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Anal Sex

Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
We have enjoyed anal sex for close to 20 years. Danny has always had a fetish for anal, and slowly introduced Carol to it. We practise anal sex on a very regular basis, and have introduced many men (and some women) to their first anal sex experience.

A little twist on anal sex that all couples should try.....take a good vibrator and put it in the guys ass, turn it up ALL the way! The guy lies on his back, and lets the woman get on top. The vibration travels right through the guy, into his penis, it's amazing! ...for both partners.

Danny & Carol
We do enjoy anal sex quite a bit, well Chris likes it more than I do. If I do it then I like it slow so the anus has time to stretch. For me it sometimes hurts going in and sometimes even during the whole time, but usually after it gets in I do enjoy it very much.
We love anal sex. He is not into receiving it yet but loves giving it to me. :-) I love both giving and receiving. We'd love to find a man to let me use a strap on on him while he participates in any way he can. He has never been with a man yet. He is curious and willing to try new things but he is still new to that area. :-P
We love anal sex. He is not into receiving it yet but loves giving it to me. I love both giving and receiving. We'd love to find a man to let me use a strap on on him while he participates in any way he can. He has never been with a man yet. He is curious and willing to try new things but he is still new to that area.
I love giving and receiving anal sex would like to get together with couple who like to have a party and do it
She likes it and I love given it to here.:)
i really love the feel of man or strapon weilding woman filling my ass slowly streching my ass.lets play!
I love the feel of a hard hot cock as it enters my hot male pussy and starts slowly stroke its tight ring. The feel of the increasing pace and my lovers balls slapping up against me sends chills down my spine. Finally as my lover climaxes and drives the cock to my hottest depths, my orgasm reaches it peak and we succumb to our lust
As long as im nice and wet, I LOVE to have my husbands cock in my ass.
When I was first introduced to anal sex it hurt alot since i am tight but for me now it is the most enjoyable part of having sex.. I cumm so hard i actually y feel like i am wetting the bed ( smile) It is always good to start off real slow for the most part so if you have an interest make sure your partner is wet before trying it Kiss
I introduced dawn to anal sex when we was still dating she was not into doing it at all untill i slowly worked her ass with my finger dildo... when she finally let me do it i took my time and eased it in ever so slowly... OMG she came and came and now she loves it and climaxes real hard when we do it or if any one else does it for that matter... then she said it was my turn.. well lets just say i wasnt going to let her but her puppie eyes had me in a trance and wow i loved it ... first time i tried it with a man it hurt like hell and he was a jerk... maybe someday i will see what its all about......Flower
We do enjoy anal sex quite a bit, well Allen likes it more than I do. He enjoys giving and receiving. Dreams of having it in his ass while fucking me. We love partys where there is couples and no hold barred OMG what a delight. Hope to find couples that like to party like that.Kiss:-P:-P
Though i am orally bi I have given anal to women and truly enjoyed it (what guy wouldn't ) , just tentative about receiving. The couples I played with weren't interested in that so i never got the chance, dildos don't seem to do much for me though. I would be interested in trying more though.
Anal sex is a turn on for me i enjoy when he slides it in and rocks my world, i enjoy toys doing anal as i masturbate or someone else helping a dildo feels just as good as a real cock i love it,
anal sex is very hot if you are careful with your lover,my try was with an 18 year old who liked to use a dildo on me after i'd cum from fucking her in the ass. i'd really like to meet someone so i could have it some more.
Yes I have had a few experiences with couples and have bent over for the pleasure:). it has been very good and am looking forward to more:-P
:-P :-D Laughing Kiss Hug
good looking bi male visiting Tuscon looking for good-looking couple with bi male to play with at my hotel room on 2/23 and 2/24. I love having a cock fill my ass while I lick pussy.
I was so scared the first time... And I had great reason to be! It hurt like HELL for the first five times or so.. But now.... OMG Yummy! I love it and He loves to give it to me, I am now asking him more than he is asking That never happens!
Anal sex is the most incredible experience. Taking a georgeous girl from behind and sliding deeply in and out of her ass is the best feeling, biggest turn on I have ever experienced. Having that warm soft cylinder of flesh wrapped so tightly around my cock makes anything else seem unsatisfying. After seeing how much the girls enjoyed it, I had to let them get out the strap on and work me. Oh my god! Absolutely incredible to take it as well. There's something totally erotic about having a girl do you in the ass with a strapon! They have all told me that the real thing is tousands of times better than a fakey....... I haven't had that opportunity come up yet so I can't say.......... but I definitely hope to find out! I can't even imagine how incredible that would feel if it is really that much better........ God...... I can't wait to find out. :-P
I love receiving anal and have been known to actually beg for it.......especially if the guy is well endowed ( 9+").....I used to date a girl that actually initiated anal and liked to get on top so she could ride it. I did not understand why she got so turned on and would scream and cum like crazy.

