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I have wanted for long time to have a load of cum sucked through my panties. Does anyone else love this idea it already do this??!!
I would love to
Ohh my me too!

I dream about doing that, wished we were closer, as would do you in a heart beat

It really looks fun I can't wait to have someone suck mine

Mmm I would love to do that for you!

Mmm had a guy at work wanted to do it this way so he can say he has never sucked dick lol

Ha that is wired. Did you suck him then?

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Males In Panties
I would really like to find a friend who is into mutual panty play, a fellow panty lover. Stockings, garterbelt add to the fun.
Nylon silky panties are a super turn on for me. You?
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
I have to admit that I enjoy sex with cross dressers. I enjoy running my hands over their panty clad body and the hosiery on their legs. Sliding my head under their skirt pressing my mouth against their panty covered cock. Pulling their panties down and taking their cock in my mouth. And watching as they fuck me while all dressed up in their sexy clothes.
Sexy Panties
I love wearing pantys. Satin are my favorite to wear love the feel of them. I use to wear them just around the house now i wear them all the time. Even when i go panty shopping i wear them an trust me it feels sexy. Kiss. :) Flower. I have tons of pantys an love wearing them. Hehe. An yes thay get me hard, even when i panty shop. Hug Kiss
always up for fun... panty party anyone??
Panty Boys
I haven't had the opportunity to get with another panty wearing guy yet.
Panty Boys
Love panties i.ll be a panty slave

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