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I had a woman use a strap on - on me once - GAWD I loved it

Can't wait to find another woman to do it to me again, maybe this time while I suck her husband's cock.
Looking to develop a bi-sexual relationship in discretion and honesty. Wish to meet from time-to-time for mutual relief and pleasure. Change the meaning on "boys night out".

If single women or couples are also interested, plz msg me so that we may meet at for a coffee hopefully leading to bigger and better things.

S AKA Armeeman
Bi-cur guy for cpl or singles,Im willing to be your playtoy,prefer to be sub,but can switch..Daytime playmates wanted..
Thx again, hope your search is friutfull too!
hi there, would love to talk, check out my profile....mike
still a save option would be to the benifit of all in the long run.
Hi- I get to Green Bay where I like the Pack my ass men there. You good looking bud. See my profile and let me know. I travel in Wisconsin quite a bit. We could meet on the lake shore or in your bed. Slurp!
Take care- write to get to know each other is likely the best way to go.
Something about a man who smokes fine cigars and relaxing in a hot tub that makes this little devil feel even more devilish......

....how many licks does it take to get to the center of the......
the wife and I absolutely love sex !!!!!!!!!! we are both bi and are searching for another couple from our area " southern MN / northern IA to enjoy a bi time.
We average 10 - 14 times a week, and every time that we fantasize about having another couple with us it is even Hotter !!!! we are really into Cum !!!
please drop us a line, and lets hear your thoughts about arranging a meet.
Thank you very much Delilah and Laura. You are both correct in what you wrote in your posts. Here is some more reasons why we have the members in our database for so long.

1. Okay first, any member that comes to our site we try to give them plenty of time to upgrade their account even after they expire.... we keep their e-mail, profile, settings, etc untouched until they come back to the site or until it gets to a certain amount of time where we send out a letter to them asking them if they still want their account. If we don't hear back from them, thats when we remove it entirely. Recently we had comeone come back after being gone 1 year 9 months and upgraded to an unlimited membership, we were pretty stunned and happy we didn't remove his account. He had actually gone into a group of profiles that were supposed to get removed but with so many new additions, we hadn't gotten around to it. So we try to give people plenty of time to come back, and as we have seen now, people do come back, especially if they have mail in their account from another interested member.
2. The second reason we leave accounts in our database after they expire is because of the contact information that they leave in their profile. Once we add the new section 9 (Contacting You) feature, members who buy the unlimited membership can see all contact information for members (what ever contact information they voluntarily put in their profile). Some people can't afford to the 11ish dollars to stay on the site so they leave their profile on here in the hope that they may be able to come back someday or at the very least unlimited members will contact them through another contact method like regular e-mail.
Now for people who are not unlimited (Can't see personal contact info), or people that really just want to see recent online people, we set up a filter system where a member can specify a time limit of the people that they want listed. In other words, you can search for all females (or whomever) that were last active in the last 30 days... or 90, or 330 days... its up to you. That option can be found on the search page and the browse page. Then as Delilah, and some others have mentioned you can just look on their profile to see the last time they were online and where they were when they were online.
3. As Delilah and Laura mentioned we need to watch out for people who make duplicate accounts (and try to steal a second free trial) and like you said Delilah we don't want freebie deadbeat lurkers either. Even if we did make them unviewable to the public we would still keep them in our database for reference. We aren't going to do that though, if we have the profile, we are going to show you it... especially for the first and second reasons we listed above.

Lily if you really feel like writing to them is wasting time then you simply just don't need to write to them if they have been gone 'too long'. Though by not writing to them at all you are giving yourself a zero percent chance of getting a reply back from them aren't you? We see people come back all the time, so if you really like someone send them a quick note whether they were on the site one day ago or one year ago. Also Lily, just to clarify because you said "outdated free trial members...are not allowed back on the site". Outdated free trial members also known as expired members ARE ALLOWED back on the site, they will just need to upgrade to use most of the sites features again. We try to make it extremely easy to upgrade to. We accept everything from throwing in 10 dollar bill and change in an envelope to exchanging affiliate points for a paid membership. Sometimes people will even give other people gift certificates or for example in like Lily's case, one of our famous members gave his free paid membership that he won in the Famous Easter contest so that Lily would be an upgraded member! Anyway we are saying there are a few ways to be upgraded so a person can stay/become a paid member. Now, what we DON'T ALLOW is for them to steal a second free trial. You also need to remember what might "suck" for you is a benefit to someone else. We have gotten letters from people so happy that we kept their profile so long. To all those who have filled out complete profiles, you know that a good profile can take hours to write and writing it all over again can be a tedious task. We try to make everyone happy here at BP so we will keep with the system we have for profiles and as for members who are really bothered and feel that it is wasting their time, well then don't hesitate to look at the members last date online. Like we said before though, if you really like someone, it takes only a few minutes to send them a quick note.
As Laura said, we don't have any problems with the speed of the site either so keeping them in the database is not hindering us in that way right now.
As for the forum posts, well this is something we really haven't had time to work with yet but we will keep an eye on the forum post about it in Site suggestions and see what we can come up with. The one thing you need to remember is old forum posts can be very helpful to those that need help or it's a discussion that someone may be interested in. We have seen forum posts that were posted like a year ago and every few months someone find it, replies back to it and it becomes the most popular topic again for a week or so. This especially happens with posts in the Photography section. We think a few posts by the member AKAJewels has been brought back to life a few times. This is the same with site suggestions, Bill and I refer to this catergory all the time because we are contantly trying to make improvements on the site. Perhaps we would make a more detailed search for the forum so that you could weed out certain posts, but deleting them all together is almost like deleting the profiles. By deleting them we aren't giving people the OPTION of going through older posts.
Oh and Delilah, we are glad you like the Bisexual Playground stamp. I (Pattie) get very nervous about posting our pictures anywhere on the internet. Of course, if we are going to post them anywhere, it is going to be at Bisexual Playground!

Thank you all for your suggestions.
The Webmasters
Not sure how much this will apply but family law is a state by state (and I assume province by province issue) but in Massachusetts Gay/Lesbian couples can marry and adopt each other's children.

They can also adopt other children (and it is illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against Gay/Lesbian couples) Which is why holic Charities no longer does adoptions in Massachusetts.

Doesn't answer your question, so let me continue, even in Massachusetts there is absolutely no provision in law for more than 2 parents. And given that one of the arguments against gay marriage was that if you let gays/lesbians marry then the next thing you know 3 or more people will want to get married it is unlikely that that will change anytime soon.

One other thing in most states, the husband of the woman at the time of a child's birth is considered the legal father, and even if DNA shows that is not the true biology, he is still legally the father.

There may be things you can do using contract law and such but you would need to work with an attorney familiar with family law
My name is Nick. I'm Bi-curious and I'm just tryin this site out. I'm open minded and just lookin to see if there is anybody actually on this site. If you are interested email me.
Would love to meet up and see where it goes -- west chester area here
Hmmmm... That sounds interesting!
I don't do pantyhose but I got this and other sheer outfits from a gay clothing store in LA
That would be a great idea kathey
Damn u look good I am 19 years old and I love to eat pussy and I would eat ur pussy real good I am about 5'3 105 pounds brown eyes and brown hair


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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