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Dominant Gay Black Tops and Sub Bottoms

Dominant Gay Black Tops and Sub Bottoms on Bisexual PlaygroundDominant Gay Black Tops and Sub Bottoms on Bisexual Playground
Bicurious couple looking for NSA hook ups with couples or singles that are also bi and in to light BDSM and being submissive. Bi male and female can be bottoms or tops, tops are preferred but either will work. Discreetness is a must
2 fit guys (one 30yo smooth bottom, another 58yo hairy top) looking for older 50 plus. Like men with above average cocks who tend to be dominant tops. Both std free and hiv neg as of Dec'15 looking for same, please know your status if you intend to meet. Strictly no bottoms or subs, facial hair is a big turn off.
Tall, outgoing bisexual guy. I am very clean, trimmed, open-minded and fun. I am experienced with both guys-girls-couples-groups....n ot alot, but some exp. I consider myself bi-versatile meaning I top & bottom and like both equally. NO Bottoms--NO Bottoms. Tops or bi-versatile only!
Cool masculine dude looking for masculine discrete tops, and versatille tops/bottoms. I am a all around freak and I love to please! Attractive dude and expect the same. No fem acting dudes
2 Tops looking for bottoms
looking for tops and bottoms
Personally, I've always been exclusively top...and Dominant. As a long-since out of the 'closet' Bi, I agree that many, many more bottoms are out there than tops....and many more 'bottoms' are wanting to find a 'versatile' partner than someone exclusively top - since the 'vesatility' tends to make for a better relationship, in many people's eyes...I feel that this change is more due to increased societal acceptance of homosexual activity - as folks are now more than ever in recent memory able to fell comfortable with their sexuality in a more complete way.

Thankfully, I have my needs met with my Nikki, who's also quite happy with the way I meet 'her' needs...but I think you'll find it much more difficult overall to find Tops than versatile folks...

Just saw this exact same conversation on another site. I think generally bottoms outnumber tops no matter what, whether you're talking about MF couples or just guys playing with each other, even on pure M-only sites this seems to be a common complaint. When I go to M-only parties and such, it seems like bottoms outnumber tops 3 or 4:1. For MF couples, it seems like it's even worse, what with all the domme wives and cuck husbands.
Could we get a check box on our profiles where we could mark ourselves as tops, bottoms, versatile or none for anal sex? Even better if it was a search query variable, so we could say, search for all the bi bottoms in our area.
Yes there are a lot of bottoms here but there are some who top, at 1 time the numbers were difrent with more tops than bottoms as for a me im a vers and can play either roll i prefer mutual pleasure.
At times I do like to be the bottom or top and enjoy ether roll
Submissive panty boy bottom here in sek looking for dominant tops that want a sex toy & cum in my holes make me your slave !! I'm obedient and not into endless texting!; I want cock & cum !! Not talking!! I'm starving!!! Tops hit me up !!! BWC too if the list
I am looking for a 40+ older white man that would like to view me on skype... I really love older men and I wouldn't mind making one cum. An older bisexual man is perfect... both tops and bottoms...

I am an 18 yr old black bbw.
200 lbs 5'4"
I have short hair and a pretty pink pussy.
Let me know if you're interested !!! :) :-P


Being Topped
Seems we have more bottoms than tops
1 Man On 1 Man
Hi im Special K. I need all black tops older mature black tops to cum fuck this sissy pussy. I need it stretched so I can market it. 100% serious. Leave your number!
Group Sex With Men
In Philadelphia ? Samson Street gym is a good place to meet and hang out with bisexual and gay individuals all looking for their tops and bottoms
All Men Orgies
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Party N Play
Discrete Sexy slutty cd, sissy gurly cock slut!! Looking for dominant tops, m/f/cd/couples
Black Tops Fucking White Bottoms
i love black tops and my gf loves to watch me getting my ass fucked and dominated by black guys. She does


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!