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Getting Caught

Getting Caught on Bisexual Playground
Getting Caught on Bisexual Playground
Getting Caught on Bisexual Playground
Getting Caught on Bisexual Playground
Seems that one of the hottest times I had was several years ago, when I was in a LTR, and my partner came home during lunch unexpectedly and walked in on a hot guy sucking my dick. It was a scene, and my friend freaked and bolted faster than lightning, but I found a vicarious thrill in being caught. I secretly desired my partner to join us instead of stopping the action. Ever thought how fun it would be if your husband or wife came in unexpectedly and also got turned on by it? It could be an accidental discovery of MMF or MFF interest!

Alternatively, being caught if in a public or semi public place would be fun, so long as it wasn't law enforcement. Yikes. But to have a hot guy walk in on two guys jacking off in the public restroom, or knowing that the people you are staying with on vacation (old college roommate, huh?) was trying to peek in the door of the guest room you were staying in, just to watch you and yours go at it, hoping he'd be invited. After all, he can vividly remember knowing that you were wacking off some nights in that bed, and he pretended to be asleep, but the hardon that he had wouldn't go away. The ideas go on and on. Write me with thoughts, or better yet, do a journal entry here.

Hope you have fun... Laughing
I have a long time fantasy of being caught fucking a woman by her husband and then having him fuck me in the ass as revenge........I get hard just thinking about it!
Being caught by my sister was the best experience she even joined in we get off all the time together now she even strokes my cock its fucking amazing
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