Bisexual Personals is home to the most extensive and complete bisexual personals online. Our personals contain some of the most descriptive questions and answers you can imagine. We also offer amazing search tools to find the personals you really want. Our bisexual personals have dozens of photos, albums, reviews by other members, and more! You can contact other members through their personals, instant message them, read their full profile, view photos and more. We recently added a feature that allows members to use colors, fonts, and icons to express themselves in unique ways.


Personals wouldn't be the same without pictures. Our members can upload photos of themselves to ther personal ad, and to their albums with amazing control over who can view them. Security and safety are a top priority on BisexualPlayground, and we provide tools to keep your pics and profile safe, and only allow who you permit to view them.

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We have a unique chat room with amazing features. From the Lobby to the Cyber Room, there's always someone a new friend to meet, and a need to satisfy. The chat rooms provide a means for instant communication, and instant gratification. Our chat room has some really cool features, like the ability to chat in different colors and fonts, insert hundreds of icons, and the ability to post and share photos as you chat! You can even post photos from our amazing library of interests, which contains sexy photos shared by members on every topic you can imagine.

Forums's Forums are vast, with hundreds of thousands of topics, and posts of every sort. Members can post photos to the forum, as well as use fonts, colors, and icons to get noticed. The forums are a great way to get noticed, and to have fun.
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