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Bisexual Couples Montreal

Bisexual Couples Montreal on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Couples Montreal on Bisexual Playground
We are search for bisexual couples in Montreal. We are joyful, happy and love to share.
Hey there! I am an adventurous chic. My fantastic, and trustworthy, friend and I are to be in Montreal area for vacation at a ski resort. We are looking to treat a good FEMALE match with a fun vacation with us. We are into having a blast, we have a very nice room at the base of the resort, and transportation if you want to come along with us. I'm a return college student and need the vacation. Into relaxed and wild fun. I will probably not go skiing but he will. We've known each other for years and live on the opposite sides of the states. He is flying in to Montreal to meet up with me and a new friend, we hope, to just have a great time north of Montreal. you can come or go depending on whatever you want to do. He is attractive and gloats at being a few years younger than I. We are looking for someone bisexual (can swing more one way or the other) to just have a great play-filled time. threesome! Mid December before Christmas.
Hi i am a tall open minded curious male in ottawa but travel to montreal weekly ..i am calm and easy going and kind and very respectfull of others.I am very open to try new things and i am very curious and looking for other open minded couples and individuals in ottawa or montreal lets talk and see
Love to meet open minded couples, and women. Well hung bisexual male who enjoys pleasing hotwives and unsatisfied married women & husbands! Boy toy in Montreal
helllo! Nice looking Bi guy from Montreal here in shape I mostly seek couples ,
well i'm a young 25 yo guy from montreal likegoing out dancinh having fun and meeting kool couples for a drink
I'm looking for people who are interested in organizing an orgy in Montreal. The scenario would be 30 to 50 persons, men, women, couples. Some drinks and lots of sex for bisexual people. Everyone participates according to their limits. I have an idea about the place but I need some help.
I noticed a significant number of younger couples (in their 20's and 30's) where only the female is bisexual . This sounds somewhat exploitative, hypocritical and manipulative. I get the impression from these couples that the woman is either phobic of bisexual men or that she is claiming to be bisexual in order to satisfy his fetish for girl-girl action. Either way, it doesn't seem very open-minded.

The women are as much to blame as the men. Perhaps a case can be made to ban couples where the female is bisexual but the man is straight.
All in all, it was a really fun evening and I got everything I wanted (and then some). The guys were great and a lot of fun, and weren't afraid to control the situation.

We do these types of things every so often, so if you are ever up in Montreal and want to take part, just let me know.

We're still trying to set up up very first all-bi Gang Bang, which would be me and 4-6 bisexual guys (Now, that would be really fun). And we'd also like to set something up with 3-4 bi couples.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm supposed to have a lot more coming, and I'll share some whenever I finally get them ;)

Carol xoxoxo
Okay, it's been a full year since our last update post, and almost 3 years since the first post, and we just want to let people know that we are still here, and still always looking for new play friends.

We are looking for Bi-Couples and Bi-Singles, and even Bi-Groups! Actually, we are looking for anyone, as long as they are Bi or at least Bi-curious. We are both into everything, and can do as much or as little as you like. We have few limits.

If you are in Montreal, or planning on visiting, and want to meet up with us, that is easy to do. You can find us every Friday, from 6:00PM until at least 9:00PM at Cheers Bar, 957 Boul St-Jean in Pointe-Claire (West Island area of Montreal). We meet up every Friday with other Swingers (both couples and singles) for drinks and to plan our sexual escapades ;)

Let's hope this next year is a good one ;)

Danny & Carol
We are looking at putting together and hosting a Bisexual Gang-Bang at our place here in Montreal. We'd just like to do something fun and informal with some bisexual men and women, both couples and singles.

We realize that for many people, we are a bit far, and they would need some notice. So all we are doing now is trying to find out who would be seriously interested in attending. Once we have enough people, we can then work on a suitable date for everyone.

This isn't a party weekend like the Poconos party, but just a fun, sex filled evening at our place. We supply the drinks and the snacks, all you have to bring is yourself.

If you're interested in partying with us, and having some great sex, please let us know by posting right here in the forum. That will keep everything together! If you message us, there is a good chance that I'll lose it in the mailbox (just not organized).


Carol & Danny
Im curious about this.

I have seen many posts from mixed (sexuality wise) couples in where there is a bi woman and a hetero man. They only seek either a female or another couple.

When and if they do play with another couple, does the hetero man play with the man of the other couple or does the hetero guy only seeks to swap partners and have heterosexual play only, with maybe the females playing with each other? If so, how does the male of the other couple react?
Since most of the couples here are Bisexual Couples, when you mixed couples look for other couples, do you mean only mixed couples like yourselves?

I would really like to hear from both mixed (bi woman and straight man) and bisexual couples (bi woman and bi man) as well as the single females that have gotten contacted from a mixed couple.

Do you single ladies feel and different about mixed couples and bisexual couples.

Im just curious and don't mean to antagonize anyone with these questions.



Couples Searching For Bi Males
49 year old bisexual man . 6 ft 190 lbs Long Island . NY . Looking for bisexual couples or couples with bisexual men . Let me go down on the both of you ! And I love giving and receiving anal sex as well .
M-F-M Threesome
Branson, Missouri gentle bisexual top for a willing bisexual husband who likes to be fucked while his wife is there...I truly do believe there are couples out there who would like to explore this together. Have other local couples been successful in finding playmates this way?
Bisexual Couples
so sad. all bisexual couples not in AZ. LOVE Hot Bisexual couples...Ms here and missing bisexual my women and love my men, So horny watching my man taking it... Then my turn...OH only after my girlfriend and I have had our way with each other first!
Male Female Couples
I had my first bisexual (as opposed to homosexual) activity when I was involved with a married couple with a bi man. ...I had a wonderful time with them and had lots of mutual oral with the man and grew to enjoy it, so II sought out similar couples. Since then I have had many good relationships with couples and have helped many a man to learn to enjoy the pleasures of bisexual swinging.
2 Girls 1 Guy
im looking for a bisexual female to date and have fun with .and bisexual couples also im in the Hanover/Gettysburg ,pa area
Bisexual Swing Clubs
We are a married bi couple in Eastern NC. We know there is NO Bisexual swing club in the area, however we would like to know the best site to go to to meet bisexual couples. Hug


Mr. And Ms. Webmaster, We have been a member of Bisexual Playground for a short period of time but feel compelled to compliment the two of you on a very well designed website. At first we were hesitant to join as we have had poor experiences from some competitors. We are sooooo glad we joined! We just wanted to say thanks as we have already scheduled meetings with 14 couples with similar interests. Great work, David and Laura