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place Los Angeles, CA USA
donald: 72, BiBisexual
I am a submissive male who knows what he wants. I would like to become a sexual,ect. slave to a bi-sexual couple.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
delish609: 39, BiBisexual
I'm cute, fun, smart and pretty freaky. The freakiest stuff I've done in bed happens on the fly, when i feel the most horny. If you excite me enough, I will deliver.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Mrs. dizzydiamond: 41, BiBisexual
Mrs. dizzydiamond: 44, Str.Straight
Fun, open-minded, attractive intelligent couple!
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Firstrime38m: 45, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
I really want to see what it is like to be with another guy. In my fantasies there is usually a woman involved as well. I would love to find a couple to play with.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Goldylox2: 55, BiBisexual
I am sexy, 41 years old - big tits - good shape - workout 5 times a week. i am married to straight man - so looking for sexy fun.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Gary: 61, BiBisexual
Latino stud looking for discreet and uninhibited encounters with other good looking, built men.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
silverlakebidude: 54, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
Slim, attractive, young looking for my age. Interesting and intelligent. Still a beginner exploring my bisexuality, but I do know my limits. I'm primarily straight and attracted to women, but I have discovered that my enjoyment of giving oral pleasure extends to both women and men. I've also had oral performed on me by men as well as women, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I'm open to most anything, but I'm not interested in bottoming. Sorry. I would be willing to try topping a woman or a man or both, with help and guidance (I've never done it before). Also, I'm not a big fan of genital hair. I keep myself shaved neat and trim, and generally prefer that my partners be the same, especially the men. Sorry fellas, I love giving oral, but I'm just kinda grossed out by hair.

I'm slim and somewhat athletic, but not totally worked out. I'm not really into anything too kinky (piss or filth, rough stuff, dom/sub). Nothing against you if that's your thing, it's just not mine. I'm pretty laid back and down to earth. Discrete and low pressure, and not particularly hung up about enjoying what I enjoy.

I'd love to find a couple to play with, but I'm also looking for single (or more) men to explore with.

Excited to see where this might lead.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Mr. 2xmost: 36, BiBisexual
Mr. 2xmost: 42, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
place Los Angeles, CA USA
jaybby69: 35, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
bicurious mid twenties.. just want to have a lil fun
place Los Angeles, CA USA
JohnnyOxford: 54, BiBisexual
Tall, good looking, athletic, well hung. I love to bike long and hard. great food and wine. Learning guitar and getting pretty good.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Jessica: 45, Not sureNot sure
Hey ladies,

Listen I need some help. I was hoping someone would take me out someplace fun where other girls hang out..make friends, get drinks, party, whatever. I am just shy about the whole thing but the truth is I end up having a couple of drinks and hitting on my girls that are just friends and...I don't know...I wish I could just be in an environment where it was OK to say what it is I want to say about a beautiful girl! Also, I need to learn a thing or two about how to have better sex wtih just girls..I lack experience but not passion I assure you.

Next is the situation with a girl who visits LA from time to time who drives me crazy every time she's here...she's been the only one I've ever done it with. Anyway, she moved away and I just can't stand being without that kind of interaction all the time. I want to be with a woman very badly. She had told me she would show me around before she left, and hey, I understand she's working on her degree, but I am going nuts.

Also, I have a boyfriend, who is supportive of all of this exploration and YES he wants to jump in if I ever find another willing girl.

True story, all of this, not making it up....hope you write if you see this ad.


place Los Angeles, CA USA
Him: 52, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
Him: 43, BiBisexual
New to this and just looking to see if we can connect with anyone.

Looking for someone, clean, real, in shape, sexy, fun
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Love_in_the_sky: 40, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
Hey there,28yo bi-curious female. i'm thinking to try out some things since I'm single. Ideally that would be a couple who is looking for a gal to have an intimate friendship.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Cyndi: 63, BiBisexual
5'6" Curves in the right places... Auburn hair (sometimes redder than others)

Decide for yourself... a picture is worth a thousand questions... I have hundreds recent pictures... if you don't have one to share then the answer is no. Nothing personal, I just have so little free time with my work that I want to spend it right!

I want my mate to be height/weight proportionate of course. I stay in decent shape and he should care enough about himself to do the same. I would rather have a 7 or 8 that can carry a good conversation than a 10 with no brain power! Arm candy is nice but it sure gets sticky after a while.

I am outgoing and a little wild. I manage a lifestyle club in LA which takes up a LOT of my time... so I guess I need to be BOTH!

I "date" my favorite couple on the Fireman's Calendar.... Blue days are out... for now... that is only 10 days a week... one day I will find my match and things will change!

The perfect man (for me)! He must be height/weight proportionate (at least 5'10", good looking, self confident and have a real understanding of the lifestyle and what it all means. He has a great smile and laughter that reaches his eyes... He lives within a 40 mile radius of Burbank. He is hardly ever late. He loves good wine, good food and great conversation. He is willing to trade fantasies with no repercussions. He should know that playing has nothing to do with who you are going home with. It is about great friends with benefits. He should have a wicked sense of humor, a wild imagination, a zest for life, a quest for the unknown and not a jealous bone in his body. He should be into full swap with no counting who got how much of what. Playtime is playtime! He should also be into the finer points of a relationship and looking for love not just sex. Type A personality preferred. In return he will get all that and more. I understand that I am looking for a lot, but I have a lot to give in return!

Can you handle it?

I am picky and you should be too!

Everyone needs a REALITY CHECK once in a while!
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Scudder: 50, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
i am bi-curious. I am not promiscuous, but I am curious about my own sexuality and exploring the possibilities. I love watching heterosexual pornography and having my sex partner talk about being with women during sex. I would like to meet a heterocouple to introduce me to my first mmf. Single men also welcome to reply.
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Shylabear: 30, BiBisexual
I am a bbw that is just looking for some fun 😉
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Sandta: 30, Str.Straight
Little shy but love to know myself. If you like to eat or love sucking hit me up♥️
place Los Angeles, CA USA
lizzzeD: 29, Not sureNot sure
Am not sure about my orientation. I mostly like Girls. Sometimes Felt attracted by teen shemales
place Los Angeles, CA USA
britischerjunge28: 45, BiBisexual
Just moved to LA and have several couple friends that I have left behind. Am interested in meeting another fun down to earth couple in LA
place Los Angeles, CA USA
Donald: 56, BiBisexual
I easy going down to earth, funny, and caring. I like to explore new and exciting things, situation and very oral , love lots of body contact, kissing and more sex. I like the feel of a person body or bodies messed As one and the energy that flows throughout is just awesome.
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