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Would love to deepthroat one lucky guy sometime today! Be clean and shaved!
5 Minutes Ago
Anyone close
Anyone close to Lancaster pa maybe host ? So horny today and wife’s working
9 Minutes Ago
WPB tonight bi- cd or trans
Tonight looking for some cock - cd - trans - Bi guy - need some 69 and to deepthroat some cock mini massage a few cock Tails some edging and a lot of wet sucking - my 7 inch cock -rimming and wet ball sucking room - hotel or car play -x theater down street lake with -let’s suck each other dry
26 Minutes Ago
unsupervised weekend
I will have some free time next weekend.
42 Minutes Ago
Anyone else wish Hermaphroditus was real and still here?
44 Minutes Ago
What ladies out there like toys?
50 Minutes Ago
Sucking cock
My Birthday is tomorrow ?Who wants to get together and suck me dry ?
1 Hour Ago
Tight hole 🍑
Who wants to lick my hole and slide their juicy hotdog in my tight buns
2 Hours Ago
Hunting/Fishing Buddy?
Anyone interested in having a hunting/fishing buddy to tag along and help relieve some stress? I met an archer a while back through Craigslist. We discussed me meeting him in the afternoon so I could relieve his stress but we never got around to it . He was narriedb and had a very nice cock with a big mushroom head I still dream about. Thanks!
2 Hours Ago
Theatre X or 8th St Video
Who is up for lunch at Theatre X Hawthorne or 8th St Video Hudson tomorrow?
2 Hours Ago
sexy transgender or crossdressers looking to get it ASAP
Any beautiful transfemales m2f or crossdressers in the Cortland area looking to fuck like NOW. look me up and get my phone or Email. walking distance would be preferable, i cant host at my house but ill cum to you or in your car, only serious need apply. sick of being jerked around way to much and not getting off, LOL, if you cant find my info message me ill streamline it for your. i have no car at this time. but if you do and are as serious as myself maybe we can arrange something tonight,tomorrow whenever. LMK,DTF,TTYL
7 Hours Ago
A hole to use
What it sounds like. I like being fucked.
8 Hours Ago
Anybody want to actually fuck someone? I'd love to be that hole.
9 Hours Ago
Gang bang
Would love to get fucked and cummed on
11 Hours Ago
Hookup Spots In The Finger Lakes?
Camping at Lake Keuka, NY in a few weeks. Any places to hook up or go for some fun?
11 Hours Ago
Advice for Nervous 1sr Time CD at Adult Theater

Trying to ease my nervous feelings...
Some have said you'll be fine, and no worries... But first times are sometimes a little bit scary.

This is my First time cross dressing... Black Sheer thigh high Stockings, short mini skirt, Pink thong and just regular black female soft shirt. No heels yet, so Black Flip Flops best I can do. I'm non-passable...

Plan to meet up with a new married friend, Max, I met online at an Adult Theater in Lebanon PA. We will meet outside, pay entry fees then I will go to bathroom and change into my sissy attire... Just nervous about being dressed in public, and showing my belly roll. Taking that step out the door is my challenge.

Max will give me a tour and he may introduce me to a couple of his friends if they show up he said. Not too worried about our play time in the theater, other than being watched. First time in an adult theater also. I will be on my knees and take care of Jack,as he only wants this... Rest is fuzzy and up in the air, not sure what to expect.

Any advice or encouragement is appreciated. You can email me if you don't want to post...

