love to meet you ernie
I agree that it is your responsibility to openly discuss the activities you would like to partake in. But I also think that no amount of discussion can prepare you for the way you feel when someone is not what you expected or the sexual encounter is not satisfying.

We once drove 17 hours to meet someone. We had talked on the phone, web cam and im. We knew what all parties were into. That didn't change the fact that neither of us was attracted to her in person. It didn't make her sexy or good at the things she had claimed to be good at. We drove, paid for hotel and dinner/drinks and were disapointed.

BUT complaining here is not going to change that experience or attract new ones. Why would anyone hook up with a complainer when there are literally hundreds of other people to get to know?

Continued from “The strip club”
Chapter Two
The Second certain call
The crowd yells and screams at the two women kissing. Teri and Victoria make their way to every patron collecting their tips and head back stage
Once back stage the two girls are approached by the manager “Hey, would you two happen to be looking for a job. You can make some good money” Teri responds “Thank you for the complement but we both already have jobs. Victoria counts the cash the two have made “Teri there is over $800.00 here.
As the two girls are talking about their experience Missy shows up “wow. You two are naturals”. The girls are chatting with Missy when she suddenly stops and asks the girls to listen. In the back ground they can here the crowd chanting “Iris, Roxy” over and over. Missy explains “ladies they want you to dance again, you can change into another costume and go again if you like” the girls talk about it and decide to do it again.
The girls head back out on the stage to a big welcome. This time they dance close to a slow beat rubbing their bodies against each other. Teri’s hand makes it way under Victoria’s top to feeling up Victoria. The place is going crazy when two more dancers take to the stage and join in. one of the regular dancer pulls Teri away from Victoria. She pushes Teri against the pole then runs her leg up the inside of Teri’s leg all the way up to her crotch. She starts grinds Teri’s crotch as only a professional dancer could. This makes Teri horny as hell. The dancer positions Teri with her back against the pole, her hands above her head holding the pole. This lifts Teri’s titties making her nipples stand out through her top. The dancer takes a shawl from around her waist. She ties Teri’s hands together and secures them to the pole making Teri her captive. The woman kisses Teri several times while running her leg up Teri’s thigh. She starts kissing her way down her neck, until she gets stopped by Teri’s bra, she reaches behind Teri, un-clasps her bra and whispers in her ear “Hold your top, we can send this place into a frenzy” the dancer lifts Teri’s bra up to her hands pressing her body against Teri so no one can see Teri’s titties yet. She starts kissing her way down between her breasts until the crowd gets a good view of her tits. The dancer runs her hand down to Teri’s crotch. Teri stands with her breasts exposed to the crowd as this woman works her pussy on top of her shorts. Teri wishes this woman could take advantage of her right there in front of the crowd. The dancer abandons Teri’s pussy and stand up again. She faces Teri, takes a steps back then slaps across Teri’s breast. The crack echo’s through the room as Teri lets out a scream. The slap stings like hell but also brings Teri oh so close to an orgasm. Before Teri can catch her breath the woman slaps her other beast making Teri explode in an orgasm.
The woman once again heads down pressing her face into Teri’s shorts. Teri’s mind is wondering from both the pleasure and pain leaving Teri’s mind spinning. Before Teri realizes what’s happening. the dance yanks down her shorts and panties and starts to eat her pussy. Teri impulsively lifts her right leg giving the woman direct access to her pussy. No sooner does the dancer find Teri’s clit when Teri feels a pulling on her left arm. She is released from her binds as Missy pulls Teri and the dancer off the stage. After they get behind the curtain Missy explains “sorry doll but we can’t do that even though the crowd loves it and Jessie you know better” Teri gets control of her senses “Oh, I am so sorry, I just got caught up in the moment” “ it’s ok Teri, you better get your shorts back on and go get your tips” Teri asks “should I put my top back on” Missy replies “if you want to, but if you leave it off I can guarantee you will get better tips especially with those finger prints on your tits” Teri looks down at her titties “oh my god” Teri notices bright red hand prints on the outside of both breast from where Jessie slapped her

