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Orgies on Bisexual Playground
Orgies on Bisexual Playground
Orgies on Bisexual Playground
Orgies on Bisexual Playground
Any West Origes? please let me know!;)
Qball... I'm in MD but I get up to AC occasionally! Send me an email or IM and we can talk.
Hmmm...look how many from the St. Louis area are interested in orgies. I say we do it!
nothin' like a good orgy - all that sexual energy in one room

best orgasm I ever had was at a club one time. Four couple were going at it on a bed. This hot little chick and I were going at it doggy style at the foot oc the bed with her bent over it and me standing on the floor. This incredibly hot looking blonde walked in wearing a scarlet silk chemise, walked over to me and kissed me really hard, sticking her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could. I came immediately and as I did, I pulled my cock out of my
partner and blasted a huge load halfway across the bed, getting it in her hair and hitting another couple as well. The red dress woman just smiled and then disappeared.
me and my wife are looking for another couple for her b-day so that we can gett wild and crazy with ;)
always looking for orgies, please invite me!!

We want it all....check us out...let's fuck!
I'm from toronto and would love to hear about a real orgy in this city

I am arranging an orgy at a hotel in Fairfax City, VA, on Sat. July 25. Email me at with a photo and stats if interested.

Looking for Wild Orgies in VA , MD, and DC. Please invite me
mmmmmmm I been wanting to go to an orgy party for a long time , would so be so fricken hot . let me know if anyone has one and is close to Coldwater,Michigan
I am looking for some real freaky and nasty fun in Colorado Springs; I would love to be invited to an orgy. I would love to have some fun with a group of trannys too. I just want to be involved with more than one or two people for the first time.
LOL, house parties are the best! Been to a many that where staged as swinging. Never as a bi house parties. And those partys were full of 30 people enjoying each other, not just 3 or 4. So yes orgies would be very fun in if they were with a lot of folks fucking and sucking each other no matter the genders!
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