11 Hours Ago
Stay hard
How many guys can stay hard while getting fucked. I don't
14 Hours Ago
Cock sucking
Looking to suck cock tonight, please help
15 Hours Ago
Mature fantasy, carlisle p.a.
I don't think I was in there more than 7 minutes. I sucked one guy off and his load was delicious and I jerked off another guy . Then I left. They were the only 2 guys in there at the time so I did my job . I just needed some cum for the day. I'm happy.
16 Hours Ago
Anyone had sloppy cum kissing
17 Hours Ago
17 Hours Ago
Anyone near west ga
Looking for peaceful relief and fun tonight
18 Hours Ago
Fishing buddies
Anyone trying to go fishing today or tomorrow
18 Hours Ago
Who’s looking to meet ?
I’m looking forward to meeting up and get my first experience with a guy .
23 Hours Ago
Jerk off
Looking for a someone to jerk off with and more when I get high.
1 Day Ago
High and looking for jackoff buds
Just sitting back nice buzz, watching some porn, looking for other guys and some mutual jerking off while we blast the night with some party supplies have a girl come over and join us and watch if interested in New Jersey hit me back
1 Day Ago
Who wants a blow job ?
I’m very horny and looking for some cock !!
1 Day Ago
I'm a simple girl just trying to find a girl to be really really comfortable with.
1 Day Ago
Looking for fun
Nothing much to say
1 Day Ago
Real people
Is there any real people in Lexington Kentucky or close that want to play ?
1 Day Ago
How can I show I'm interested in cock for guts to approach me about it. I know at an adult store I look at their crotch and walk real close. Usual gets me a reach
1 Day Ago
Taste of cum
This is a new experience for us and just wonder what to expect when getting the first taste of cum. Any advice for me ??
1 Day Ago
if In Pahrump Nevada ?
Hello to everyone ...
My Name is Dennis ...
And I've been living in Pahrump Nevada for almost 2 years now and I know there's a lot of bisexuals in Pahrump but where does everybody go to just hang out and get to know one another at in Pahrump ?
I am hoping that everyone from Pahrump or the Las Vegas area would like to get together and say hello on this thread ?
If individuals would stop being shy and will just come out of their boxes, we can have some awesome gatherings right here in Pahrump Nevada ?
I am a bisexual male bottom looking for like minded others in Pahrump ?
If you are game and are available for a get togethers both online and off please speak up and let us know who you are Do enjoy the rest of your evening now folks
1 Day Ago
Inland Empire Adult Bookstores
I am looking for the best hookup spots where I can watch porn, stroke, suck and fuck. Any suggestions?
2 Days Ago
I love to suck and be fucked by someone with this . Lots of cum, yes please.
2 Days Ago
Anyone keen?
Just wanna suck my first shemale cock and get my ass fucked for the first time… soooo keen
2 Days Ago
Anyone know of any bathhouses in SW fl
2 Days Ago
I`ve been living in Sebring for over 4 yrs. I`m always looking for cocks to suck off but only had a few. I know there are guys that want to get sucked off but maybe they are afraid of a guy sucking them. So If you want a good sucking and are in Sebring or Avon Park I will suck you off. You can cum to me or I will cum to you.
2 Days Ago
Any near Jax? Or the Atlantic Beach area?
2 Days Ago
Recently divorced and looking for a fwb, im also bi, prefer guys or women older then me
2 Days Ago
Who likes to eat their precum?
2 Days Ago
Who’s looking for a sexual relationship ?
I’m very horny and looking for a lot of sex
2 Days Ago
Best cock you ever had?
What is the best cock you ever sucked?
What is the best cock you ever got fucked by?
Describe the perfect cock in your opinion.
2 Days Ago
Shaved/bald genitals
Why are shaved/bald pussies and cock/balls so fucking sexy and hot?
2 Days Ago
Glory holes
I want to be used in a glory hole, but no clue where to find one in the okc area. Any help?
2 Days Ago
Booths and theater
Can anyone tell me what to expect at a porn theater or video booths. Can I go there and let people watch me jerk off?
2 Days Ago
DM me about my cock
I love dirty messages and I’d love to hear how bad you want to suck my cock or what you would do with it.
2 Days Ago
Looking for new friends
Husband and wife looking for new friends!

