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Maryland Swingers

Honesty, Discretion, Friendship and Respect. We are not Swingers and have no wish to be Swingers. We are a commited bi couple to each other and our life style, We are looking for a bi couple for friendship in every way. Plain and simple. We are not Swingers and have no wish to be Swingers.
forever is not near a long as it was when we were in our 20's so why waste time. we are looking for real swingers not wanta be swingers
Northwoods couple likes to play. She is BIG girl and he is kind of old! Oh well, we do have fun. Threesomes or couples or ??? We are swingers and will meet swingers. If you are a married male playing alone, bring a note from your wife giving the okay. Okay?
bisexual couple. my swingers coupole your swingers couples my wife sexy baby fuck my wife
we are both outgoing, we like to try new things with a third party we also like to be spontaneous. i(raven) have been to sex parties and swingers parties he has been to swingers meet and greets,
Bi-guy, good looking, out-going. My wife if bi also and she will occassionally participate. We've been active in a local swingers group, although the swingers club definitely does not go for bi males. Of course, they do not know that I am bi either. Anyway, have had a few good experiences over the past recent couple of years (not many - think its 4). I like both women and men.
We have been together for 9 years and married for almost 8 years... We are looking to spice up our marriage... We are also looking for friends to hang out with near us... We are new to the area... Both we're Born and raised in Maryland and we just moved to PA September 2013... The reason why is because MD is too expensive and it's way cheaper here :-) Jenn is a smoker and Billy's not... We both are social drinkers... Jenn has a daughter and son (from previous relationships) and we both have a daughter and son... We don't get to get out much... Our only friends are basically each other (besides the ones we left behind in Maryland)... If your a couple looking at our profile feel free to friend us but Jenn does not feel comfortable doing another guy... Billy is allow to do another female though... Jenn is Bi-sexual and Billy is straight... It was Jenn's idea to bring another chick into our bedroom :-)
We are looking for a fully bi couple that have no hang ups and no games. We are both atractive with just a little extra padding. He is 5'10 brown and blue. She is 5'7 brown and brown. We are very much in love and are looking to share our bi desires with like minded couples. We are expierenced in the swingers lifestyle but are looking for bi swingers.
We both are very sesual people, he has a fantasy of seeing me with another woman,I have never had the experience and would like to satisfy my man by pleasuring him with the experience.I am a chunky lady and he is about middle sized, we are looking for a playmate but also a friend, we are also in search of good clean swingers, I have attended the swingers club in Las Vegas and he is new at it, we are looking for friendship and fun.
Hi i am a 21 year old bi crossdresser looking for some fun in Maryland
Hello We are looking for a Cpl or Bi Female In Maryland.... Could it be u? Talk to us!!
we love to have fun as much as possible. We enjoy going out for drinks at swingers clubs in the area. We do not have much free time because of our work schedules and kids, so when we do go out, we love to party like there is no tomorrow. We are very open minded and will tell you what we think. When we are at a swingers club, we love to talk, dance, flirt, teast, and show off as much as possible.
new to the site, just seeing what its about and seeing if a can meet someone around the maryland area
Get to know me I'm johnny i live Frederick Maryland in box me
We are young fun couple in the maryland area...
couple lookin' 4 couples in maryland.
hi everyone , we are both very acive in the swingers lifestyle and consider ourselves swingers plus . we are both bi seXual and enjoy being with couples and singles as well . we enjoy traveling we consider ourselves very open to our needs , wants and desires . as well as others . we treasure close friendships that we have made thru our * over 27 * yrs of being in the lifestyle and look forward to making many new friends as well . we are staying in Oklahoma right now waiting for some job leads to pan out
Hi all i need help looking for a swingers club or bar in the Maryland, DE, pa area that my wife and i can go to. we are trying a new life style and want to go to a club. any help you have would be appreciated and Thank you. Paul
Are there any bi swingers. And are there still unskoken rules that swingers follow
Hi it's Vince,
Here's an Idea... How about the option for certain Sexual Orientations being able to add a second sexual orientation. This would be helpful for cross dressers and trans-genders mostly. For example, a person listed as a cross dresser could also list themselves as Bi, Bi-cruious, Straight or Gay, since in of it's self being a cross-dresser doesn't determine who they would have sex with. As it is they have to decide which is more important their sexual preference or the fact they cross dress. The same for trans-genders, who who should also be given the options for listing if they are post or pre op, as well as if they are M->F or F->M. Finally anyone, especially couples, should be able to add swingers to their orientation as this will aid both swingers in finding other swingers as well as help those who don't "swing" to avoid contacting swingers if they wish. Those are my thoughts and ideas, and yes I know that it would make some profiles and searches/browes more complicated, but I believe that it would help more.

