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Crossdresser Death Fantasy

Crossdresser Death Fantasy on Bisexual PlaygroundCrossdresser Death Fantasy on Bisexual Playground
I like to play some spcial death fantasy roll in woman's dress. I have some sexual practice - like not too hard bondage and autoerotic asphyxiation (with nylon bag). I am a very womanly crossdresser, who looking for others, who has same desire and fantasy as me. I am married, and I am not interested to make any contact with homosexual guys. In my fantasy I am a lesbian. So I am very opening to mail with other womanly crosdressers and lesbian girls..
Im a 54yo widower who is a crossdresser (have been all my life) My wife new of this and understood,even bought my lingerie since her death i have started to explore I think im straight but do get turned on by other crossdressers
Im a 27 year old crossdresser from southwest virginia and im been trying to fufill a fantasy a lifelong fantasy
My husband and I are soulmates. We love each other to death. We even share the same fantasy, which is sharing our intimate relationship with another woman. I love the idea of watching him with someone else... and then joining in. Is that you? Vaccinated!
I am a fun, clean, and discreet crossdresser. I like to dress up and am very feminine. I enjoy the company of a man who enjoys the company of a crossdresser. I prefer men who are submissive to me, but I would also accept contacts from dominant men. I really like to role play and make the sexual fantasy becaome a reality. I like serious people who really want to play.
about me, you want to know about me... really. ok here you have it, without a shirt on i am rather bearish. however, i know i am bi, and i love to dress in lingerie,leather skirts, i realy shouldnt consider myself a crossdresser because i dont shave my legs, do makeup or wear a wig but being feminine is not only non straight experience as of yet happened about 2 years ago, it was a bj from an older crossdresser while i was wearing red panties. i think my ultimate fantasy would be to give a full body massage while in leather mini and silk top, and end with a bj.
Bi crossdresser, married wife knows and loves it ,now her fantasy is to be with both crossdressers,
I am sorry to bother you all but I lived near Tara and we were rather close, she emailed me the morning of her death- we were supposed to meet together next week- I was in complete shock and I needed some closure so I tried to find out any info that I could about her death. Surprisingly, I cannot find one obituary posted in Davison or one news story pertaining to her car crash/ this has left me with some doubts. I am still seeking closure to this but I have no proof of her death so far

please help if you can
We all die from something, live while you have life. In the county and county seat where I live less than 1 in 100 have COVID and less than 0.4 % (that's 1 in 250) have died from it.
That's suspect because ALL death are now CALLED COVID because the coroner doesn't do autopsies on them. So all the other causes of death have disappeared from the paperwork. Roll the dice and se what happens, the media has made this whole thing into a monster and ignored all heart attacks and strokes and heart attacks and drug OD's and all the other causes of death.
I just got a couple grams. I like getting spun out and masturbate. I do for hours and when I think I'm gonna cum I stop take a hit over and over. fantasy to have crossdresser in silk and satin suck me while smoking meth
In the movie "Fanboys", the main character tells his friend, "You need a death star". When his friend showed obvious curiosity, he went on to explain. "When Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, he did something awesome. That's what you do something so awesome that you fan live off of it for the rest of your life".
So what is your Death Star moment?
wanted women who likes to dominate men crossdresser and fuck the crossdresser with a strap on:):-PKiss


Crossdresser Male To Female
I'm a bed room crossdresser. Love to wear heels and hose.I dress for males and dom females.Could use some help from another crossdresser on my makeup and hair. have all the tools just need a little schooling on how to us them. KissKiss
Bisexual Orgy
Will we tip toe through life looking for death. Nothing ventured, Nothing GainedHug
Males out there - ever tried one on for size ? I watched one beautiful woman try to ride one to death - SHe was never the same afterward - I was SOOOOO tempted to get on after she rolled off - but didn't.
Haunted Houses
What is about Houses... Well I love Ghost, Ghost Town, & Ghost Stories... If you have Ever meet or seen one then you would understand the Fascination... They teach you allot.... What is a Ghost It is a Once living person who has not Discovered they are DEAD Very different From Spirits Spirits are those who have passed who are Visiting a specific location/person How do you tell the difference Well Simply... Ghost are stuck in the Location of Death...they live in the exact same Time Period of their Present time...Let me Give you an Example... It is 1950 a Woman Dies of Heart Failure....(yet she does not know it) She continues living her her family home watching the changes going by yet not understanding them.... It is the Year 2007 same house New family owns the Home... The woman from the 1950 & the Family 2007 all are living at the same time yet in two complete different time Periods Its Wild..but its REAL.... This is another Spiritual Report From The Majick Goddess Kiss
Men Wearing Lingerie
Male to Female CrossDresser/Wanna Be SheMale SweetVici Hamilton, Montana FIRST; ARE THERE ANY WOMEN or SHEMALES WHO LOVE And -Or - DESIRE TO TEACH a CROSSDRESSER in the Missoula to Darby area? SECOND; ARE THERE ANY MALE/FEMALE COUPLES or SINGLE UNATTACHED MEN - Or - C.D.'S Who fit the same discription?? I am for real, I've never Dressed for Adult play, But I love the idea of being treated like a Princess, and seeing where it goes from there. Sorry but your place only!!!
Burning Man
Have not been to Death Valley yet, but I would love to make it out there with friends one year to attend Burning Man during a cross country trip. Listening to others talk about they're experiences it sounds like its a lot of fun...


Thank you so much for the warm welcome. We are very new to this lifestyle and when we came across your site we were tickled to death! We signed up right away and we are looking forward to many memorable experience's in the near future. Thank you, Ken & Melissa