Nothing serious
2 Days Ago
Every one
I would like to know if anyone is interested in sucking on my cock
2 Days Ago
Stuck at Work -- sext me
Your choice... E-mail, text, what's app... Whatever. I need excitement.
3 Days Ago
I'm gonna be in Atlanta Friday through Monday anyone for a hookup
3 Days Ago
I guess
I guess I will have keep sucking on my own cock because no one wants to
3 Days Ago
Broward/Palm beach county men or women?
Looking for some fun in the broward/palm beach area. 35 bi male here, in it for the pleasure of both parties 🫶🏻🫶🏻
3 Days Ago
At the Hard Rock in Hollywood
Hey everyone! I will be in town from Wednesday 7/10 - Friday 7/12 staying at the Hard Rock if anyone is interested in meeting? IM me here...
3 Days Ago
Marietta GA
I,m back, in Marietta Ga looking for some nice hard cock to suck and if you like fill my very tight man pussy. Had a great time in NY now looking to continue here at home
3 Days Ago
Powder springs
Spun the fuck out and would love a couple so I can eat pussy and ass while I ride his dick but open to everyone
3 Days Ago
Hook up
Anyone around mountain home that would like to meet and maybe suck and fuck
3 Days Ago
is there anyone who want to sexchating with me right now because i’am really horny
3 Days Ago
first time
I would love to get penetrated
3 Days Ago
People no longer on here
Why do I keep seeing photos and forum stuff of people who aren't even on here anymore. Does anyone look at dates or last time the person was on here, at the bottom of their profile?
3 Days Ago
This Sat!
Looking for one guy for this Saturday afternoon who wants their cock deepthroated to the base! And who wants to fuck my ass really hard and deep.
3 Days Ago
Looking for tgirl to have some fun with
3 Days Ago
Hotel sissy.
I'm at the motel 6 in Mesquite and the one with semi truck parking if you truly want to come fuck me then just show up and then send me a message that you are here and I will let you know witch truck I'm in!!💯💦💦💦🍒👅💋
3 Days Ago
Want to service 1 or more
I really want to suck onevthisveveningvin ocala and not one taker
3 Days Ago
Need cocks to suck in my hotel
I'm finally getting to Weeki Wachee Florida and want to suck cocks in my hotel room. I'll be here starting July 10th through the month.
Hoping to have multiple cocks at once if we can arrange. being face fucked off me bed and pics or videos taken of dick in my mouth or on my face. Serious guys only please.
3 Days Ago
I'm a bisexual woman 👠 and I absolutely love boobs! Let's see them ladies!
3 Days Ago
Rest stop cruising
Has anyone ever cruised the rest stop on 684 south and Rt 35
3 Days Ago
Horny nnj
Anyone in NJ wanna play tonite I'm hella horny
4 Days Ago
New Jersey only
Who’s looking to meet ?
4 Days Ago
Any women out there down to sex chat or video call.
4 Days Ago
Anyone in Alabama orange beach this week?
4 Days Ago
suck my cock
who wants to suck my cock tonight?
4 Days Ago
Biggest load?
Just must be extremely horney and curious today…..

What is the biggest cock and load of cum you have ever personally experienced? Was it hard to go down on if it was huge?

For the biggest load question…. Did you swallow it all or let me cum all over you?

My cock is hard thinking about a guy pumping his cock in my mouth and holding the back of my head as he shoots me a hot load….
4 Days Ago
Sunning today
Improving my tan
4 Days Ago
Watch me or help me cum
Need a ts or a F to help me bust
4 Days Ago
Any glory holes in San Jose Ca.
Just wondering if there’s any glory holes in San Jose Ca.
4 Days Ago
Cock and more cick
I want to be sucked, and suck. I want to give a hand job I want to get a hand job I want to run Vicks together. Fem Bois and smooth bi I want more but will stop there
4 Days Ago
Need some
I’ve given head and would love to again, have my virgin ass fucked. Anyone in the area or near?
4 Days Ago
Looking for fun
Anyone in upstate New York want to play?
4 Days Ago
Well I met a guy from on this site at petrol today. I wore my tan skirt , pink and yellow thong panties, a pink bra and silicone boobs and a yellow polo. I pulled up alongside his cab knocked and he let me in. Very nice man . He then started to undress himself so I took off my polo shirt . He sat on the cabs bed and I started to suck him till he got hard. He had a nice cock then I asked how he wanted to fuck me he said bent over is fine. So I bent over the bed and he slid it in my ass. Feels so good. He fucked me pretty good I was loving it . He came in me and then wiped off and I started sucking again. He was tired and probably wanted to get home so I got up put my clothes back on and talked a bit and said goodbye. Hopefully he hits me up next time he needs to drop a load.
4 Days Ago
Feet fucking
Who loves sexy feet fucking your cock or rubbing your ass or pussy
4 Days Ago
At what age did you first cum?
I was 11 when it happened. I was rubbing my cock having no clue what I was doing. When it happened I thought I peed myself but it felt to good. After that I did it all the time.
4 Days Ago
Gang bang
Looking to have multiple men satisfy me. I would love at least 5 or more guys fuck me
4 Days Ago
Get naked and video call with me
Video call some mutual fun to cum right now.
4 Days Ago
Who’s looking to meet ?
Looking forward to getting together for some fun
4 Days Ago
Looking for a transgendered woman
I'm looking for a transgendered woman for hot sex.
4 Days Ago
Membership Gift
I will let someone suck my cock if you gift me membership to this site.(Cum included no extra charge) Gift-Suck-Swallow
4 Days Ago
Innocent 22 year old who is home with his parents
Make it work. Sometimes I’ve gotta sneak out and jerk you off in your car or I just need to blow you by the fence side of our house. Come and suck my dick in the baseball park near my house or the public bathroom. Either way I can find my way around, can you help me come and do you wanna come?
4 Days Ago
Is my picture a turn on
I hope so. What would you like to do to me?
4 Days Ago
Woman who encourage men
Hey everyone. I recently became extremely bicurious but my fantasy involves a woman. Her encouraging me to do things. It turns her on to see me and another guy. Looking to chat with a woman like this. Is this common? Are there women here who like this ?
4 Days Ago
Butt plug
So I was playing with my butt plug today and I decided to go for a bike ride with it in. Omg the sensation! It feels so good. Has anyone else tried this?
4 Days Ago
being spanked by a nan
why is it that i have recieved numerous remails and ims that degrade me because i like being spanked by a man i been called a pervert a freak and a faggot but yet its ok to suck a dick lick ass and get fucked in the ass im sorry that i am turned on be being bent over a mans knee bare ass getting a spanking then being told to suck his dick then being positioned for his pleasure to be fucked to me its a turn on i relize that this may not be the norm but i always believed different strokes for different folks so my question is am i being to sensitive about this or do i have a legitimate complaint
5 Days Ago
in St. Charles tomorrow
and looking for the best place to find a cock to suck for the first time. Heard about New that open and would it be a place to find a adult theater to find some long hard cocks?