Then one day a well hung stud who was making me his little sissy bitch laid on the floor on his back, lubed up his cock and told me to sit on it......OH MY GOD.........I have been hooked ever since.......

there is nothing that feels better than your asshole getting stretched around a nice large mushroom head.....then right after it pops in......sliding all the way down to the bottom in one quick motion.....MMMMMMMMMM.

So if any couples, bi males, str8 males or bi females in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area would like me to bend over for them just let me know.....I like talking a thick male cock or a strap on from an hot fem also.........really think it's hot when the wife fucks me with a strap on while I'm sucking her hubby|8BKiss
inexperienced here. love to learn from the cleveland area.
I like anel sex if its real lubed up
we both enjoy anal pleasures ... but for faye, her most intense orgasms cum thru slow rhythmic foreplay that slowly evolves into rough sex then anal penetration ... her most intense orgasms are achieved this way
White male nicely hung wants to be ass fucked. I am new have not tasted cum but I am thinking about it, if my profile interest you mail me . I only want one lover ,be the first .
I am white well hung,and very anal need ass play if you want-me let me know I will please you I have not tasted cum yet.
I only did it once, but I would love to try it agen.
would love do it again,its great to feel a man inside me ,but u can teach me how take it real good using me to give you all the pleasure u ask.
i would love to try anal any volentires?
we are looking for a male or two males who are willing to humiliate and violate my husband while i watch and who are willing to fuck my pussy while my husband watches
Can someone PLEASE give me tips on anal sex. I get so turned on by it and my husband LOVES it but i need tips on it not hurting and maybe positions. Help please.
cant get enough of that!:-D
Ihave been ass fucked once about 29yrs ago and i really liked it.So to make a long story short i want some stud to do me again. Give me a yell if you want to do me.
my husband introduced me to anal sex. at first i hated it but now i need it each time we have sex. each time i do it for a little longer and take a little more of him into my wet ass.
FUCK Me please!
I do not mind being fucked up the ass as long as you take it slow and well lubed.Kiss:|
Ditto curious1218!!
Ass fucking is the best. He has never had it done to him and never plans to but enjoys doing it to me.
One of my favorite ideas would be to have my husband fucking another woman in the ass while she is licking and sucking on my clit and vice versa. I could be tickling his balls with my tongue.Hug
My poor bitch boy gets one of my strapons a lot because he can't find a cock. But when I've watched him take a man, Oh My God!!
I love taking it up the ass and my favorite is to get on top and ride a nice fat cock while his wife sucks my to feel my asshole getting stretched around a thick ishaft as I moan and wriggle on his feeling his cum shooting in my ass at the same time I squirt in his wifes mouth..........then have her kiss me so we can trade my cum.............yummy

I will do and promise you just about anything if you ask me while you have your big .............( thick 10" plus) cock shoved deep up my feeling the head stretch my asshole and love feeling it slowly going deep up my ass ALL THE WAY....making me moan and maon in pleasure.........

When you start to pound me....I will scream that I LOVE IT and that I LOVE GETTING FUCKED (my gf taught me that)........and if you promise to fuck me DEEP and HARD all night I will promise you anything you want and I mean ANYTHINGKissKiss
I love big cocks fucking my ass over and over. I have done a couple of gangbangs, once with 5 guys and it was one of the best times.
You all make this sound so simple: How does a mature, single male from South Georgia find that willing ass to fuck? I travel extensively throughout Georgia, Eastern Alabama and Northern Florida...willing to connect with anyone (single or couple) 250 miles away...I am not yet a paid member (still on trial til I see some results!); so how do I connect? I can't even seem to send email or winks to those I would like to get to know better!!!

