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Men Swallow Other Mens Cum

Want to swallow some uncircumcised dick
Love oral and very good at it.... Will swallow evrrytime....
I'm a little white boy wanting to swallow a load hit me up if you need a cum dump
Expert Oralist. I live to lick, suck, and swallow.
Just a normal guy that has learned that I don't mind watching a girl or guy swallow my cock.
5'10 and your average build. 175 with a 78% muscle mass and something for a tranny to choke and swallow on.
I'm looking for a TS to ravage me. Make me do disgusting things. Just need cock and cum. Expert in cunnilingus and fellatio (deep throat and swallow).
Skinny. White. Looking to beat my anxiety when is comes to being with men. Always up for sucking you off at your place, a motel, a bathroom or your car. I like to swallow. Still need someone patient to fuck the ass for the first time. I don't like getting off until you are all done.
Submissive oral cocksucker like to give no reciprocity head will swallow may try to be a bottom if we took it real slow with a lot of lubrication race not important
73 year old horny man with a small cock.that is into cross dressing and I love to be ass fucked. I also suck cock and swallow cum.
6 ft 7 1/2 to 8inch cock. Not sure. First time here but I really am lookin for a cock to suck on and swallow really bad. I'm 32 and I've had these feelings since I was 9. Please help me finally. I've known I was bi since probably 7. It still ever acted on it. Help make today the day !!!
We are a sexually open couple. He loves to suck cocks and swallow cum as does she. She likes as big a cock as she can find. Loves black cum.
Im just horny all the time. I need some dick to swallow. I'm always horny always looking for big dicks
53 yo masculine good looking and in shape guy who loves to suck dick. I am expert at it and can do it for as long as needed and will swallow everything. Open minded and open to do other things.
I'm a black male who is looking to transition into a female. I have a big juicy black ass with a asshole that could swallow the biggest of cocks and waiting for your warm cum to fill it. Who's got the cock and.balls and is a real man that can give me what I need to set.this bad girl straight?
5:7 45" chest 14.5" arms 34" waste 8" uncut cock am able to swallow as much as you can give, love ❤ foreplay and sucking slow
mature, fun, open minded love to suck cock and east pussy. Love to eat pussy that has just been fucked. Yes, I swallow
i have been wearing since they came out on the market and i prefer to wear womrns over mens thongs the fit better and most mens have that seem right up the front where womens dont.i now am the prod owner of 52 pairs of womens thongs
hey guy, lets put together a bi mens luncheon at a local motel/hotel for mens enjoyment. would like to develop a monthly get together for those who wish to explore their manly drives with other men.....who is interested in the Atlanta area. Str8 guys, married wanting to explore those feelings with other bi-men who can show the enjoyment welcome.....need some feed-backHug
Yes, you do have to be careful today about who's cum you swallow. Even who's unprotected penis you suck. It is best to get to know the person real well, and know their sexual history. I would never swallow the first time with a guy. Once I got to know them, and if I trust that they are having protected sex with others all the time, then I would swallow. Got to be safe.

I do believe you are all a bunch of cock suckers and deep throat Masters or Mistress. But know I have a question What do you do if you are not married Lady's to the guy.Do you spit it out or do you swallow every drop. If it were Me & I am a Bi married man I would swallow every drop he has in it. But I need to know what you do. & yes Guys you to do you swallow or do you spit. :-PLaughingHug
check out lafayette village mens room
There are a couple of mens saunas in tampa that you might enjoy.
Looknig for glory holes, mens rooms, parks etc in N VA
Same here tired of seeing mens hairy assholes not cool and thats my opinion.....
Hey daddy wanna play? Never been with a male before you can be first I need someone discrete to swallow my small dick after I swallow your cum.:)Kiss
I haven't worn boxers or any kind of mens underwear in years.
I've never sucked cock, well a couple of times years ago but I did swallow his load, it tasted fantastic. has anybody got one I could suck now? I will even try deep throating you, and will swallow the lot!!
no impotence here !!! I love women that swallow ... can you swallow the whole thing ....can I:P on your big ass tt's when and where ???
22 I was curious and asked a friend and his boyfriend to come over to my apartment. So we had a threesome mostly based on oral sex. I didn't get to swallow I. It was my first time (and only so far) doing anything with a guy(s). But I would definitely do it again. Hopefully I'll be excited enough to swallow and try other things.
Wife knows that I suck other mens cocks but does want to know we
hen or where . She is NOT involed in myBI life style. John :P:P:P:P:P:P:P
omg i just realized i have balls...yup clearly fefined :)lmao that was great need to put it nect to the mens rules ...and post them

Hugs matt and jay
Where are all the wonderful females who want to see their male partner suck another guy? I personally want to swallow as that's part of the deal doing that. Guy's tend to prefer those who swallow ;) I like the taste myself. I'm thankful i have my own supply when I desire it :)

Thanks for the nice topic. I'm hungry now! lol
Blowjob I love to swallow, that's the best part of sucking a nice hard Cock! This is a pic of me licking a nice cockhead and stroking while he shoots his load for me to swallow!


