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Men Modeling Bras

I'm a chub that likes wearing bras and panties.
Im 6ft 1 i love wearing panties bras. Guess that makes me a crossdresser
I am 5'11" tall, 150lbs. Salt and pepper hair, blue eyes. I enjoy men and women equally. I also enjoy wearing woman's lingerie: bras, camisoles, panties, stockings. Would love to dress for play.
Im 38 years old bisexual love to dress up in panties and bras and dresses i love to suck cock with a woman i fantasize bout shemales and i want a woman to wear a strapon on me i also fantasize bout being fucked by multiple guys at the same time to where i can have more than 2 cocks to suck at once i love to be cummed in and swallow cum i also fantasize bout a woman pissing on me
I've been cross dressing for a number of years now. I especially enjoy wearing thigh highs and panties......the feeling of both is so fucking stimulating! And, since I'm an exhibitionist, I love modeling my lingerie for others who appreciate seeing a man dressed like a gurl.

An old modeling trick (and it works) is put Prep H on it...shrinks swelling tissues...and trust me it helped with a few unsightly pimples I've had in the past on my forehead, and it helps get rid of bags under the eyes after a long night of partying.

Thought I would jump in here and mention that some doctors are actually recommending that NO ONE wear underwire bras. If anyone wants the info, I can dig it up online. I was pleased to hear this as I have always Loved the Look and Lift of the blasted things. The reason was something about pressing on certain glands or lymph nodes IIRC. With me being a 42D while the underwires LOOK Great, they HURT! I have taken to wearing only Playtex 18 hour bras, with the wide comfort straps, for work, and otherwise, I have couple of nice sexy underwires, I wear for short duration, or go braless, and GRAVITY BE DAMNED!

Just my thoughts and as I said Two Cents worth.

I would like to have to buy bigger bras
I think wearing bras is hot for both men and women.
Anyone else have a bra fetish. I love bras and have since I was little. Looking to find anyone with same interest
I HATE Under Wire Bras ().()They dig in and they hurt Wink LMFAO
wife wears half cup bras which gives a great view and shows off clevage
Sure I will play from north nj here morris county. I have a large collection of panties bras and nighties.
I'm big man big tits.have considered wearing bras and's not like walk into Walmart Victoria secret and say can u fit me for a bra ..:)
It caused me some hesitation as I was modeling nude with a female instructor who guided me with poses. She asked me to just touch her clit with my tongue while her husband took photos. Finally, he came over and pushed my face into her cunt. He told me to tongue her vagina deep. I obeyed. Afterward we enjoyed a drink together. Another eating was necessary for retakes and it came easier for me. Another drink followed. This all led to wife feeding me while husband thrusting into me and cuming after a long time. I awoke sleeping between them.
Shemales r hot wearing womens panties bras that's hot. Heels stockings garters I'm getting a boner just thinking about it thongs r hot to I'm waitingKiss
Married life... A neighbor couple and us were planning to go to the beach when it started raining.. We had a beach party in their living room.. No need to go back and get our suits,, why not just wear bras and panties.. They cover just as much.
A few beers later the topic came up again and the girls looked at each other and starting undressing.. Funny how girls cover their tits for modesty.. Leaving their panty covered cunt exposed.. They were waiting for us.. It's hard to hide a hard-on in boxer shorts.. That little fly-opening allowed my cock to show and the other man looked at me and we dropped our underwear.. If the girls had not smiled we probably wouldn't have done it but they smiled at the bulges and kept on smiling as we did a striptease show.. The girls never got completely naked but they did removed their bras and rubbed nipples.. We got jerked off by our wives... Another night we were jerked off by the other's wife.. Eventually being sucked by both him and his wife. I never thought of my wife sucking another mans cock but a panty-party is one way to find out who's 'bi'..
Love wearing panties. Bras too. I even have a few outfits.
Would love to meet up sometime with like minded guys.
I will gladly, i would love to do whatever with you, if it is ok i wear sexy bras and panties. I love sucking cock, licking ass and fucking
I love my panties, and my stockings and my bras and camisols and body stockings,
Oh Wow!
I only own a couple bras, because I very seldom wear one.
Should I go buy a couple more than the 2 I already have?
Or is this ok?



mmmm we luv to see men n women in sexxy bras :) i luv when me n my gf go out n her sexxy bra is peeking out !!! she gets look from men n women :-P

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