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Well to start my name is alex they call me arock an i am mixed wit black an white an i am 18 i keep it real i am look for a white girl big tits nice ass an is a freak an also lookin for a long tream relayshionship i aways keep it real never on no lil kid shit an i am livein in waterloo iowa an shit wanna know more just ask or hit me up on my email at
I am a Black and I love women eating pussy and fucking the shit out of them. I also like to suck dick and get fucked in my ass. I am not into men unless they look alot like women or on the chubby side with a big ass and tits.
I am a sexy ass nigga who is down for whatever his girl down for , shit it don't matter as long as it's good , and if it's a threesome it gotta be wit another girl. Shit i don't want no other guy touching on my women. My personality would be i am always humorous and i love to have fun , and i am a night person. i am also very smart in my studies and i am very wild too. lol.
Open honest loving and super wet im ready for a hot sexy ass black mama to take my virginity no strings attached shit I like me some black dick too so I would love a three some let me make ur girl cum while u watch and then u can join us or more than one girl im so curious and I get so wet n hot when I imagine it just dont know how to approach anyone whos willing trust me my pussy is worth it I have no photos I think its more fun to remain mystery come fuck me I promise im hot I can have anyone get at me im cumming playing with my toys anyone want to see
Hi my name is Katrina and I'm looking for females I'm 5'4 150lbs thick in all the right place I'm trinimacian I love pussy and i'm a freak I play no games at all.I will love a freaky girl that does not JUDGE at all. Hi my name is Curtis.I'm 5'6 215lbs I'm in a wheelchair but that doesn't stop me from doing what I do best in the bedroom.I'm a freak i do what ever u want if that means eating u out,fingering u,or fucking the shit out of u.I here looking for as many females to join me and my girl
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Ok so I'm making this to help myself as well as like minded ppl out and or ppl that are interested in the area an wanna try. I'ma be real I'ma white 31 year old man that has dated and been fucking my black queens for a good while strictly... It's what turns me on the most. An I will admit humbly that I. Attractive an got some good dick for any man .I'm looking for a sneaky link on north Alabama. I am I to a pretty face nice ass big or small so long as you can twerk for me an on the dick an I can see that mf crash while you demon time an I give back shots. Also thighs are my thing like damn it! My weakness. Idc in a relationship or what if you good an I'm turned on by you I'ma fuck. I'm also I to freak shit like threesome or foursomes or having ppl watch us or making content if I treated an see what an fun there is to be had. I am open to being the one dude in a girl girl thing that wanna try some white thickness as well as fucking you with another dude an filling up them he's of that's what you need. I'm not into doing stuff with men bc that ass an pussy is too good. I also love oral giving and receiving I lick suck an tongue that shit better than most I'll say and I go till I over an over an is that shit good an tasty an clean I swallow that shit while I make eye contact tact with my blue eyes an have to legs shake only things I ask is I want the same so if you can suck good throat a dick an swallow that shit an keep going girl me an you. I'm I to foreplay an other shit if you wanna see if we can link or if you wanna see if I'm turned on by you or whatever send me a msg an lemms see that ass an that pretty face I wanna see what I'm crashing I to while we fuck an what I'm grabbing an I wanna see them eyes I'll be looking into as we cum. Also if I fr fuck with you an the pussy real good I will do a lil trick after I cum In that pussy or condom depends fr fr. I can leave that shit in and keep stroking and fuck good an hard and go till I nut again. So far my record is four times of fucking. Black girls that's fine of any age 18 an older that wanna find some white dick in north Alabama here ya go fr. Any place of origin queens from here and also my queens from Africa y'all bad as a mf too an I k ow some Swahili lol I was thought a little an would like to know more so African girls in bama let's get it. Lol

Also anyone else looking come here and post ya shit hell who l ows we may meet up for an Interracial threesome or foursome fr it depends on what the ladies want and need lol
I would love to try a black girl i think they are very sexy and sensual. I love the way there lips look around a hard cock. it would be equally fun to watch or join in with a black girl and a white girl. ooohhh the fun . Kiss:-P
I am a bi black male seeking another male of any race to try scat play. I want to shit in a guys mouth and I want him to shit in mine.
In my opinion eating a completely hairless pussy is like (to me) eating a very young girl. I prefer a natural pussy with hair or nicely trimmed. I need some help with this. Let me know how you like the one that you are eating.
Im a white guy who is all about the black lady figure. Mmmm nice sexy curves to an amazing juicy booty. Then some great black tits that i can suck on. I love eating a sexy black pussy and ass and want it asap. You wont be disappointed.


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This is amazingly powerful for me. For a girl or a guy to say nasty degrading shit to me while I'm sucking cock or eating pussy -- nothing gets me hotter! "You fucking bitch" and "nasty whore" and "suck it, bitch" are some of my favorites. Bring that nasty talk on!!!
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I started with piss when I was in my teens. In my early 30s, I was in the shower one day feeling horny and playing with my piss, when I got the urge to shit. A rush came over me at the thought of shitting where I wasn't supposed to. Lying on my back, I let my shit go, while pisding in my face. It was so hot! I then got on my knees and sniffed my pile of shit, while stroking my cock. I was so hard. It smelled so good. I grabbed my soft pile of shit and rubbed it all over my cock and balls. It felt so good to stroke my cock with my silky, smelly shit. I have tried to stop many times for fear that I won't find a partner who will accept this part of me. But now, I want to find a person like me. Someone normal in everyday life, but who secretly craves dirty scat play.
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ah yes eating cum from a wife a powerful and persistent fantasy of mine.the term is cream pie eating or interracial ir cream pie eating .i am not myself married but i would love to experience this with a select man and girl of my choosing.all it needs is passion there is also anal cream pie porn on the internet but that is a off topic for this offering.the clean odor free body is worth exploring i love to see the porn vids where big black cocks blast white vagina full and a woman or man then eats them or is underneath the couple tounging the woman and takes the load Hugely exciting


Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.