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Gay Men in Tight Clothing

Gay Men in Tight Clothing on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Men in Tight Clothing on Bisexual Playground
Love to crossdress and wear tight clothing.
Bi-curious. Into wearing panties and other tight, sexy clothing.
man that loves to dress in womens clothing as well as have things shoved in my tight ass
nice guy, small penis, love pantyhose and other tight clothing
A gurl who likes to dress in tight sexy clothing, especially vinyl. Love other gurls who like the same and real women.
Imagine a box. Inside that box is bag. Inside that bag is a coupon for 100% off anything. This could either mean a distaste for clothing or a shameless thief... of clothing. To clarify, the clothing is from our bodies. You know what, imagine just the box.
I have done it wearing tight under armor like clothing, I also can cum without touching through anal play and prostate stimulation, have multiple that way
Personally I prefer to have nothing underneath my clothing when I wear clothing because I like when I’m in public I get semi hard and my package shows it shape and I try to Show that off to whoever is looking in innocent gestures
I am a big fan of a nicely built man in jeans and tee shirt. If he cleans up well in dress clothes, it’s a bonus!! Women in casual well fitting clothing. Actually well fitting clothing is key, I think.
Well Bdalltheway I'm sure that would be ideal but I would never be able to get my wife to book one of those.🤣🤣I have heard of "clothing optional" cruises but they require people to wear clothing for dinner to protect themselves from clumsy wait people spilling stuff on folks.
I am just curious, why people buy other people's clothing. I had someone ask me if i would sell my clothing. I never thought anyone would want to buy my clothes expecally on a site like this. Well I am planning on getting rid of clothes that don't fit me.

I've been involved with swinger groups in the past and have DP'd several times. It's tight and very slippery, giving a great sense of pressure and pleasure all around my head and shaft. Perhaps it's like being with a (tight) virgin but do I remember my first time in that kind of detail, well, no, sadly!

DP is also similar to holding yours and another's shaft in your hands, squeezing them and thrusting at the same time. It's tight yet so slippery and free to move, the sensations wonderful and all encompassing to my own member down there in my hand. I've found that any tight channel with two moving hard shafts in it has a similar, spectacularly fulfilling, tight and so thoroughly satisfying sensation to me as they slide along, in unison or not, it's all good, intense and easy to cum from. They're all great to me.


Adult Games
We like to play a game of mexican bingo. Any number of cpls. can play.Before the start of the game we decide if the person to the left or right of the winner has to remove a piece of clothing.We are seated mfmfmf.When people have no more clothing to remove it passes to the person who still has on some clothing.When everyone is naked.the game continues now we tity playing or sucking or cock playing. when the game is over ,we pair of and head for the bedroom:-PHug
Cum On Clothes
I love to home with lots of my clothing stained Many men who have fucked haVE LIKED TO DO THIS !! When I get home I keep the cum on clothing to show husband and other friends just to prove that I have been fucked so much - love itLaughing Ruthy
Adult Games
Plain old Strip Poker with a twist: After each clothing item is lost, you have to bet a, touchy, feelly, kissing, something with the winner of that hand and these bets have to get more sexual as clothing comes off. We played it one step further when naked and losing you had to obey the winner's commands They kept getting more and more sexual. The goal of the game is to see how sexual everyone can get without cumming and with three couples playing it is really hot.
I Love to ski and it can be especially fun when its clothing optional...
Role Reversal
A macho, hairy man in Feminine clothing, is that me? lol
Being Naked
In my home clothing is always optional *mwah* Kiss Joy


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!