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After morning sex, I don't shower before getting ready for work, so when I use the ladies room at work I can still smell him. Smells like sex and it's intoxicating.
22 Minutes Ago
Jackoff buddy
I'm back on BP after a long hiatis. I'm looking for a clean safe playmate to share JO, oral, playtime. I would also like to arrange small JO groups of local Vegas guys.
I can dress up a little if requested but it's not my priority. First timer so be understanding
3 Hours Ago
I would like to have this
Filled up with a nice cock. Any takers?
8 Hours Ago
Watch party tonight
Any kinky ladies want to join me on chat to watch a male friend of mine get a BJ or possibly more, from another? 👬
Action expected after 9pm.CST.
Let me know!
8 Hours Ago
Easy going guy. Looking for a nearby couple to play with. Or Singles, I live in West Boise but cant host. Can we play!!!!!
10 Hours Ago
Real Life Meetups - Q's
Hey Gang - a question for the gallery:

I've been getting these messages recently from guys with little-to-no content on their pages, usu. just a pic of their chest or cock. And the LET'S MEET NOW come-on.

I find this to be a little strange, and it's unlikely I'll say "oh thank god yes! Let's do that right now!" I mean, I don't need to be dated for a month, you're not gonna meet my parents, but I think I'd like to at least see who I'd be meeting, maybe actually find them (or at lest certain parts of them) to be attractive?

What are your thoughts on this perspective? I won't necessarily change my behaviors, but rather I'm curious about different folks' judgments of this situation...
15 Hours Ago
Sharing my wife
My wife lives in Europe, she comes here to visit me once in a while. She is planning to come this September for a couple of weeks and we plan to spend about a week of that in Florida and we might go on a cruise to the Bahamas too. We have a fantasy to share her with another man while I watch and join. She wants him to be bi because she wants to watch me too . Her requirements are the following, must be cut and big, 8 inches or more. Must be Caucasian, or middle Eastern, must be non smoker, and non alcoholic, and no drugs. Must be clean, safe, and willing to shows
Allow us to take pictures without faces from that action 😈. She also had an age requirement. She is 47 so you must be her age or younger. And save sex must be practiced.
We both are not Ken and Barbie. We both have some weight on us. But we are looking for a man who is at least well proportioned physically.

All your comments will be shared with her. She will be the final decision maker 😍
15 Hours Ago
First bj in nh
Would be fun to find someone in SNH to give my first BJ to completion!
17 Hours Ago
Need now!
Need gas⛽️ ASAP will give oral to a men’s or a women’s
18 Hours Ago
Servicing cock
Made me service that kinky cock righLove to be made to service cock in every way from rimming water sports to gang bangs and llllllllllltreat me dirty nasty and have your cock service the way u want
18 Hours Ago
Men in womens panties - borrow, buy or steal?
My wife and I are pretty close to the same size. She likes to wear my cotton underwear after sex. I stopped wearing cotton so I buy for her so she can 'borrow' them. Sometimes I buy for her (me) panties that fit me which are not really her taste. Some of her panties we both like so I borrow them.

What are you experience buying, borrowing or stealing panties?
18 Hours Ago
Are there guys in the Raleigh NC area that love getting blowjobs?
I really enjoy giving blowjobs. Can not seem to find anyone who is interested in my area. Size doesn't matter. Just be respectful.
22 Hours Ago
Any bi people out there in new Mexico
Any bi people who just want a night of fun let me know
1 Day Ago
I need to suck a huge Colorado cock.
Let me suck your big fat cock to completion!!! 👅
1 Day Ago
Young Couple Looking for Bi Fem or Couple with Bi Fem to Play...
We are young, attractive and very sexual. We would like to meet a couple relatively local that we could see on a semi regular basis as we are not the types to have many partners. We are new to this as a couple but both have previous experience. Let us know if this is something you would be interesting in exploring with us, we're eager to meet someone.
1 Day Ago
Looking for some one that wants to try it all from making out to rinning don”t be shy. Like every thing so let do this
1 Day Ago
Looking for sex out on the road
Do a lot out on the road and need some sex hot kinky nasty dirty sex the best kind i’m Transsexual and love it not home much that’s the problem if u like to get me out thereand have them meet up with me it would be great can send u some cod if u like so Tex me let me know can give u my number it has tracking
1 Day Ago
Spouse Watching
Would enjoy sucking a cock while the wife or girlfriend watches. Huge fantasy and turn on.
1 Day Ago
What do you think about shaved genitals on men or women. What do you prefer?
1 Day Ago
Pulaski, NY
I am looking for men (gay, bi, or curious) in the Pulaski, NY area.
1 Day Ago
so who was molested and loved it?
I was molested and loved it ...the first time i ever came was in his mouth with his fingers in my ass and my legs over his!! It was cume ive ever had..thanks!!! I was 12
1 Day Ago
mwm very discreet dd free
I want to 69
1 Day Ago
Are the Cocks big in Missouri.
1 Day Ago
Is anybody really in Missouri and on here?
It seems everyone is in another state that is currently on.
1 Day Ago
Do you enjoy doing this either after filling a guys mouth with cum or having your own mouth filled ?
1 Day Ago
Hook up I'm boise
Anyone interested in hooking up. I'm bi curious 19 year old
2 Days Ago
Swinger parties for single Bi guys
I know and experienced a couples swinger party. But question is, is there a swinger party that allows single Bi guys? M2m?
2 Days Ago
Clothed Pics
From my own female perspective, when looking at pics, I do appreciate clothed pics as well as naked of course. Clothed pics help me imagine a complete scenario or story. Personally I'm turned on by intelligence, and seeing what interests you, or how you look in a chef's jacket, or with your guitar, etc helps me see what kind of lover you really are. Or at least a glimpse. Fucking is more than your cock or pussy, but the attitude and personality attached to it. I don't fuck everything that moves or all lovers who knock on my door. At this stage in life, I do appreciate quality lovers, single or couples.