Anyone have a good experience in this place?
5 Days Ago
Help-guide me
I really need someone to help guide me through my curiosity
5 Days Ago
looking for that first big cock to suck.....
Going to finally explore my bi side and and eager and nervous to finally find a cock to suck and see what it feels like to have a man blow his load. Any good adult theaters in Springfield to find a place to make this happen?

Would love to go down on a guy and suck his cock and balls until he shoots a big load in my mouth. Just looking for fit, sane guys that can be discreet and willing to let me feel his cock slide in and out of my mouth till be blows his load.

reply or email me if you have any idead on when and where to make this happen......
5 Days Ago
Nice cock
Tell me what you think of my husband's cock
5 Days Ago
Hot and horny
Looking to get off
5 Days Ago
Sexy pictures of dick's and pussies together
I absolutely love taking pictures of my husband's cock on my orgasmic pussy 💦💦💦 let's see your's!
5 Days Ago
Why is everyone afraid of my cock
5 Days Ago
fantasies about watching your wife have sex with another man
I have a small penis - 4 inches hard. My wife confided in me years ago that she was curious about having sex with a well-hung man. The thought terrified and excited me at the same time. I'm the only sexual partner she's ever had. This seems very odd to me, but the thought of a man with a very large penis sliding it back and forth inside of her is very erotic to me. Anyone else have the same fantasy? Have you told your spouse? Have you ever acted on it?
5 Days Ago
Looking for a boytoy
Hi couple here from 313 looking for bi bottom man who willing to sho up and sho out sum one freaky not afraid to sho it
5 Days Ago
Let’s share sex fantasies
My involves a black shemale
5 Days Ago
Phone sex
Anyone around East Texas or anywhere really that wants to have some phone, sex, male or female
5 Days Ago
Let me suck your cock in Denver today or the next four days--can host
Hoping to suck some holiday cock today or anytime these four days and can host in South Denver or come to you. Let me be your patriotic cocksucker this holiday. Hope to hear from you.
6 Days Ago
Cum on phone
Anyone wanna make my bbc cum on phone sex
6 Days Ago
Just got a nut.
Get me hard and have your way with me
6 Days Ago
needing licked and fucked today
6 Days Ago
Submissive cock sucker by phone or in person
I love the thoughts of on my knees being choked and swallowing
6 Days Ago
Cock sucking
Teach me the best way to get a cock off in my mouth please. I have a oral fetish that I’m starting to satisfy
6 Days Ago
Best parts of getting fucked
My favorite parts are when that cocks first goes in my ass and spreads my hole then when they push in and hold it till they cum in me. Oh yes
6 Days Ago
shaved cock / skimpy panties
super horny for shaved cut cock bi guys who wear sexy skimpy panties / undies lets play, alot of oral n more, open minded.
6 Days Ago
Who’s looking to have sex with me ?
Looking forward to having some sexual encounters
6 Days Ago
Palm Beach Gardens - Aug 25,26 & 27
Can host in my hotel. Looking for 65yo+ bi/gay male(s), females, couples. No drama, discreet, sexual individuals only. I’m a bi-virgin looking to get naked, rub our cocks together, lick, suck, make out and see where it goes. Looks like:Sunday 8/25 in the late afternoon until? Monday 8/26 Afternoon and Tuesday 8/27 morning.
Let me know if anyone wants to explore the possibilities.
6 Days Ago
How I keep this if I can't pay for that
6 Days Ago
Hairy guys
Where are all the men that don't shave their body hair ?
I think it's sexy as hell , but guts now days wanna shave off smooth
Smooth is ok if your 12, but I need men that look like men
6 Days Ago
Need some one to shoot my big load in to or on toooo
