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place Austin, TX USA
yellowrose19: 28, BiBisexual
Great personality,love to explore and get to know people
place Austin, TX USA
sarah: 41, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
fun, sexy, adventurous
...I havent had much experience with women so thats what I'm looking for! I live in Austin, Texas so if youre in that area or just want to chat then send me an email.
place Austin, TX USA
jaime: 48, CDCrossdresser
im latin5'8,155,29y/o,uncut guy,serious.romantic,i love to meet new persons for friendship or more.
place Austin, TX USA
southaustinlover: 51, BiBisexual
6'2 177lbs short hair, professional male.
place Austin, TX USA
Mrs. Taustinnn: 29, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
Mrs. Taustinnn: 30, Str.Straight
Hi my boyfriend and i are looking for somebody to have our first threesome with, we dont really want anything else just some really great sex. We're DDF and hopefully you are too, he's a white male 19, i'm a hispanic Mediterranean female 19, we've been dating 4 years just looking for some fun, he's very athletic and fit i'm a little more on the curvy side with a bit of a tummy. But we're both goodlooking people. Let me know if this interests you! We're looking for somebody with big tits.
place Austin, TX USA
Leslie: 40, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
bubbly... always having fun... only hair is on my head.... i just want clean boyz and gurlz.... i don't want sluts... just people that want to have fun... i think... i'm still new at this
place Austin, TX USA
Yvonne: 41, BiBisexual
Yvonne: 48, Str.Straight
We are a sexy latin couple who is seeking a hot sexy woman who would like to enter the bedroom and share her self with us!
She will be pleased and will keep wanting more!!!
place Austin, TX USA
Mr. Atxgb88: 24, BiBisexual
Mr. Atxgb88: 33, BiBisexual
Gangbang us
place Austin, TX USA
PurpleLesbian: 37, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
26yo bi-curious female. I am looking for a lady to experiment with online and, if close by, offline...
place Austin, TX USA
Ric: 65, BiBisexual
I'm a very sincere,swm,professional....well educated,laid-back...who secretly inside is very sexual...and needs to meet another clean,disease-free Bi-cpl (preferably) with Bi-male or another man to become discreet friends with on on-going no-strings basis.
place Austin, TX USA
str8nomo: 52, BiBisexual
6'4", VGL, smart, funny, and reserved most of the time...
place Austin, TX USA
z: 45, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
6'3" 270 big but not fat brown hair blue eyes. woman but have this feel of more. need to see my wild side with another man. Would be into anything give or recieveing or oral.
place Austin, TX USA
Shane: 58, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
very outgoing & cool guy who likes to get together with other cool & Hot people
place Austin, TX USA
JuicyB972: 34, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
JuicyB972: 39, Str.Straight
We are a cute couple looking for a SEXY, SANE and DISEASE-FREE young lady for a MFF threesome. I am 5 ft 2 with a thick and curvy shape and he is 6 ft 4 with average weight. Inbox if interested ; )
place Austin, TX USA
Ineedhead123: 37, Str.Straight
Horny looking for head and maybe a fuck.
place Austin, TX USA
Charles: 72, GayGay
Liberal, easy-going, book-aholic, addicted to cafes and coffee shops. Into most anything, tennis to frisbee, cards to golf. Not wealthy. Got an extra set of clubs?
place Austin, TX USA
jay232421: 38, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
College grad into safe sex only. would be into trying s and various kink. I'm open minded
place Austin, TX USA
Mandy09: 33, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
Just when you thought you had me all sorted out, chances are you probably never met the me you should have met to begin with. chances are i'll be a riddle you can never crack. ..i'm an easy person to get to know, but a complex person to understand. i have no idea what i'm doing, what i want, or where i'm going, and i'm okay with that. i'm vicious and my heart is made of fucking steel; not because i can't love, but because it has become impossible to defeat. i have become indestructible and will probably become more as the days roll by. i'm still in search of finding myself and i feel like i'm looking in all the wrong places. i overlook everything that is below the standards i have created for myself. i'm in no rush to grow up, i'm still very much a little girl at heart. i am probably one of the nicest girls' you'll ever meet but push me in the wrong direction, i could be the biggest bitch. many people have come and gone in my life, but only a few have left a lasting impression. i have a big heart. i bet anything i could make you smile when you're sad. i have been through a lot, but have done even more, yet i regret nothing. people will fail you, and people will love you. i'm so hurt, but i smile anyways. i'm not afraid to speak my mind. i am easily entertained, and even more easily amused. i follow my heart more often than my brain. i love singing,dancing,modeling,and gymnastics. i'm not afraid to take chances. what's supposed to happen, will happen, the best things are unexpected. my name is mandy, i am a pre med student, and there's not much to me. trials and tribulations make me who i am. i grow from every experience i come in contact with
i am breaking the mold, i will not be broken.
place Austin, TX USA
Casey: 39, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
I am a fun person who loves to be around people that can make me laugh. I am looking for a guy to be fuck buddies with and possiably a chick who would like to experiment with me. I haven't done much with girls but I really want to try it out some more! I am more attracted to chucky people. Well if this sounds like something you are interested in let me know!
place Austin, TX USA
Todd: 39, Bi-Cur.Bi-Curious
I'm a free thinker that is always looking for something new.
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