Reading my profile will show my interests and desires to pump the willing bottom. Being with a couple has only happened a few times, but I have been there stroking a married man as his wife masturbated to the scene!!! WOW...It was great fun to have him lick and finger her as I went off in his ass. It is not even necessary for her to participate, if she only wants to watch...or if he wants to play without her inhibiting presence...
I live in Washington DC, and would like to meet with str8 and bi TOP men who fantasize about fucking a tight bubble butt bottom. I live alone in a private, relaxed, comortable setting and discretion is assured if necessary. Looking for someone who I might be comfortable meeting on a regular basis. I love giving head, and getting fucked. I also LOVE rimming a clean butt. I am very talented sexually, and have a rape fantasy that I would like fulfilled. Please be D/D free and clean. Get in touch!
i usually like to sit on a hot cock and ride it like a horse, anyone in the new orleans area interested?
i love to be fucked in the ass then suck the cock that fucked it i like double penatration gangbangs threesomes bi straight mmf ffm mfm etc just ask im extremely kinky
NE Wyo. guy always ready to spread my ass so if your close I'm your guy...I can be a total slut!
Anal sex to me is awsome the feeling when a hard thick cock is in my ass is like no other, when a guy is well endowed it makes me cum over and over. I love feeling him grow in me right before he shoots his load. Any takers?
I love getting fucked in the ass real hard by my husband and my toys. I only like it rough.
I have the most intense orgasms from anal. Double penetration is quite something also, but many times I prefer just to take it up the ass. :)
:-D i love getting fucked in the ass men with their hard cocks and women with their strapons i love both
I enjoy having a cock rammed up my ass, especially while I am shoving my cock in another tight ass or hot wet pussyKiss
So what should a guy that is planning on having anal sex with a guy or a girl with a strap on do to prepare. Lube, desensitizers, enimas? What is the best method to prepare for a great anal fucking?
i'm 29, white, male, 6'1, 190lbs, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, slim/smooth, boyish/cute, well hung, pouty lips, pierced tongue, very oral, safe, sane, discreet, and am very open minded...looking to take it anally, while orally pleasing a female...all bi couples/groups won't be disappointed...
i have enjoyed today Ive been seeing this guy man hes so sexy and a real Nice's cock anyway i went over to see him and we had sex and i sucked him till he was on hard and he rolled me over on mu tummy and when he rubed the lube on my ass i knew i was going to be fucked so good and when he put hes cock between my ass checks my cock went hard and i felt it on in me and felt it go deep in side of me we fucked for about 3 hours and i enjoyed it all dam i need more anyone
I always enjoy a cock up my ass or my cock up an ass, male or female. Any takes either way in Niagara ON?
having a prostatic orgasm duiring annal sex is just incredible.Kiss
having a prostatic orgasm duiring annal sex is just incredible.Kiss
Love having a big thick hard dick in my ass. It makes me cum so hard and feels oh soooooooo good. :-PKiss
I love the feel of a throbbing dick in my feel so good!
It makes me scream & cum so hard! :)
I Love having a huge Cock in my tight wet Pussy. I Love Sex and Cock and even Pussy
looking 4 a black dominant male with a big dick 2 take care of this from tyme 2 tyme if dats u contact me
looking for someone who bi & loves anal
I have limited bi experience but I took my first cock this year and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The cock felt fantastice, but the whole experience of being the sexual recipient was ecstasy. I now love have a man fuck and pleasure me!
Didn't think I would enjoy it but having a hard cock in my ass feels amazing.
anything anal ;)
I have never had anybody do me anally, but I think about it all the time. I've recently gone to the sex shop and purchased a dildo w/ suction to the floor. Although I enjoy if very much, I need a man, not a toy. I want to sit on top of a hard,wet cock and ride it for as long as I can.
Reading all the things about ass fucking makes me so horny. I like nothing better than a cock or two up my ass. I think I could take 10 or more and be fucked all day and night.
my former (?) Master did me there for the first time as an adult...all i can say is Oh My Gawd!!!! it was so wonderful, i loved it, He was so gentle the first time. i want Him there again and again!
I love anal. It feels so damn good. I wear butt plugs all the time. Maybe its time to take the next step. A live one or at least a g/f that will.... hehehe
we are looikng for a bi-female who likes to take it in her ass it is a turn on for me to see my husband banging a woman in her ass while she is eatting my pussy we all cum so hard so if you are in the atlanta georgia area please email us Kiss;)
Anal sex is awsome
I love a hard wet cock in my ass while I play with clit getting rammed and untill I can't take it any longer
I really love having a good clean thick cock driven in my ass with long slow strokes and when the guy I am with is ready to shoot his load he drives it harder and deeper thrusting harder and harder until I feel him tighten up and he finally explodes filling my tight ass hole full of his sweet,hot,wet and juicy cum.Boy what a ride.:):)
I just love a big cock pounding my little ass!
Miss PetiteKiss
When done right anal sex is GRRREAT!!!
Anal sex. try it.
Had my ass fucked for the second time the other day and unlike the somewhat painful first experience, this time it was great. I sat on the guys dick and messaged it with my ass, slowly rocking back and forth and up and down - it felt so good. There were two disappointments - first was that he wasn't very big and second was he came too soon. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to next time.
omg, i love getting on top of a hot man and letting him fuck the hell out of ME