I love sucking dick and the taste of cum. I swallow as much cum as I can. With your help I'd like to see just how many big cocks,( any race) I can suck and how much cum I can swallow in 24 hours. Blow and go. Line up all that beautiful cock. Lindawantabe
Big Cumers
I've had a few large cummers. I couldn't swallow fast enough. The problem was they had little dicks(6" or less), They didn't reach the back of my mouth. No matter how hard I sucked most of the cum ran down my lips and on to my chin. I would love to have a large cummer whose cock will reach my throat. I'll swallow every drop of his cum. Lindawantabe
Cum Swallowing
When I get together with another guy I love to suck and swallow. Getting a nice load of cum to taste and feel in my mouth can sometimes make me cum witout touching my cock. It has been quite a while since I last sucked cock. I would love to be able to do a group of between 5 and 10 guys. Have them cum on my cock and in my mouth. Then I would lick up and swallow all the cum I could. SO HOT Al
Bisexual Orgy
Would love to take part in a bisex orgy. Having a few cocks to suck and pussies to eat. Oh, and all the cum to swallow. I`m in S. Fl. if anyone wants to organize one.
6 Inch Dick
I love to suck and be sucked. Always swallow, but tend to enjoy small dicks. No ass involved
Men Eating Their Own Cum
Love to taste my pre cum when ever I am stroking. My X would do a cum swap with me after a good BJ. I loved to jerkoff on her tits and lick it all up and swallow it. Just writing about it make me want my cum.
Men Eating Cum
I`m a bi oral male in S. Fl. that loves to suck cock and swallow hot cum. Looking for a reg. suck bud-any takers?
Cum Swallowing
me and my wife both love to give head... we fight over who gets to swallow and the guys love it...swallowing cum is great,,, no other feelng like it unless its way up your ass...oh yea
All Male Orgy
I love Cock. The feel and the taste. I would love to see just how many men I could satisfy in one night. How much cum I could swallow. How much cum my sissy white ass will hold. Lindawantabe
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
we're into having couples full fill our fantasies here.We both love anal and we both like too swallow cum.the male is the bi one.his lady is just loving watching that.I would love to experience what she was already had.
Guys Who Eat Cum
I have always loved swallowing cum after giving a guy a good BJ. I have tasted my own and loved it. The last time I ate my own I jacked off on a dildo and then licked it clean. What a rush. I`m in SE FL. and if you want someone to swallow your cum get back to me.
Gang Banging Shemales
there is nothing sexier than a shemale.they bring everything to the game.I'd like to be sucking on her tits while she rides me hard.I always like to deep throaght,would rather choke + swallow then just lick.But to have a shemale in my room,i'd be in heaven.The best of everything.:-P
Cum Sharing
I just love to be snowballed with cum. Love to swallow the hot stuff. I jerk and cum in my hand and eat it all up. Love to suck and drain a guys balls down my throat. Just got hard writing about it.
Cum Swallowing
Just finished a nice wet blow job on a buddy. When he tensed up, grabbed my head and proceeded to shoot 5-6 good spurts in my mouth. I held it in my mouth for about 20 seconds just savoring it then in one big swallow down it went. I absolutely love cum!
Eating Own Cum
I love to eat my pre cum while I am stroking. I tastes so good. I finally ate my own cum when I jacked off on my girlfriends tits. My God what a rush. I swallow cum when I give a BJ to a guy, but to taste my own, WOW. I even did a cum swap after my girl sucked me off, amazing. Now I do it as often as I can. So guys don't be afraid if your curious, go for it, I did and I love it
I love it when I have to be on my knees and beg to suck a mans cock. Bring him to where he's ready to cum and have to beg him to fill my mouth and let me swallow his juice. I hate it when he pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoots his load on the floor. It's just wasteful. Lindawantabe
Piss Play
I drink Carol's pee a few times a week, and have been for many years. She has gotten excellent at controlling the stream so as to slowly fill my mouth, stop so I can swallow, then go at it again. We now do this right in our bed, and never spill a drop! I also like it when she just lets go with a strong stream, all over my face. That, we do on the bathroom floor for easy clean-up. I will also drink from anyone, men, women, groups ;)

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