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Double Sucking

Double Sucking on Bisexual Playground
Double Sucking on Bisexual Playground
Double Sucking on Bisexual Playground
Double Sucking on Bisexual Playground
I would enjoy Sucking two Mens Cock, at the same time. A Gay couple would be nice.
Me too, so would I , rub them together when they are nice and wet. Lick both juices together. Kiss
I have done this before and it is very enjoyable for everyone concerned. Would love to get some again some time soon!
I spent the night with a friend of mine after a party, needless to say i wouldn't drive. At times we had talked about blow jobs and how great they were. He was straight and didn't know i was bi. I woke up on the couch about 3 in the morning and wanted a cock real bad. I proceeded to his room, woke him up and told him i couldn't sleep and why. He was naked and soft and he said he understood and he rolled over. I went for it immediately and it was fantastic feeling it grow in my mouth and i never took it out until he had given me a big load and i was very tender with it until it was soft again and totally clean. Since then i have go back from time to time to experience that great feeling again.:-D
I Love it when a Lady will share her man's Dick with me & we can take him to new heights together.:)
I want to try being bi. Just to see if I would like it. I dream about it all the time with a nice guy and women. I think I would suck very well and be asked back again. all I need is to be enticed. Tim.
i would love to help you suck your mans cock teresa. you sound so into it, i know you give good head baby
I enjoy sucking cock and think about it a lot.
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