baltimore, mdKiss
I love anal sex, it is the only way to cum for me - specially with another woman licking my pussy and me licking hers - HUGS
My first anal SEXperience with with an older married woman when I was stationed in J'ville, Fl. I was 27 she was almost 60 years old. I eventually moved in with her and her husband cause he was gone most of time and everytime we has sex it was just totally amazing, especially when she taught me the joy and pleasure of fucking her in the ass. She would massage me and get me all relaxed and then work her way down to my semi-hard cock, then she would touch, rub and massage my cock with her hands and her hands only until it was fully hard and then she's slip hoops or various items onto my cock and/or balls while she took her sweet time kissing, licking and sucking my dick, then it would be my turn to flip her over and do the same and work my way down to her pussy where I'd lick and eat her until she was about to cum but with her I'd lube her ass really well inserting first a finger then maybe two until she was loosened up enough to take a nice sized vibrator and when she was opened up good enough to fully take that it was papa's turn to get inside that nice black hole and I'd fuck her ass for on and off for hours until she demanded that I cum inside her. The part I loved the most was afterwards when she would then turn over and lay on her tummy with her ass arched up just enough so she could spread her cheeks apart with her hands and I'd play in her pussy with my fingers while she pushed my cum from her ass and watch it drip down to the bedding. HOT! I love you still Aunt Gail
My fantasy has always been to be getting fucked in the ass.while having my pussy ate so I can come..... all over her face.
As They Say, "Practice Makes Perfect" And I strive to be a perfectionist. But I need some help. There must be more to it than this Rubber Dong has to offer. I guess I'm a slow learner. I think I need a Special Tutor.
Taking applications at my profile.

Be Happy
D i c k:):-P:):-P:):-P
I am an anal virgin who would like to experience a cock in my virgin ass!! I live in fort lauderdale florida.
I can certainly understand a woman being hesitant about the first time having a cock inserted in her tight little ass. I have had past experiences with a woman that would let me use Astro-Glide and then ease my throbbing cock inside her ass and every so slowly plunge the head in and out feeling that sphincter muscle around my head. What an amazing feeling....and then when I exploded....Wow, it is unforgettable...Luckily, she enjoyed it as much as I did........Or at least she semed to.......:)
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
would love to fuck your ass and lick it clean,yummy0
i have never tryed anal but i want to. hopefully this weekend
I'm a bi guy in Jacksonville FL. I live with my gf and she is wonderful. But every on ce in a while I just have to feel a cock in my ass hole. It hurts and then feels amazing.
Over the year I have met some experienced lovers. The first was an older man and in my early teens he couched me how to accept his cock in my ass. First lubrication, not just spit, use the thump get as much lube in as possible, in a MF situation he can lube his cock in you pussy as he uses his thump (simulating DP). Second, never tense up, so many partners get nervous. Push out like going to the bathroom; this will open you for your partner. Of course your partner has to go slow, maybe only the tip until he senses you are opening up. Then work it in as much as possible. I have had lovers that on certain nights it hurt, but other times they begged me to fuck them harder!

