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Gay Men Cum in Mouth While Sleep

Gay Men Cum in Mouth While Sleep on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Men Cum in Mouth While Sleep on Bisexual Playground
I want to eat s mean booty hole n suck the skin off I would love to sleep with his dick in my mouth like a pacifier
I'm a double below the knees amputee bisexual. I prefer to be a bottom but I'm willing to try topping. I don't wear my prosthetics while having sex. I'm 100% DDF & I'm clean an quite often cleaned out. As a man with a disability I don't get much m2m action so I use a dildo. That helps me to quench my horniness but I like having a man blow his nut in my mouth or my ass. I love the taste of cum whether it's fresh in my mouth or slightly delayed when I squeeze it out of my ass. I also have good control of my Kegel Muscles an can milk a cock that's sliding in an out of my ass. With my dildo I can take almost 8 inches in my mouth an throat and 10 inches in my ass. But I'd rather have the real thing. I'm looking for a man that's wants a regular guy to have fun with. I don't sleep around an would prefer that he doesn't either. I'm not into kissing, cuddling or pain, just straight up sex. So if your Drug an Disease Free, clean an looking for a reliable available guy then get back to me.
I'm a man with a great penis and I always like to sleep with women I really wish I could sleep with you I'm very hot and pure too I have no health problems
Just looking to explore together as friends, who don’t want to sleep with each other but be in the room and involved when/if we sleep with someone shared.
We are a fun, openminded couple. We love to have a sexy woman to chill and play with. We are clean and happily married. We don't want a female that is going to try and come between us just one that is comfortable joining us. We don't sleep around and don't like women that sleep around. If you are going to mess with us we need to be enough because you will be enough for us. NO DRAMA ALLOWED!!!!
I am open to anything. I fantasize about men. I sleep with women. Would love to be eating a pussy while having my ass pounded. Or would love to be fucking a pussy while haveing a dick in my mouth. Love sex
I was driving in Utah on in-state 70 I stop at a rest area to for sleep once I stop someone knocked on my door I opened it it was a guy
I drop my pants he put my cock in his mouth and suck it for a while and swallow everything than just left I went to sleep
I was around 13 or 14 and camping in a tent with a mate, we were chatting shit and I noticed he had his cock out and very hard, I started to stiffen, took out my cock and grabbed his and started to wank him, he then did the same, lying side by side stroking each other, after a long while he knelt up and put his cock in my mouth, I took it willingly, he fucked my mouth gently and then I felt him go really tense and pulsate all his load in my mouth, I swallowed it all and loved it, I loved every secod, we turned over to go to sleep, the next thing I know I feel a cock poking and probing at my asshole, then a wet finger and then his cock again, he pushed it inside me, it went in easier than I thought and didn't hurt at all, he fucked me and cum in my ass, we went to sleep and it only happened once again and never since.

It was that night that I knew I loved cocks, my only regret is not exploring my cock loving side more until now.
Not sure you would call it family, both my parents died when I was very young so I lived in a state home. The couple that ran the home were always fighting and most of the time someone had to share a room with him or her. I was the youngest one there so most of the time it was me sleeping with him or her. I remember waking up one night with his cock in my mouth, I tried to pull my head away but he held me there till he cam. After that night every time they had a fight I ended up having to sleep with him and every time I ended up sucking his cock. There were a few times I would have to sleep with her but not to often. I am I guess bi I love woman but there is something about letting a cock cum in your mouth. I am not sure I would have ever done it on my own but after being made to as a child I kinda like it now.
For me it was older than that but still young. Maybe 8-12. We had sleep overs played spin the bottle and truth or dare. I also tried my moms panties on at young ages and immediately was hard has glass. At these sleep overs we would stroke off but I would always end up rubbing their cocks and somehow they ended up in my mouth. I guess I’ve always been curious. I tucked it away for years and years but it’s now forcing it’s way out again. I would absolutely love to do that very thing again. So innocent yet fun.
Wake me up and tell me you dont feel like walking to the bathroom put your hand in my mouth and pull me down to your cock and tell me to drink it and go back to sleep while your piss goes thru my body and im full owned by you and then take a piss for me, i gladly fully open my mouth while you piss straight down my throat and tepl me im a good gurl and now i can get between your legs and keep your big black balls holding our babies back in my mouth to keep them warm

So, you got the standard Alabama guarantee then did you?
I’m.sure it’s a comfort for you to know that, Sleep we’ll little jonsawmill.