Thoughts? Or am I the only one?
2 Days Ago
Looking for two bi curious men
Straight female looking for two bisexual/bicurious men to have an amazing threesome with. It’s always been my fantasy!
2 Days Ago
Boy toy for him and I
I'd be glad to help you out
2 Days Ago
Is it a complete turn on when someone starts calling you Daddy?
2 Days Ago
Nyc area
Anybody trying to have fun tonight?
2 Days Ago
3/4 of the profiles I read say let’s go for a drink!! Are there any people that can have fun without it!!
2 Days Ago
Because of my past I guess I may not hold sex in the same regard as others. I hold absolutely zero emotion with sex. I can have passion, but nothing beyond that. Love is not in my vocabulary and probably never will be, as I am not capable of the emotion. So, will never be emotionally attached outside of friendship or fwb.

Curious how many others feel the same.
2 Days Ago
Coming back to wanting more
Years ago I had a threesome with my ex. That led to him wanting more with just he and i. I told her about his needs, and she said go maybe you did something right.
I agreed to his suggestion, and he was really into me. Cause how I made sex relaxing and no pressure. We did all that men and women enjoy. But it ended after 8 months, cause his wife thought he was cheating.... With a woman.
Any way, now I'm wanting another FWBs because I miss what we had. Does that sound normal, after all these years, to want that kind of relationship?
Is it normal to crave, wanting passionate sex? With a guy just as much with a woman?
2 Days Ago
Setting in my hotel room alone
Wish I have some company in Clinton mo tonight love to make someone cum good
2 Days Ago
anyone in maine?
im a crossdresser in maine looking for other cds or cd admirers to have fun with
2 Days Ago
Who is the hottest on BP com out of three categories male-female and transsexual
Post a Name or Photo if you have one to share of your candidate out of one of the 3 categories being male female or transsexuals..
All can enter and let's have some fun seeing one another voting for the Hottest Members...
2 Days Ago
Couple looking for fuck boy
We are looking for a young (18-35) year old bi male to be our fuck boy Suffolk county long island
2 Days Ago
Looking for Monday
Looking for a host or meet or meet somewhere for some discreet fun in Northwest Indiana on Monday during the day. Man, woman, couple, trans, very open minded...
2 Days Ago
Bisexual fun!
Looking to meet a hot open minded Bisexual couple for hot fun
3 Days Ago
Couple looking for bi-female only
Is there no more left !? Are they ALL taken !? Nothing personal fellas,but I see TONS more men on here then women....
3 Days Ago
In Clinton mo
Who's in Clinton mo and want to mess around tonight? I'm bi so it can be female or male so horny wouldn't mind to suck a dick for my first time maybe swallow too mmmmm someone please let's cum together
3 Days Ago
Bi male available for couples or females
Hello all, Bi male looking to play with couples or single females....