One of my favorite ways is when the guy lays on his back and just relaxes. I start out with giving him oral to get him as hard as I can. Then I climb on top any way he wants me to face. But the best way is facing him. That way he can see how excited I am while he is inside me by how hard I am while I slide up and down on his shaft.
That is such an amazing feeling and I get to watch his face while I am doing this and listen to his moans and breathing. That is a turn on as well.
would love to feel a hard cock in my toght ass:-D
Hey ladies give me a shout if interested in having anal sex. I live in south new jersey, burlington county. I will do men in thhe anus also. Never done it before but been curious to try it.
I love to feel the tip of his head and play with it for a minute then i like it when he is balls deep in my ass. my orgasm with anal is much more intense than pussy orgasm
mmmm, I LOVE a nice fat cock in my ass
I need a thick cock in my hot wet ass now if you are ready get with me I am in Lago Vista Tx I will give you all you want.Kiss
would like to try
I would love to try..............been thinking of it for so long. Someone help me please
I used to live in Baltimore..I know what you mean..I remember the first time I got fucked..I was you..What about you..?..
I'm looking for a friend I can trust so I can be filled with his cum. I want him in my ass and pounding me until he cums. I don't want a telephone pole but a cock that can do the job and fill me up. Haven't had it yet but I'll keep looking.
Bicurious bottom alberta ,Canada
Laporte and Michigan City, Indiana men wanted (discreet clean) Want to be drained by a man or men or couple and my main enjoyment is being topped and it shooting till my small ass it filled up. I have pictures and check my profile. Must be able to meet at my place. I have a home 5 miles south of Lapoorte, Indiana..if interested my e mail and [pictures are on my profile. Do it to me/head home and then contact me when you want to do it to me again.. topssuckandfuckm my name here on bisexual playground I am here every evening wanting someone to do it to me at my house;););):)Hug
Wish I could Find a Local "Fuck Buddy" with an Average/Slim Cock and Give my SMOOTH/TIGHT "VIRGIN ASS" a Slow n Easy Sensuous Balls Deep "Hot Cum Enema"?? Being CLEAN/HEALTHY and STD-FREE(like Me) would be a MUTUAL MUST!! I also Love Giving Balls Deep Anal to a Smooth Tight Ass!! (~;
Went to a Denver ABS and got my cock sucked, then I rimmed him...then he put a condom on my cock and slid his ass onto me
Luv_2_taste: « Report This Photo
Nothing feels better than having a Cock shooting hot cum deep in your ass. Nothing except having one in your mouth at the same time. Lindawantabe
I'm 68yrs.old in my like I think I was fucked in the ass about 7 times the last time was around 8yrs. ago the first time it hurt pretty good but after words I love it I'm clean and tight and need a good fucking any takers drop me a line.
Oh, yes. Anal. I used to think the idea of "butt sex" sounded painful, degrading, and disgusting. I can still see why people think this; its a small hole and smells shitty (obviously) if not kept clean. However, over the course of 6 years, I kept hearing people say things about it. I heard it was a fun and tight hole to fuck and if you were the catcher, and if its done right, it feels good. A man taking it in the ass can have anal induced ejaculation if his male friend knows what he's doing. I finally decided,
after years of wondering, to find out what I had been missing and I am glad I did. I will stick my penis in a person's ass but I really LOVED it up mine. 4 to 6 inches in was perfect and if they want to bust a nut in my ass, they can. I cummed a few times while being butt-fucked. 1 to 2 times a week would be wonderful. I can take it as long as the man can give it. Any less than 10 minutes up my butt is a tease. My ass is always very clean. I have been too long without so if any lovely men want a male friend that wants to have fun then you would really enjoy bedding me. ONLY thing I like more is carpet munching. BTW guys... I suck dick too.
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