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Women Who Love Giving Blowjobs
men love women who like giving blow jobs. The better the blow job the more sensitive a women is. She is very caring and considerate
Women Teaching Men How To Suck Cock
Few women know how to give a good bj????? Are you inexperienced? I have had some splendid blow jobs from some women who were experts. I have had some from women how were terrible. More than not, they were wonderfully yummy and quite skilled! If I was to learn how to give a blow job, it would be from a woman.
Blowjob Train
A blow job train is similar to a gang bang where a woman, normaly , has a number of guys line up and pump her pussy. However, with a blow job train, a male or female will perform oral sex to completion on a number of men or women in line waiting their turns. I've only heard abut them, never been on board that train yet! :-D
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
hi, i live in the middle of Arizona, i have to drive 95 miles south to Phoenix to go to an adult book store. i,be had soom very nice blow jobs there. i was sitting in the up stairs theater one day, when a large man sat next to me. after a few minutes he put his hans in my shirt and belong to fondle my small breats, it felt so good i wanted to take him home with me. after that he unziipped my pants and gave me the best blow job of my life. we swapped phone numbers and addesses but he didnt call back. too far to trave i geuss.:):)
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
My x-wife got me to try sucking a guys cock several years ago. I really didn't want to do it but she really put the pressure on me. Well one night a guy sucked my cock and she told me to suck him after. I finally licked the head and I liked it so I took his whole cock in my mouth and sucked him till he shot his load in my mouth. I LOVED IT ! I have been hooked ever since. It's the one thing I can thank my X wife for exposing me to giving blow jobs. Feeling a guy shooting a load in my mouth and swallowing it all is the greatest thing for sex for me. I really like having someone watch me as I give a blow job and cheer me on.:)
Guys That Love Cock
I suck a lot of cock and love every one! The feel of a soft cock swelling to perfection in my mouth gives me the best hard on! The small ones blow their loads in my mouth and I swallow every drop! But the bigger ones that go deep into my throat are my favorites! I take them deep and massage them with my throat muscles and they blow their load directly down my throat! Sometimes when I'm with a group of guys, I'll suck them till they get close, then suck the cum out of my favorite one while the others shoot their loads all over my face! I love being a cocksucker!

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