Good Night, Sleep Tight
Don’t roll over in your sleep.
lil jonsawmill


Men Sucking Men's Dicks
I also want to tell you guys my experience of sucking my crush....... 1st i know this guy thru guys4men then he always mack me up and share his cam to me.. when i saw his web cam i already amaze on his beauty coz his really cute. then i decide to meet him up in person..and when i see him in person the more i feel i like him thats why i always make way to meet him up.. good thing because our places are near and i can meet him as many as i can..i always make way to bring him up to my room but then nothing happened because i though his not into it. but I'm very happy that before the year end of 2006 i suck him up in my friends house. Now this is what happened . Were both together going to a bar and we dance drink and have fun there until morning then after it. we decide to sleep to our friends house... so we did go there and sleep. in a 1 one room were 4 using the small bed. its me ang him and with us a lover. I try to sleep ahead because I'm sleepy but i cant sleep because this couple is having a foreplay. so i just look at them and smile. then also this crush of mine just look at the couple making love and smile too. after it i try to sleep and stop looking the couple having fun....after a minute of try to sleep. I love what i feel because this crush of mine hug me. so i just let him hug coz maybe his horny because of what he saw in our side. after it i feel his cock in my back and its soo hard and i love it. after it I'm hornytoo so i try to to touch his cock. and then he just smile at me so i did think he like it thats why i touch his body and play with him.. after it.. he just let me do the thing. after all the foreplay i am now facing his brief which is a hard cock is waiting for my mouth, thats why i drag the brief down and i saw a big cock in my front... so what i did is i suck as good as i can.. and because his my crush i really do it with all the feelings ..and he really love the way did. until he come in to my mouth... i really lovethe feeling that I suck him that good and he did enjoy it....... Now i really love the feeling of sucking a crush of mine and i love to suck more of my crushes so they better hide now or IL suck them all hehehehehhe Have a nice sucking story to all........Kiss
[b][i][u]Well hmmmmm sleeping that is a hard one to explain especially if your parents you kinda forget what that is or if your a sex addict LOL. Just remember everyone should have at least 8 hrs of sleep for the body to rejuvinate itself correctly. Tere are medications to help a person sleep, but always cotact a doctor first and read the ide effects and precautions before taking any medication especially over the counter drugs. Also it may not be anything medical that keeps you from sleeping it culd be a pillow or even your matress that is causing you not to sleep right. If it is Sex that is keeping you from sleeping have some for me too and make sure its great heart stopping Sex. IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
Black Dick
Wake me up and tell me you dont feel like walking to the bathroom put your hand in my mouth and pull me down to your cock and tell me to drink it and go back to sleep while your piss goes thru my body and im full owned by you and then take a piss for me, i gladly fully open my mouth while you piss straight down my throat and tepl me im a good gurl and now i can get between your legs and keep your big black balls holding our babies back in my mouth to keep them warm
10 Inch Cock
one night i met this guy at the bar i didnt know if he was gay or bi it didnt matter he had no where so he came home with me for the night we laying in bed i reach over grab his cock he like it so i am stroking it it got really hard wow he was really big 10 or better i know i couldnt swallow it all with in min.he cum in my mouth i try to swallow his load was large it was running down the side of my mouth i clean all the cum off and got him hard again i needed my ass pounded he open me up it hurt like hell tell he was al the way in it felt so good he blew another load gave me a creampie he stroked my dick till i cum then we went to sleep he was gone the next morning there nothing better then a 10 inch cock OMG
Sleeping Nude
Is there any other way to sleep?
Being Naked
I love to sleep naked... Always have!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!