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Bi Halloween in Pantyhose

Bi Halloween in Pantyhose on Bisexual PlaygroundBi Halloween in Pantyhose on Bisexual Playground
We love to shop. Enjoy going to amusement parks. We love fall because we love Halloween. We go to as many haunted houses and Halloween stores as possible during this time of year.
I’m 5 ft 10 in height , I’m married , red head , 165 lbs , all my life I have had a major pantyhose fetish , it started when I was 9 years old , I would get my moms worn pantyhose and wear them , pantyhose has always turned me , I masturbated with them , I love the way they look on women and men , love to sniff my wife’s worn hosiery , and jerk off with them , I love the way my legs look with them on , the feel of them On my legs and cock , I love the look of pussy and cocks in pantyhose, I want to suck a pantyhose covered cock , hose of any kind turn me on
i want hosed persons m or female,..pantyhose, pantyhose pantyhose
Bi curious guy looking to take it slow in exploring this side of me. Love to wear pantyhose and love both men and women in pantyhose. Nothing sexier than wearing pantyhose. Very interested in a couple where the woman and I can "share" the man
I have an intense pantyhose fetish and really want to suck a hot, hard cock through pantyhose, while completely feminized and bound. Love everything pantyhose and want to meet others, all orientations and genders, who share this fetish and a love of bondage. In the southwest.
Im an energetic, positive, and passionate girl who loves nature, music, spiritualtiy, Halloween and horror movies. I'm into lots of heavy, underground music as well as lots of other kinds. Halloween is my favorite holiday , then comes Christmas. I'm happiest outdoors (especially in the woods). I love autumn and everything it brings.......I love faeiries, elves and other woodland creatures. I have a passion for New Orleans , Louisiana...what a magical place. And lastley , I love to excercise and be healthy. Ok- enough about me! One question.....Am I a stone in the devils garden or a speck of faeiries dust?
I just enjoyed some pantyhose sex! Had my cock sucked and drain while it was still covered by my pantyhose then returned the favor like wise. Then had my pantyhose ripped panties dropped and then OMG!
Hope you all have a happy and very sexy Halloween. Be daring, have fun, stay safe!
What are you going to be for Halloween? (please share)
why do you think wearing pantyhose is unusual, I have been wearing them for the past 14 years and know a lot men who also wear them. I have a friend that owns a company that makes pantyhose for men, So I don't see anything unusual about it. I have been wearing pantyhose and women's short shorts in public for 8 or 9 years, so get out there and enjoy your pantyhose.
Pantyhose only ! I worship a hottie in pantyhose. Girls, cd/tv/ts very welcome.. NO THIGH HIGHs
I wear panties and pantyhose everyday. When i have long pants on. Then i wear pantyhose. Plus I wear a bra. Once in awhile. When I am home at night I will put on a dress. I love cross dressing. I want the feeling of being queer and gay plus I am bisexual. I would like to suck cock with my panties and pantyhose and bra. On. I only wish I could hear from someone that lives close to me. I live in Bristol Connecticut. Like to hear from somebody. I want some cock.
Love pantyhose and all sexy clothes and the occasional spanking while wearing such things . a belt or whip(flogger) feels so much different when wear pantyhose or pantys


Men In Pantyhose
Got turned on to pantyhose after stumbling upon A stiff cock in pantyhose really turned me on so I tried my girlfriend's on. They feel wonderful against my skin and cock, would like to rub my foot up and down another in nylons. Would love to drop to my knees...
Men In Pantyhose
Hey there...I'm wearing nothing but suntan sheer pantyhose right now...I love wearing pantyhoseand knowing another guy islooking at my nylon cock butt n legs..cock looks hot in pantyhose
Men In Pantyhose
Hey there...I'm wearing nothing but suntan sheer pantyhose right now...I love wearing pantyhoseand knowing another guy islooking at my nylon cock butt n legs..cock looks hot in pantyhose
Men Wearing Lingerie
Lv it!! Just wanta have'm pull me under skirt. Or lay me down an rub pantyhose an panties on my body then fuck me hard while kissing then pull it out an finish fucking an Cummings in my throat :-) or let me cum in or on there Sweetass. Then setup on my face making me suck an lick cum out of cock an soaked ass under skirt licking it off pantyhose, Mumm, Cum fill my fantasy, Can You? Bring another honey if like, Have strong 9" an can touch tongue on my nose :-)!!!
Men In Pantyhose
Similar to my fetish for nylon/sheer executive socks I find it very erotic to see a masculine and mature man wearing sheer black pantyhose----love hot feet/sexy hairy legs/beefy butts and of course a nice cock bulge in sheer pantyhose. Love to hear from others that might find that of interest to them. Jack
I Love Halloween as that is the only day of the year when a guy or girl can dress as naughty or slutty as they wish and go out in public and no one thinks anything about... :)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!