3 Days Ago
W/M working in atlanta Ga.looking for fun/role play with couples,intercourse not required,motel meatings great.....staybridge in and suites is availiable
3 Days Ago
Bisexual male in NE Atlanta for seeks a bi cpl or a swing couple.
Thanks for taking a second to look this over. As a solo man scouting the "MFM"
I can tell you it's a tough search. 50 and getting better everyday.
Mildly experienced over decades now, I have seen it all and I bet you know the same difficulty. Happy to have found such a site. Now if I can only meet some people who are lifestyle-peripheral people like me I'll consider my search successful. If you're a bi female looking for an honest wing-man and play pal, say Hello and if you live within 50 miles...we can make it work.!
3 Days Ago
Bi couple looking for bi blk bull
We are a bi couple- I am looking for a bi bull . My partner is a bi male and sub that only wants to be a bottom. I want to fulfill all my fantasies.
3 Days Ago
Bi orgy
Sounds awesome!
I'm in Lakewood and would love to cum!
3 Days Ago
WANTED massage with happy ending
3 Days Ago
Tasting cum
I'm thinking of tasting some cum for the first time what can I expect and tell me about for first time if you liked it. Cheers
3 Days Ago
Desperate to suck a young, shaved cock
Had one for the first time a few years ago and need it bad. Will drain you dry.
3 Days Ago
Hard cock
Wow i just woke up with a nice hard cock. I think I need some phone sex.
3 Days Ago
looking for crossdress/femboys/etc...
anyone up to party and play? just looking for any cute cd's or sissy boys or panty lovers that can share similar interests and are near Windsor, CO
3 Days Ago
Mutual Masurbation
Hey everyone in Colorado. Anyone interested in getting together some mutual masturbation?
3 Days Ago
Tampa bay area care to chat
Anybody out there? Just curious
3 Days Ago
Pinellas couples
Any type couples looking for a mid 30s guy for help?
3 Days Ago
Hot and steamy
I'm not talking about the sex. Most of the U.S. is going through a major heat wave. Let's all get comfortable with our AC and dress appropriately. For me that's naked.
3 Days Ago
Couple/F/M I'm bi curious
In Eastern IA seeking all the above to explore. Looking to suck and fuck. New to playing with guys but very interested and motivated.
4 Days Ago
Let's meet
I know I won't get a response but its wroth a try, want to meet up to suck each other off this morning in Belleville Illinois we can get a room for couple of hours and maybe some anal fun
4 Days Ago
69 in Kansas City
Any horny Smooth Cock, Balls and Asses in Kansas City !
Looking to 69!!!!
4 Days Ago
Talk to me
Hey everyone new to sites like this looking for a good conversation and friends. Could lead to more depending on the person.
4 Days Ago
Sitting in Ottawa Kansas looking for some fun
4 Days Ago
Saturday, Michigan, music and drinks
Saturday 7/20 in Ferndale MI is The Pig & Whisky festival! FANTASTIC band playing in the evening. Good food and drinks! Would be great to meet and have a drink. I’ll be trying to arrive around 6pm. Drop a line, or if not interested in meeting, just come out and enjoy the music (I really love this band and love to turn on people to new music)
Hope to see you there!
4 Days Ago
suck n swallow
would really love to gag on some cock n cum tonight in ne pa
4 Days Ago
Sex with audience
Does anyone else like to perform sexual acts in public or with an audience? The second time I went to a gay bathhouse I was so eager to perform. I didn't want to give someone head in a private room or anything like that. I finally ended up going down on this guy right in the middle of everything. However there weren't many people watching. Who else likes people watching them?
4 Days Ago
Hard to hook up
Would like to give blowjob this morning. Anyone near me. Will meet
4 Days Ago
Fun time
Looking for a bi man for me and my wife any takers
4 Days Ago
Car fun tonight?
Trying to find someone that would wanna pick me up and have some car fun. Wanna get sucked off and I will give a hand job in return for sure but if you will use condom I will go down just can't say for how long, will be first time. Lemme know, I'm in north tampa area and wanna do this like now if possible.
4 Days Ago
bibear hixon, tn
not large hairy cut want it all in hixon
4 Days Ago
Looking for a female in or near Chicago that would be interested in shaving your head bald
4 Days Ago
Need to suck and swallow near Philadelphia
Love sucking and swallowing and told that I am very good it. Need it bad!!!!
4 Days Ago
Getting ready for first bisexual foursome
My girl and I have finally met a couple that we are going to go visit and have sex with we have shared pictures and video feel comfortable enough even let them watch her enthusiasm when she fuck me with her brand new strap on can anyone tell me about their first experience and what to expect
5 Days Ago
First Bi Anal Experience
What was your first bi anal experience like. Protected or bareback? Give or receive.
I have an upcoming opportunity to give my first bi anal so I want to hear others firsts.
5 Days Ago