Anyway, Be well Vince
They do have swingers resorts through out the country. there is actually a network of them. do a search to find out. some of them are nudist resorts designed for swingers which probalby means a fair amount of bi folk.
We also spend a lot of time on sailing and travel message forums, and through them, have met lot of people. We've had the same experience, but we aren't shy to come right out and ask, and to mention that we are into "Alternative Lifestyles". We don't do it in a way that makes it feel we are coming on to them, it's just pure curiosity. We've never lost a friend because of it, and we're probably batting .500 on who we think are Swingers ;)

Even non-Swingers are interested to hear more about it all.
We would love to host swingers parties, so couples would have a mutual place to meet when the occasion arises. So if you know any swingers or just really horny couples, single females or hung single males please lets get it started.

Mature woman a turn on.....
What we would like to know are these two places where my lady and I can observe the action first without feeling pressured to jump right in. Being middle aged and not 20 something--just want to make sure we are not competing for body beautiful if you know what I mean are average , attractive couple who don't seem to get enough if you know what I mean. She is just learning I am Bi and she recently said she is curious about her being bi too.. So right now I guess we are soft swingers and soon full swingers. She is a little nervous about performing public sex right now but that will disappear if we can see others getting it on and than getting mutually hot and horny!--AlanKiss
hi im bi and looking for fun in maryland :-P
If your ever in Baltimore Maryland let me know
where in Maryland do you live?
Would you be open to a Maryland guy
I am in Maryland, still interested bi cute guy?????
Im looking for a female in maryland who would like to have some fun and can host .
Looking to have some fun with other bi males in Southern Maryland.
interested in something this weekend if anyone is around southern maryland
Hi sexy message me.. I will be in Maryland in two weeks
mmmmmm wish i was in maryland
Kiss and hugs
Blowjob too


Bisexual Swing Clubs
I would love to find a bisexual swingers club near Dallas,Tx. if anyone knows of one,or swingers parties at private homes.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
I attended a bi swingers party in San Francisco in 94 shortly before I moved back to TX. I'd been to regular swingers clubs before, but this was a whole new experience. It was in a house with the party outside & in the basement. Hot tub & several rooms to play in. Safe sex all round with swings, pillows, mattresses, & more. Everyone was really friendly & respectful.
I also attended an SMBD swingers club in SF that was an actual buisness. Paid admission & cash bar. Several rooms with the obligatory Mistress inflicting pain on her subjects. Bondage gear in every room. People weren't as friendly. Actually kind of creepy.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Swingers Palace in Pittsburgh has a Mixed gender Bi night every Friday. I've never been there but I get their newsletter. It is also the only club that I have heard of that welcomes Bi male activity in the club. Maybe a member from Pitt. could tell you more. The web site is swingers palace with a hyphen in between.

Gloryhole Etiquette
my best blow job was at love stuff on route 40 in maryland ,i guess its abberdeen,awesome glory holes,ran into a cpl on sales floor looking at dildos n stuff,his ife wasnt a fox but had that slutty look to her,lol,so i was lookin at dvd,s,as i looked i moved them away making an opening and i showed her my cock,she reached thru n touched it,wow,than i followed them in back to booths,any maryland sluts wanna try this
Washington State
Are there no swingers in this state
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Any swingers clubs in Alaska?
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Where are the swingers and sex clubs In California.....anyone???
Jack Off Buddy
Maryland anyone?
Mutual Masturbation
Maryland here
Couples Searching For Bi Males
too bad nobody in maryland
Sex With Sister-in-law
My brother and his exwife were swingers. When I was about 18 we were all getting drunk and ended up in their bedroom. I didn't know at the time that they were swingers. It was me, my brother, his wife and my step sister. My brother is dominate so kind of told everyone what to do. I ate my step sister's pussy while he fucked his wife. My girl friend was passed out in the living room.

After that I fucked her many time. My brother also is the one who taught me to suck dick when I was little so it was natural for me to start sucking his cock again. My sister in law loved to watch me sucking him.

The rule was we couldn't have sex unless both were there. But my sister in law was hot and slutty so we started fucking all the time. I loved licking her pussy because when she came she was very loud. It was so hot. I miss it.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Looking for a swingers club in Northwestern Indiana???
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Hi: Just back to the area and looking for bi swingers clubss in ct. can anyone help
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Looking for a swingers party or club in glasgow. Anyone help? :-D
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Where is a swingers club in Sacramento CA area?
Bisexual Swing Clubs
does anybody know of any bi sexual swingers clubs in Hawaii
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Anyone know of a swingers club near cleveland, ohio?

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Thanks so much for creating such a great site for swingers. I hope to find a few people on here to explore all life has to offer with and there sure are enough to choose from on here. I will do my best to promote this site to all the bi's and swingers I know! Thanks again!