I haven’t cumed in so long so I have a lot of energy and I just need to unload
6 Days Ago
Hosting July 5th till July 12th
Hosting TOP GUYS IN VIENNA ILLINOIS , guys 50and under
I love to suck dick and balls and I have a tight butt ,
No strings or drama or far out kink , just pleasure for you.
Safe anal only ,bear back is a possibility.
6 Days Ago
Eat you
I would like to schedule some cocks to suck or fuck me during the second week of August! HMU for dates and times.
6 Days Ago
A thank you again to the young man I hooked up with on this site over the 4th. As agreed will keep your name anonymous. But you drained me
6 Days Ago
Anyone available for the 4th?
So I would love to hang out tonight maybe get some drinks and depending how things go we could cum back to my house and fuck all night. Anyone interested drop me a line.
7 Days Ago
Looking for fun
Name is Josh looking for some fun ages 18-60
7 Days Ago
All Talk
Everyone's looking and talking, but nobody's active.
7 Days Ago
Piss play
Anyone is into piss play. Maybe get together and drink and just piss all over ourselves
7 Days Ago
My July 3rd
So I put on a white bra and silicone boobs with a yellow polo shirt then a pair of rainbo thongs and a mini skirt and sparkling high heels. I got in my pontiac solstice put the top down and drove 35 miles on the highway to a private club I belong to. Passing so many truckers and you could just make out my panties under the skirt. When I got there and rang to come in the man answered the door with a smile , he knows me and was not surprised. I changed into my red white and blue bikini and went into the theater. 2 guys were watching gay porn. A heavier set man on his side playing with himself and another man rubbing his pants. I asked the man rubbing his pants if he needed any help he said sure so I got on my knees and helped him get his cock out. I started to suck on him and he got pretty big 7 or 8 inches. I could hear him moaning as I sucked him but he started to get soft. So I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he said sure. I got up walked to a bench pulled my bikini down and he put it in my ass , it felt so good. He started fucking me but he kept at a slow pace the entire time , so I started fucking him with my ass trying to get him to go faster,didn't work. He kept up fo 5 minutes or so and then he pushed against me as hard as he could for 20 seconds and the pulled out a soft one. I reached down to fell myself and was all mushy so I went to the back porch and got in the sex swing and put my dildo in my ass to keep the cum in me. I stayed in the swing for about an hour pushing the dildo in and out while talking to 2 other guys . They didn't fuck me but I wish they would have. I finally got up took a dip in the pool got dressed in a pair of gloria Vanderbilt shorts with my polo shirt and regular shoes so you can't see my pink toenails and went home. It was a fun day. My wife asked if I got fucked I said yes . She wanted to know if it was eye contact or something I said no I asked if he wanted to fuck me. Lol
7 Days Ago
Cream Pie and pussy juice sucked off a cock
Looking to go down for a cream pie and suck the pussy juices off a cock pference for black couples when man has a BBC. Atlanta or North will travel half way to meet.
7 Days Ago
Is anyone interested in getting together at the Playtime Boutique in Tannersville Pa
Easy to get to right off I80 Just outside Stroudsburg
Clean large booths
7 Days Ago
Meat up in Citrus
Anybody on herethat is near Citrus County that would like chat or share anything?
7 Days Ago
Need to get my tight ass fucked
All cock is welcome I want to get my tight ass stretched out
7 Days Ago
Preparing for anal sex!
What’s the best way to clean yourself out
7 Days Ago