Looking for a super huge thick cock to shove through a glory hole here at our apartment, trying to make my wife take a cock that I know she can't fit :) her pussy is the pic
5 Days Ago
Anal freaks
Anal freaks
5 Days Ago
Fuck buddy?
In need of clean cut male Fuck buddy to join w hubby and i
5 Days Ago
sister wants to watch
long story short, me and a sisters guy friend are involved and now she wants to watch cool or not?? she hooked us up
5 Days Ago
Need to meet some one guy or woman Staten Island ny
5 Days Ago
Shaved cock
Wow just got done cleaning up by my cock now im looking for some help licking it up. ?????
5 Days Ago
FEMALES and MALES. I want it ALL!!!
It does not matter. I am just looking for fun. I like to please.
5 Days Ago
Howdy new on here
5 Days Ago
fun in bangor
would really like to connect with someone in Maine for some fun and see what happens no serious commitment just lots of fun and sex
6 Days Ago
Ummmmm looking for some jackoff friends women and or men
6 Days Ago
Need a daddy to train me
Hello BP, you've been a welcoming site. I'm looking for a daddy to train me on line over the next month or so. I'm interested in being trained to become a better femboy. I use skype to chat and send pics, but rarely cam. If you are interested, message me. Thanks:)
6 Days Ago
femboy sub here
im really bored and im down to do basically anything lol. just hit me up
6 Days Ago
giving oral sex
older guy who is looking for hot horny women who want only oral sex iam in to any thing in oral that give you pleasure BUT no drugs no pain no bondage sex in bedroom on floor in bath room let me please and plsasure you no place on your body is off limit for my tongue very oral DDF
6 Days Ago
Club Philadelphia
If you're in Philadelphia you may be familiar with Club Philadelphia just a half a block up from Woody's in Center City Philadelphia on Chancellor Street I pop into the Clubhouse like this one every now and then and see what's going on and within 20 minutes after getting out of the shower two guys with big thick Cock's ask if they can get to touch me, Yes I did them to then put me into the swing and they fucked my ass and my face for a good 45 minutes to an hour and now I would like to see us having offline group get to gather to be located in Club Philadelphia and meet up 2 days of the week Wednesdays and Sundays if we can manage to start a gathering here two days a week we can really have some fun gentleman I do volunteer to let you touch my body as you wish if you show up at Club Philadelphia two days a week and bring a friend we can do a lot of touching and be a making a lot of memories that will appreciate the grow old with check out my profile and asked to meet offline at Club Philadelphia and I start hanging out literally hanging out together guys love to get to suck on your cocks soon..
6 Days Ago
Couple looking to meet men today for fun in Nassau
Wish I was around Nassau today!!
6 Days Ago
Family Incest
I must say i really enjoyed having sex with family members.I was young and knew it was wrong but i loved how
it felt on my little pussy:):)
6 Days Ago
Oral sex
Anyone meet at Spring Creek anymore
6 Days Ago
Any one in Tomball that sucks a good cock ?
6 Days Ago
Pantie wearing cock sucker near Pittsburgh. PA
I am an masculine bi man that was made to wear panties while sucking dick, called a cock sucking sissy faggot and liked it! I love being used as a cock sucking submissive sissy cum slut by masculine mature white men age 45 and over! I am looking for men, couples mm or mf , mixed groups or all male groups to service. Free to suck dick Mon- Fri after 7 pm and sat eve.
6 Days Ago
Looking for a threesome
Looking for a threesome, around the worland area
6 Days Ago
Big Surprise
Was fishing Lake Conroe and was in a quiet area when a 60 year old man pulled beside me and we started talking the fish wasn’t biting.So I offered him a water he got in my big pontoon boat we laughed and talked about everything then he asked me had I ever had a man go down on me and I said no then my cock started getting hard just thinking about it he came over leaned in grabbed my cock fuck I was trembling it felt good so I dropped my shorts laid back on the seats on the boat he started sucking me ever so gently and when I would start to cum he would stop so I pulled his cock out started jacking him off he was so good at sucking me off I let him suck me twice he left I didn’t know what to say except thank you sure wish I could find him again
6 Days Ago
Seeking Bi Guy For Oral
Hi! I'm new to the site. Looking for bi guys who might want to meet up for some oral. Can be mutual or I can give. All ages welcome. I'm in the Atlanta area but open to traveling beyond. Let me know if you're interested!
7 Days Ago
In shape guy likes to suck hung
I’m in central NJ and looking for a hung friend who likes being sucked off. I’m 44, in great shape, 5’10, buzz cut, blue eyes. I can host in the 08833 area.
7 Days Ago
Who lives in Springfield Missouri
I'm interested in finding someone local to help each other pleasuringly get off.
7 Days Ago