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Anal Plug

Anal Plug on Bisexual Playground
Anal Plug on Bisexual Playground
Anal Plug on Bisexual Playground
Anal Plug on Bisexual Playground
Always start slowly and with plenty of lube. Alot of people don't use enough lube and then wonder why it hurts. If done right, it can be out of this world.

The (Female) Shadow Knows
feels so good when my wife plugs me
plugs are great for getting used to some real play time. Have worn them out and at home.
I sing in a large city and church choir. (ocashionaly as a featured soloist) I get a real kick out of having a vibrating butt plug up my ass when singing in church or in a concert ...........KINKY... huh? ?
I enjoy using mine, makes me wet thinking about it..Flower
we both like to have one in while we do it!!!
Loving having one while I fuck
oh gosh I never dreamed how much fun fitting a butt plug into my ass could be!!!!!!

It's INCREDIBLY erotic.
A vibrating butt in tight while we cum makes for a very powerful and wet orgasm. Also we enjoy wearing them in public and include them in our play with others.
Sure makes for a explosive cum load....:)
omg i love anal!!!!! the more it hurts and is painful, the wetter i get!!!!!!!!:-P
I have a collection of butt plugs - various sizes.... smaller I can have in and even go out to stores, big for in my ass while sucking or getting sucked. I just love something in my ass ... gf has a couple different sized of strapons... love it.. she just fucked me a little while ago. Now if we can find another guy with a big cock to share!!!!!
I got a 7 in dildo in my ass now
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