By this time Victoria has arrived back stage “Damn Teri, you were insane. I thought we almost had a riot going” after Victoria calms down Teri reminds Victoria that they have to go collect their tips. The two women get ready and head back out on the stage. Teri walks up to the first patron. Kneels down, and then lies back with her legs slightly spread. This time the man stuffs his bills under her panties at her thigh for her right leg. She feels his fingers graze her shaved pussy as he attempts to push the bill in her panties. Teri loves the attention as she moves from patron to patron collecting her tips. Most of the patron placed their bills under her panties next to her pussy making Teri even hornier. She felt many of the patrons slide their fingers across her clit sending shivers up her spine.
The girls finely get dressed when Missy walks up “Well that was one of my best classes ever” Teri hugs Missy “Well we loved it, it was so much fun” Victoria adds “are we still coming tomorrow for more of the class” Missy replies “I would love to have you two back, say 11am so we can work the lunch rush” “Teri laughs “you got it” Teri then places the roll of cash she earned in Missy’s hand “here this is for you, you showed us the way. You deserve it. Say if you are up to a Jacuzzi later, here is my address, come on by when you can. We will be in the back yard so come around the side of the house” Teri and Victoria make a quick exit to Teri’s car and head off.
Teri and Victoria make it back to Teri’s home. Teri grabs some beers, packs them in a small cooler then tells Victoria “Let’s hit the Jacuzzi”. Neither felt like taking the time to hunt down bathing suits so they strip naked in the kitchen then head outside to the Jacuzzi and slowly drop into the hot water. The hot bubbling water feels so good after the day’s activities. Teri lowers herself until her breast hit the water. The reddish imprint from Jessie’s slap stings as her boobs go under the water. Teri’s words slip from her mouth. “oh shit that stings”. Teri wraps her arms around her boobs to comfort them. Victoria moves next to Teri “don’t worry hun, I will rub some cream on them later”. The two girls stay in the Jacuzzi drinking until late in the evening. They are pleased at the day’s adventure and talk about going the next day.
By now the two girls are feeling a bit hungry so Teri calls for some pizzas. She gives the pizza store direction to bring the pizzas to the back yard when they deliver them so they don’t have to listen for the front door. Teri and Victoria have been drinking for a while now and are in a giggly mood. They are sitting in the Jacuzzi when the delivery man comes around back with the pizzas. “Where would you like me to put these?” Victoria in her drunken state yelps out “How about between my tits” as she pushes her titties together and gets up enough that her boobs are above the water line. The driver stands their stunned as he gazes at Victoria boobs. Teri tells the delivery man to place them on a table next to the Jacuzzi. The delivery man stumbles as he tries to put the pizzas on the table without losing sight of Victoria’s tits. “That will be twenty eight dollars and sixty four cents”.
Teri suddenly realizes that her purse and cash are up in the house as well as her clothes. Teri responds “Oh shit our cash is up in the house” The driver replies “I will cover my eyes” Victoria abruptly responds “ah the hell with that, I have some cash” Victoria stands up, climbs out of the Jacuzzi, grabs the delivery man’s hand and says “Come with me” she drags the poor unsuspecting driver up the stairs and into the house. Teri can tell from where she sits that the driver is looking over Victoria’s naked body by the smile on his face. The two disappear into the house.
Teri grabs a piece of the pizza and starts to eat while she waits for Victoria to come back down. Teri begins to worry after what seems like a long time since Victoria left to pay the driver. As Teri is waiting she hears a voice from around the side of the house “Teri, Victoria are you two here” Teri recognizes the voice “Yes Missy we are back here”. Missy comes around the corner to see Teri in the Jacuzzi. “Hi Missy, come on in, we also have some pizza and beer if you’re interested. Missy asks where she can get changed when Teri says “Well we don’t normally wear anything, but your welcome to change up stairs” Missy smiles “So we are skinny dipping” Teri smiles back” Yes we are, you want to join in “Missy takes off her clothes and places them on a chair next to the Jacuzzi. Missy’s body is just what you would expect from a woman in her twenties. Flat stomach, large firm breasts and that young taught skin only a young woman could have. Her pussy is clean shaven and is oh so sweet looking. Missy climbs into the Jacuzzi and immediately goes over to Teri, sits on her lap, wraps her arms around Teri and passionately kisses Teri. The two women kiss and fondle each other’s body. After a long passionate interlude the two women stop to take a breath. “Where is Victoria, wasn’t she going to come over too” Teri explains about Victoria taking the delivery man to pay him and that she is getting worried that it’s been so long. Teri decides she will go look for her.
Just as Teri begins to get out of the Jacuzzi she sees Victoria come bouncing down the stairs, her boobs flailing in the wind, her nipples hard and pointy and a big smile on her face. “Victoria, where the hell have you been we were worried about you” Victoria replies and bursts out laughing “I did have to give the driver a tip, well actually he gave me a tip that is. I gave him a blow job in place of a tip” Teri just shakes her head from side to side “I should have known”.
……………………………………………………………………………… …………………………….
To Be Continued
Pricilla's is about the best place for just tys and movies
Even though we have never met my thoughts and prayers are with you both...


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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