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Massachusetts Bisexuals

im single, first time in industry of bisexuals or should i say that i am bi curuios. i want to met n get in touch with the people who are been too long in this so called industry of bisexuals. i hope i could met many bisexuals out there this is kiko looking for some friends.. tenks pals...
25 m and 24 f massachusetts
We are a happily married bisexual couple who are seeking other bisexuals. We have been married since the mid-80's and are committed life partners. Our children are now adults and all but one have left the nest. We enjoy being together. We are 420 friendly. We prefer quiet evenings home over wild evenings out... but we do enjoy letting our hair down every now and then. We are a discreet couple who want to keep our private life private, but do not fear getting "caught or exposed". We have been seeking bisexuals since the mid 90's. We enjoy same-sex play and we like seeing each other satisfy their bisexual desires. We enjoy the freedom we share when we play with other bisexuals.
single male from central massachusetts.
I am a single man from Massachusetts just checking my options.
We are a 37 year old couple from SE Massachusetts who are new to the lifestyle and are intrested in finding out more about it!! :)
great idea bear... i too surf trying to find news about bisexuals and you can find gay or strait tidbits but none really says much about bisexuals.....i also agree that it shouldn't take much to add the addition... maybe if everyone was asked upon signing in for 24 hours or whatnot i would be willing to bet that ev everyone would agree....:)
Hey what part of Massachusetts are you from?
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
Hey im a 20 bi f from Massachusetts. Def. intersted in meeting up with you. Im looking for someone to experience with too. Hit me up
i live in massachusetts, lesbians and gay men can legally get married here, but not everyone is from here
We are new here and having trouble finding a bi-female to join us for our first 3 sum. HELP please. We are from Massachusetts


Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
M-F-M Threesome
I'd love to try an MMF...esp.interested in DP!I'm in Massachusetts
Women Who Like Bi Men
Bi guy in Massachusetts looking for bi accepting female for fun and honesty
Hey anyone know of glory holes in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?
Always horny bottom guy seeking Topmen in Massachusetts.
2 Girls 1 Guy
Hot 18year old couple looking for a dirty girl in the Massachusetts area

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I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.